Best Skateboard Decks For Street Skating In 2023

Are you hunting for the best skateboard decks for street skating? If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

As street skaters, we desire a lot from skateboard decks and wheels while building a new skateboard or purchasing one.

Apart from that, you should know buying a new skateboard deck can make or break your riding experience.

Therefore, here we’ve narrow down hundreds of options and review the top best skate decks for street skating that are on boom in today’s market. Additionally, you’ll arm yourself with facts to look over while picking any skateboard deck.

Best Skateboard Decks For Street

Best Skateboard Decks For Street Skating

ImageNameScoreCost $
CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks10 Check On Amazon
Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck9.5 Check On Amazon
NPET Blank Skateboard Decks9.5 Check On Amazon
Losenka Maple Skateboard Decks9.0 Check On Amazon

The skate deck is the flat platform where you stand and ride the skateboard; also, it decides your riding experience.

When it comes to the street deck’s shape, it’s known as a “Popsicle shape”. The street deck has both a nose and tail kick, making it easy to ride a switch.

For street skating, the preferred deck size is 7.7″ to 8.75″ in width. Furthermore, you need a deck that handles rough terrain and lasts longer because the regular decks break easily.

No worries! we had expertise in this field, so we have taken the responsibility to research for you. Though here, we’ve listed the three best skateboard decks for street skating, considering all the features to look over.

Without further due, let’s dig into it!

Top Choice

1. CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks

Best deck for street use

This is the perfect skateboard deck for street skating as it’s made with high-quality materials, is durable, and has a good concave, which gives you control over your skateboard. Also available in different sizes and colors.

Check On Amazon

If you’re looking for a new skateboard deck to take your street skating to the next level, the CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks are a great option.

CCS is one of the most respected skateboard brands in the industry, and their blank and graphic decks are some of the best quality you’ll find. They designed complete skateboards and parts for a specific type of riding. This particular deck is made considering street skating in mind.

The deck is available in all different sizes, from 7.0 inches to 8.5 inches wide, so you can find the perfect width for your skating style. We recommend getting a 7.75″, 8.0″, or 8.25″ for street skating.

Furthermore, the length of the deck depends on the size of the width you choose. If you choose 8.0″ deck, then the length of the deck will be 31.0″. Whereas if you choose 8.5″ deck, then the length of the deck will be 31.5″. Which is perfect for street skating.

Also, the deck is available in different colors and graphics, including a blank deck, so you can find one that fits your personality.

This particular deck is made with 7-ply maple construction, which makes it durable enough to withstand the rigors of street skating without being too heavy.


This is the perfect skateboard deck for street skating. It’s available in all different sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your skating style. It’s made with high-quality 7-ply maple construction, making it durable and long-lasting. Also, it has a good concave, which gives you good control over your skateboard. We highly recommend this deck for any street skater as they can do all kinds of tricks with it, including flip, pop, Ollie, and grinds.

  • Available in all different sizes and colors
  • Made with high quality 7-ply maple construction
  • Perfect for street skating
  • Graphics deck also available
  • Good Concave design
  • Long lasting
  • Not found yet

Top Choice

2. Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck

No Brainer deck for street use

For street skating, the quality of the deck matters a lot. However, the Stocked is among those which has 12 + years of experience in the skateboarding industry. Therefore they have mastered the art of crafting a quality skate deck at an affordable cost.

Check On Amazon

At spot two we have a blank skateboard deck from Stoked ride shop, with various color and size options. While the size they offer is all compatible on streets.

The deck is made of premium quality material 7 Ply Canadian maple wood, which gives you the precise mix of flex and stiffness.

The best part is the deck has a street double-kick popsicle shape with a medium concave which allows you to cruise and performing tricks on the streets with well-defined comfort.

Further, they offer you a blank deck, on which you can apply your favorite sticker to make it attractive.

At last, we would say it’s a strong and sturdy deck that is perfectly made for street skating, though you can’t afford to lose this if you’re looking towards the best skateboard decks for street skating.

