Best Skateboard For Big Guys: Heavy Riders [2023 Winners]

No matter how big, heavy boned, tall, or overweight guy you’re, skateboarding is always the go-to action sport for everyone. Further, the exciting fact is skateboarding for 60 minutes can lose up to 300 to 500 calories, depending on your activity level. That sounds cool, right?

But the problem is you can’t ride a regular skateboard that youngsters use, as they can’t handle your weight and breaks easily. Hence you need a skateboard that holds your weight, no matter you own 200, 300, or 400 pounds weight.

No worries, we know hunting for such a skateboard is not an easy task for an individual. Therefore, our expert team of 7 people has done all the research for you and came out with the 10 best skateboard for big guys or, say, heavy riders.

This article is the end of your research part for a skateboard that suits you. But, before diving into the article’s review part, let’s go through some essential points that a beginner should know.

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Our Top Picks For Big Guys…

Best Skateboard For Big Guys – Buying Guide

ImageNameWeight Capacity
Cost $
Magneto Bamboo Longboard300 Check On Amazon
Positiv Team Complete Skateboards250 Check On Amazon
Hi-Na Mountain Board All Terrain Skateboard500 Check On Amazon
unli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard330 Check On Amazon
WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners330 Check On Amazon
HawkEye Freeride Skateboard330 Check On Amazon
FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch330 Check On Amazon
MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard250 Check On Amazon
Seething 42 Inch Longboard330 Check On Amazon
Leeyoo Longboard Skateboard330 Check On Amazon

The first and essential feature to look at is the weight limit of a skateboard. If you own a skateboard that’s small-sized or lightweight, it won’t work for you. In such skateboards, the chances of snapping while riding is much higher and also can throw you in danger.

Further, the right-suited skateboard also avoids the squeaking sounds from the trucks that come because of being overweight. If you’ve tried to ride on a regular skateboard, you’ve experienced this, how terrible it feels.

If you like to perform basic tricks and stunts, the right-suited board will allow you for that as well. Elsewhere, the regular skateboard can’t land you safely. If you own more than 300 pounds of weight, we won’t suggest you performing tricks or stunts because of injury risk. You should enjoy skateboarding for cruising around.

Now let’s go through the material and size of a skateboard that suits heavy riders.

best skateboard for big guys

Best Skateboard Deck For Big Guys

When it comes to heavy riders, the deck is the essential part to consider because it’s the place where you stand. Therefore you need a deck made of multiple plies, hard maple wood, fiberglass, or bamboo. You can go with any of this decking material because it provides extra support for fat guys.

When it comes to the size, always consider width over the length. For the heavy rider, the wider deck provides more stability compared to the narrower deck. Therefore, a deck having a width of 8” or more is the best option for heavy riders to go. Consider all these points to get the best skateboard decks for big guys.

Skateboard Trucks For Heavy Riders

Also, consider the trucks while selecting the best skateboards for heavy riders because they connect the wheels to the deck. Hence for heavy riders, trucks with a 40-degree angle provide excellent stability.

Along with that, also focus on the truck’s material. The cheap trucks won’t work for you. The brands like Independent, Venture, Thunder provide you with reliable quality trucks. Either check out our buying guide on the best skateboard trucks for heavy riders.

Best Skateboard Wheels For Big Guys

As a big guy, consider the bigger wheels to get maximum support, which further helps avoid the deck from rubbing the ground. While the size and hardness of wheels depending on your riding style. For street or park skating, always prefer a 53mm wide and 80A+ durometer wheel. To know about rough road wheels for skateboards we have a particular post.

All right, Let’s kick it off with the first skateboard on our list of the 10 best skateboards for big guys.

1. Magneto Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

After evaluating a wide range of skateboards and longboards, we recommend the Magneto Bamboo Skateboard as your first choice. This is the best skateboard for big guys for cruising and commuting.

The board’s manufacturer claims it is only suitable for riders up to 250 pounds, but one of our team members commutes two miles daily on it despite being 300 lbs. Thanks to its quality construction, we are able to accomplish this. Therefore, if you are looking for the best skateboard for 300 lbs or underweight guys, this is the board for you.

Furthermore, since the deck boards are made of bamboo, they are durable, flexible, and reliable for heavy guys. The deck is 9 inches wide, and 38.5 inches wide, with the riders weight, spread out rather than centered.

Additionally, the board has a 3-ply bamboo and fiberglass deck that looks great and provides excellent performance. Fiberglass is the strongest reinforcement material available for these types of boards, so you can rely on your vessel to last for many years.

Furthermore, the board includes aluminum made gravity cast trucks, which add an extra level of strength. It also features high rebound bushings with 7 inch hanger and 50 degree kingpin for improved carving.

Obviously, big guys skateboard or longboard should have big wheels, so you will see 70mm wheels in this board, which is perfect for big guys. Despite being designed for cruising and commuting, the board has 78a durometer wheels for smooth riding.

The last thing we want to mention is that a member of our team has tested the board and we are impressed by its performance. We recommend it for anyone weighing less than 300 pounds. Moreover, the board is smooth, affordable, as well as made with high-quality and durable components.

