Best 78a Skateboard Wheels: Reviews And Buying Guide

Based on your query, it is clear that you are looking for the best 78a skateboard wheels reviews and guides. If so, you will find this article helpful.

A skate wheel with a durometer between 78a and 90a is known as a soft wheel. Thus, 78a is the softest wheel one can desire.

78a skate wheels are great for rough roads, cruising, and daily commuting. Furthermore, it provides comfortable, balanced, and easy riding by reducing the pushing effort as it keeps rolling for longer periods.

78a Skateboard Wheels

For longboards, soft wheels like 78a are ideal, as their primary purpose is to cruise and downhill with a longboard. The only thing you need to look for longboard wheels is size. It must be 60mm or more.

Let’s move on to the reviews section.

1. CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

CCS skateboard wheels

CCS cruiser skateboard wheels are the first 78a skate wheels on our list. The wheels are ideal for cruising, riding on rough surfaces, and filming since they provide a steady shot.

The CCS brand has been manufacturing skateboard wheels since 1985, making them one of the leading brands. Over time, they have mastered making reliable and affordable skate wheels which is why they have been recommended by professional riders as well.

The wheels are soft enough to roll smoothly on debris and cracks without adding more effort to pushing.

Further, the best part is if you are looking for the best 52mm 78a skateboard wheels, 54mm 78a skateboard wheels, or 57mm wheels, CCS offers all sizes.

The best part is that CCS offers 54mm 78a skateboard wheels, 57mm 78a skateboard wheels, and 52mm 78a skateboard wheels. Hence, if you’re looking for wheels of these sizes with a 78a durometer, CCS is the best choice.

Despite all these good features, the primary factor behind the success of CCS wheels is its high-quality urethane material. The main benefits of urethane wheels include their excellent grip, fast speed, long lasting, and resistance to abrasion, harsh chemicals, and solvents.

  • Best 78a wheels
  • Best for cruising
  • Smoothly handles rough roads
  • Speedy and able to maintain good speed
  • Wheels made of urethane
  • Brand you can trust
  • Options for wheel sizes
  • Not suitable for tricks

2. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Ricta Wheels

Maybe you’re familiar with Ricta wheels, as they produce skate wheels for various riding styles, all of them of excellent quality.

Thus, here are the Ricta cloud 78a wheels, which have a 54mm diameter. The wheels are ideal for cruising and filming as they are modernly designed and very lightweight.

The wheels are made of urethane, which makes them fast and smooth. As well, the wheels have excellent traction on rough roads.

Ricta Cloud offers only 54mm diameter wheels, but this is the perfect size to cruise around town on any skateboard. When you use bigger wheels, you will experience wheel bite, and to avoid this, you have to use riser pads, which can be a little uncomfortable.

  • Best 78a wheels
  • Suitable for cruising and filming
  • Adapts to rough roads
  • Good grip, super bouncy, and fast
  • Wheels made from urethane
  • Lightweight yet attractive design
  • Not for tricks

3. Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a

shark wheels

Our third pick is Shark wheel California roll 60mm 78a all terrain skateboard wheels. It is one of the most popular skateboard wheels on the market and is always in demand.

Due to its shape and build quality of Polyurethane, it allows you to ride on all terrain and do basic tricks. Further, the brand offers various multi-color options like white, red, yellow, sapphire, and blue.

With shark wheels, you can also ride on roads with debris since the shape is designed in such a way that it rolls easily without getting damaged by debris and cracks.

As the wheels do not come with bearings, you can use 8mm bearings as the wheels are 60mm, and it fits perfectly.

  • Works on all terrain
  • Designed uniquely
  • Works on skateboards as well as longboards
  • Good quality and long-lasting
  • Color options are available
  • It allows for basic tricks
  • Might need risers to avoid wheel bite

4. Tobwolf 4 Pack 60mm/70mm 78A Wheels with Bearings


On the spot four, we have Tobwolf wheels with a 78a hardness and can be ordered in 60mm or 70mm diameter.70mm. In this case, it would be best to use 60mm on skateboards and 70mm on longboards.

The wheels are equipped with ABEC 9 bearings, and the complete set is quite affordable. Solid PU material is used for making wheels, which makes them durable and long lasting.

We highly recommend these wheels to beginners as they give proper balance, grip, and a smooth riding experience. Additionally, it has a grippy edge that helps in downhill riding and also for basic tricks.

Although the wheels are soft, they are more suitable for cruising on streets and rough roads. In addition, their rounded shape allows them to be ridden on smooth surfaces as well.

  • 78a wheels are perfect for beginners
  • Cheapest
  • Suitable for skateboards and longboards
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Bearings and spacers included
  • Long lasting
  • Bearings can be better

5. RaceBon 78a 60mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels

78a skateboard wheels

The last 78a durometer wheel we have is Racebon 60mm, which is ideal for longboards and skateboards. The complete set of 4 wheels includes pre-installed ABEC 9 bearings and spacers.

The wheels are soft and have a lot of grips, making them perfect for cruising and sliding.

To experience a smooth and durable ride, the wheels are made of high resistance PU infusion processing material. In terms of material, it is of decent quality at this price. While the extra added bearings are 608 standard size steel made and are pre-lubricated for low friction and high speed.

Furthermore, you have two attractive color options to choose from, which are red and white.

Lastly, can say that if you have a penny board and are looking for cheap cruising wheels, these Racebon wheels are an excellent choice for you.

  • Suitable for cruising and sliding
  • Spacers and bearings are included
  • Used for both longboards and skateboards
  • Perfect for penny boards
  • Cheap
  • Quality can be better
  • Cracks easily

Note: Skating on smooth surfaces like skateparks and ramps calls for hard wheels, such as 95a skateboard wheels. The soft wheels are designed for cruising and rough roads only.

What does 78a mean on skateboard wheels?

Wheel hardness can be gauged by its durometers. If it’s 78a, it means the wheels are soft. The wheel’s hardness is measured from 78a to 104a, which is ranked from softest to hardest. 78a is the softest, and 104a is the hardest.

Are 78a wheels good?

If you like to cruise and ride on rough roads, then 78a wheels are great. However, for tricks and smooth surfaces such as ramps and parks, it is better to use wheels with a 95a or higher grade.

Can you slide on 78a wheels?

Yes, you can slide on 78a wheels. Beginners will benefit from wheels that are 90A or higher since they make learning easier.


By reviewing and guiding you about the best 78a skateboard wheels, we have done our part. Now the choice is yours.

Remember that 78a wheels are best suited for cruising and riding rough terrain rather than for tricks and riding smooth surfaces.

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