  • High Quality Material
  • Sturdy
  • Double-kick Popsicle shape
  • Perfect for streets
  • Trusted Brand with 12 Years of experience
  • Various size options
  • Best for beginners and pro rider
  • No graphic Deck

Top Choice

3. NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

Best Skateboard Deck For Tricks

This deck is a real gem for street skating. You can design your favorite graphics and are 7-ply Canadian maple hardwood. Perfect popsicle shape. It suits every rider, either a pro or beginner. In short, for a low budget, this deck is an ideal choice.

Check On Amazon

After long research, we found this deck the best deck for street skating at a low cost. Additionally also works for the pool, park, and vert skating.

If you’re a beginner or pro, this deck fits every street rider. You can design it accordingly because it’s a natural color blank deck, and that’s the reason for its affordable price.

You can choose one of the three available sizes: 7.75”, 8.0” and 8.25” with 31” length. All these sizes are perfect for street skating, but more preferable is 8.0”.

This deck is 100% 7-ply Canadian Maple hardwood, the highest quality deck material you can go with. Maple made decks known as professional decks because they are lighter and stronger.

It also comes with a perfect popsicle shape, which is recommended for the street.

When it comes to the load capacity, this deck can handle 330Lb (200kg) for a long time, which is superb.

It comes with the perfect hole spacing, which is 4 cm. A regular 5-inch truck will be accurate for this deck. Using a drill machine, you can hole according to your truck size also.

If you want to invest in the best skateboard deck, you cannot go better than the NPET blank skateboard deck with custom graphics.

  • Perfect for street skating
  • Design own graphics
  • 7-ply Canadian maple hardwood
  • Popsicle shape
  • Ideal for pro and beginners
  • Affordable
  • Offers different sizes
  • Not suited for an advanced rider
  • You need a drill machine to hole correctly

Also Leading

4. Losenka Maple Skateboard Decks

Best street deck for beginner

If you’re a beginner, then this is something great for you at an affordable price. It’s a Russian 7 layer maple wood deck, making it more flexible, lighter, and strong.

Check On Amazon

The next big option you have on the list is Losenka Russia maple skateboard decks.

Skate riders highly prefer Russia maple because it has grown in a cold environment, and wood fibers density is extreme. So the deck’s flexibility is excellent compared to other decks.

Same as the spot one product, this deck is also made of maple, which makes them lighter and more sturdy. Which results make the deck last longer, whether you’re flying on a halfpipe, diving down a huge stair set, or beating a rail. 

They offer an 8.0″ width and 31.75″ length, with free non-slip grip tape, which is missing in spots one product, and the width is perfect for street skating.

We like Losenka because they offer the best service if you’re not provided the right product.

It’s a medium concave deck with a balanced shape, making them ideal for street and park skating. It’s a 7 layer maple wood and can handle up to 300lb.

All in all, we would recommend this deck to beginner and Intermediate riders for street skating, not meeting for pro riders.

  • Russian maple wood deck
  • Free grip tape
  • Best for beginners for street skating
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for pro
  • No multiple sizes option

If you wish to get a complete pre assembled new street skateboard at an affordable cost, you can look out for our latest researched boards on the best skateboard for flip tricks posts.

Things To Look for When Buying Skateboard Decks For Street Skating

If you’re looking for a new skateboard deck to take your street skating to the next level, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. However, if you feel a headache, you can consider our recommended decks, as we already filtered the best for you.

Here are four things to look for when purchasing skateboard decks for street skating:


The concave of a skateboard deck is the slight curvature from the nose to the tail. This is what gives the deck its structure and strength. Finding a deck with the right amount of concave for your skating style is important. If you’re a street skater, you’ll want a deck with a moderate amount of concave. This will give you the stability you need for skating at high speeds while still allowing you to perform tricks.


The width of a skateboard deck is important for two reasons. First, you need to make sure the deck is wide enough to provide stability while you’re skating. Second, the width of the deck will determine what size wheels you can use. Most street skaters prefer to use decks that are 7.5 inches to 8.75 inches wide. As this provides the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability.