  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Ideal for cruising, commuting, and downhill
  • Bamboo deck
  • A durable and flexible deck
  • No wheel bite
  • High-quality parts
  • Looks attractive
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not for tricks

2. Positiv Team Complete Skateboards

best skateboard for big guys

The second skateboard we’ve for you is from the top brand name Positiv. They have perfectly designed a complete skateboard considering heavy riders with weight up to 250 pounds. When it comes to performance and durability, you’ll be blown away by what it can offer at an affordable cost.

As we discussed above, in a skateboard of heavy riders, the deck matters a lot. Therefore Poritiv has included the deck made of multiple plies of maple wood. Further, the deck material is fused through the Airlam process using waterproof glue.

Not only this, the deck is covered with grip tape to make you feel comfortable and to avoid slip while riding. Also, it is sealed for moisture, and the bottom part of the deck is coated with SST slide treatment, which improves the length of your slide. The deck has a concave shape to make the ride more stable and balanced, with a length of 32” and a width of 8.0”.

All these features of a deck made it strong and durable enough, and it passes all the features required in a skateboard deck of heavy riders.

Along with the deck, 99a hardness wheels attached are also sizable and reliable for big guys. It is made with the super high rebound formula having a diameter of 54mm and a width of 37mm.

While testing, we found the complete skateboard is made with quality material, along with the trucks. But the brand has not disclosed the material they used for trucks.

At last, we would say, if you’re looking for a reliable skateboard to ride on the street or park, you can’t go better than Positiv. Perfectly designed for big guys with quality material parts. It also allows performing basic tricks and stunts, with a weight limit of 250 pounds.

  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • No plastic part
  • Quality Material
  • Comes with a fully assembled and ready to ride
  • Allows to do basic tricks and stunts
  • Strong, Sturdy, and Durable
  • Comes from a famous brand
  • Attractive design
  • Not suitable for high speed riding

3. Hi-Na Mountain Board All Terrain Skateboard With Big Wheel

best skateboard for heavy riders

Either a pro or beginner rider, you’re with a weight of up to 500lbs, Hi-Na skateboard will shock you with its comfortable ride and build quality.

This is one of the strongest skateboards in the present market for big guys. Its Deck also plays a significant role in making it strong because it’s built from a natural core 9 ply maple wood, including 5-star alloy hubs with a length of 39 inches, to make it comfortable for tall guys.

Another advantage that you will surely love is Inflatable high-quality tires, which allow you to ride on dirt and all-terrain, with great strength and unique traction.

To achieve the highest performance of a board, Hi-Na put in SHR-85AA PU-made wheels that help from the vibration or losing balance from the pavement; basically, it absorbs the shock. Further, it has high-speed ABEC 9 bearings, which also plays a major in achieving the highest speed.

All these skateboard features make it perfect for cruising, downhill, kiteboarding, and other action rides.

The complete skateboard comes with T-tool, storage bag, hardware bag, and protective gears. If you’re a beginner at skateboarding, you don’t need to look for any safety gear or tools; if you go with this board, it’s a complete go-to ride pack.

At last, if you’re overweight, up to 500 pounds, you can’t afford to lose this board if you’re serious about skateboarding.

  • Load capacity up to 500 pounds
  • High-quality 9 ply maple deck
  • Inflatable tires and wheels with quality bearings
  • Along with the heavy guys also fits tall guys
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with T-tool, storage bag, hardware bag, and safety gears
  • In past, it comes with few missing screws, but now it’s fixed by the brand

4. Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard

Spot four, we have a skateboard from Junli, which is a 41-inch skateboard longboard made for cruising, carving, freestyle, and downhill.

It includes 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide deck made of cold press 8 ply maple wood. Its built quality can handle the weight up to 330lbs, which is pretty good to see in a low-cost skateboard.

Further, it includes 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks, which are highly responsive to make a stable and comfortable ride.

Besides, the trucks are connected with the PU-made wheels with the rock finish, and they are durable and hard enough with a durometer of 80A. To make the skateboard faster. The wheels comprise ABEC 11 high-speed bearings that easily withstand heavy-weight persons.

To adjust the skateboard according to your need or to replace any part in the future, the skateboard comes with all in one T tool.

  • Weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Anti Slip deck surface
  • Perfect gift pack
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Comes with T-tool
  • Affordable
  • Wheels won’t roll longer, it need more pushes

5. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

You can also take advantage of WhiteFang Skateboards if you’re a beginner at skateboarding with a low budget. It has a load capacity of 330 pounds, which is pretty good enough for a cheap skateboard.

It has a 7.88” wide and 31.75” long deck made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, having a double kick concave design, which helps you learn faster. It’s perfect for big guys to balance between weight and toughness.

Next, the wheels added are super smooth with the hardness of 95A and diameter of 52mm, made of Polyurethane material. Further, the wheels have ABEC 9 precision bearings and high rebound 95A PU bushings. Hence, all these wheels and bearings features give you a comfortable ride for skateparks, commuting, ramps, and such other smooth or even rough surfaces.