The length of a skateboard deck also plays a role in stability. A longer deck will be more stable at high speeds, while a shorter deck will be more maneuverable. Most street skaters prefer decks that are between 28 inches and 33 inches long. This gives them the stability they need without sacrificing too much maneuverability.

Deck Material:

The material your deck is made out of will also affect how it rides. The two most popular materials for skateboard decks are maple and bamboo. Maple is a more traditional material and is very strong and durable. Bamboo is a newer material that is becoming increasingly popular. However, it’s a little bit heavier than maple. Bamboo is also very strong and durable, but also more expensive.

Along with that, also consider how much ply your deck has. Most street skateboard decks have 7-ply construction. This means that seven layers of wood are laminated together to form the deck. The more ply, the stronger and more durable the deck will be. However, more ply also means the deck will be heavier. So for street skating, you’ll want to find a deck that has the perfect balance of ply and weight, which is found in most 7-ply decks.

So the maple wood deck, in that also Canadian maple, is the best option for street skaters as it provides a good balance of stability and maneuverability at an affordable price.

If you wish to assemble a complete street skateboard, check out our new blog posts on the best skateboard trucks for street and the best skateboard wheels for street.

When Should I Replace My Skateboard Deck?

It all depends on your riding style; still, when your deck starts showing wear and tear is a sign of replacing it.

If your deck is good quality and not so old, try replacing the deck’s grip. Sometimes grip becomes slippery though it starts wobbling, which produces a lack of balance.

How Long Does A Skateboard Deck Last?

No one can say how long a skateboard deck lasts. It may last a year if you’re rarely riding, but our skateboard deck lasts four months max because we ride it regularly.

For habitual daily skaters, normal deck life is 4 to 6 months. If you did not replace it in time, you’d lose all your riding pleasure.

It also depends on your deck built quality and your riding styles, like street skater deck knockdown in a week or two. Simultaneously, mini ramps skate decks last 6 to 12 months because of the smooth surface.

If you’re confused about the right size for you, check out what size skateboard deck should I get.

Extra Guidance About Skateboard Deck

As you have gone through the best skateboard deck for street, but if you want to learn more about skateboard decks and their features, keep reading.

Skateboard Deck Wheelbase

The wheelbase is nothing but the distance between the inner mounting holes on the deck. The average wheelbase you’ll find is 13” to 15”. These mounting holes also conclude how far your front and rear wheels will be.

In short, the longer wheelbase grants you higher stability and increases the turning radius, which helps you in tight turns. Besides, if you’re a beginner, you can go with the average wheelbase; you’ll find the most suitable wheelbase for you with time and experience.

Skateboard Deck Ply

The skateboard deck is made with multiple thin wood levels, tightly pressed together, known as a ply.

Nowadays, most skateboards are made with 7 to 9 ply maple wood deck, which’s pretty good to go. Accordingly, you can cross-check the skateboard quality with the level of deck ply.


What is the best size deck for street skating

For street skating perfect deck, size is between 7.5” to 8.75” in width, but we prefer and recommend 8.0” deck for street. For toddlers, 6.5” to 6.75”, for kids 7.0” to 7.5”, and more than 8.25” is ideal for vert, pools, and cruising.

What is the best deck for street skating?

The deck with a popsicle shape is best for street skating, but finding those with quality material is hard, though here we’ve already done that research work for you. We found Stoked ride shop blank deck as the best skate decks for street skating.

Are 8.0 decks good for street?

Yes, 8.0 decks are good for street skating; we personally use the same size deck. It’s a choice of teen and adult riders for street skating and technical tricks.

Is a 8.5 deck good for street?

Yes, an 8.5 deck is good for street skating as it provides good stability and maneuverability. However, finding a deck with the right amount of concave for street skating is important.

Should I get 8.25 or 8.5 deck?

It depends on your skating style and preferences. If you’re looking for a more stable deck, you should get an 8.5 one. If you’re looking for a more maneuverable deck, you should get an 8.25 one. Otherwise, both decks are good for street skating.


Now that you’ve gone through some of the best skateboard decks for street skating, that’s booming in the present market.

If you’re a serious street skater, go with the first listed decks to make your ride more satisfactory and pleasant.

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