To make the board attractive, WhiteFang has printed the design with a thermal transfer printing process to last longer. They offer you various designs with the same printing method and the exact cost. You can also check the White fang skateboard review on our site to know more about the brand.

  • Load capacity of 330 pounds
  • Double kick concave design
  • Ideal for beginners at low budget
  • Wheels are smooth and spin faster
  • Allows you to perform tricks
  • Thermal transfer printing process
  • Offers various design board
  • Not suited for Advanced rider
  • While turning too hard, wheels touch the deck

6. HawkEye Freeride Skateboard

Hawkeye offers you a full-size skateboard that is 41 inches in length and 9 inches in width, made of 8 layers of Canadian maple wood, which handles the weight up to 330 lbs. It has an emery non-slip surface that helps in making a stable ride.

To make the board smooth and faster, the wheels added are super smooth made of anti-shock Pu material having a width of 52mm. Also, the ABEC 7 chrome steel bearings super soft bushings play a major in making a smooth ride.

Trucks are made of high-quality thick aluminum alloy with the size of 7”, including steel axle, to make the board more study and reliable.

All these features of a board making it ideal for beginners and advanced riders for tricks and basic stunts.

A T-tool is mandatory for tightening, loosening, or replacing any part of the board as a skateboarder. Therefore, along with the complete skateboard, T-tool is also included with no extra charge.

  • Max weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Rolls long and fast in less pushing
  • 8-layer Canadian maple deck
  • Includes T-tool
  • Suits both the beginner and pro riders
  • Some buyers complain about the grip for not placed perfectly in some areas
  • Not recommended for higher tricks


Next, we have a Fish skateboard with a decent quality with a load capacity of 330 pounds. If you prefer fast riding, you can go with this board.

Pro or beginner, this board suits everyone because of its quality and 8 plies Canadian maple wood deck, with the size of 41 long and 9 inches wide. Along with that, it has a powerful grip that prevents it from slipping and makes a stable ride.

It has 51mm smooth wheels made of antishock Pu material, including ABEC 9 chrome steel bearings and 95A soft bushings.

Allows these features of a board, making it ideal for performing basic stunts and tricks. It also prevents wheel bite due to its shape.

  • Load capacity 330lbs
  • Includes T-tool
  • Attractive printing
  • Ideal for starter
  • Very sturdy
  • Cheap
  • Not for pro riders
  • Not a flexible deck
  • Little stiff in first use

8. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

Minority offers a 40 inches 8-ply super-strong cold-pressed hard rock maple wood deck longboard that handles the weight up to 250 pounds. They are shaped with radial concave, which helps the rider to lock their feet in fast downhill riding.

The 78A durable Pu wheels with a diameter of 51 mm include ABEC 9 precision bearings that play a significant role in making a smooth ride.

Further, it has 7 inches reverse aluminum kingpin trucks that are changeable at 45 or 50 degrees to get you more maneuverability. Trucks are capable of handling fast turning with quick response.

This board is highly preferred for downhill skateboarding because of its speed, stability, and built quality. For other skateboards from the brand and details about the brand, you can also see the Minority skateboards review.

  • Holds the weight up to 250 pounds
  • Radial concave-shaped deck
  • Ideal for cruising and downhill
  • No wobbling at high speed
  • Great Grip tape
  • Plastic plate between the board and truck mount
  • Not suited for tricks
  • Poor quality trucks, not as they described

9. Seething 42 Inch Longboard Skateboard

Seething comes with a beautiful skateboard that can withstand riders up to 330 pounds and are best suited for cruising, carving, freestyle, and downhill. Because of its lightweight and stability, it is also used for dancing.

It’s a 42 inches long and 10 inches wide deck made of high-quality Canadian maple wood to make it sturdy and stable.

Along with the quality deck, it has 7″ aluminum alloy trucks attached with the Polyurethane 70mm wheels containing ABEC 11 bearing and PU cast 95A bushings to make it more comfortable.

The board is compatible with any rough or smooth surfaces like skate parks, ramps, and pools. It also includes a T-tool that helps you tighten or lose your skateboard’s different parts according to your riding style.

The deck has eye-catching designs with various colors and design options. Also, for safety, the deck has high-density waterproof anti-skidding emery paper to get more friction between your shoes and deck, making your ride stable.

  • Withstand rides up to 330 pounds
  • Eye-catchy design
  • Includes T-tool
  • Waterproof emery paper
  • Smooth riding
  • Wobbling wheel in high speed

10. Leeyoo Longboard Skateboard

We have the last skateboard for big guys from Leeyoo that handles the weight up to 330 pounds.

It’s a 41″ long and 9″ wide full-size deck skateboard, made of high density 8 plies maple wood with emery nonslip deck surface to create a stable ride by providing a powerful grip.

The wheels are made of smooth anti-shock Pu material the size of 50mm. With that, ABEC 11 bearings and Pu bushings added to make a smooth ride.

High-quality thick aluminum 7″ trucks are added to attach the wheels with a deck for making a reliable, sturdy, and safe skateboard.

Because of a board’s design, it will never throw you in trouble with wheel bite, no matter how fast you turn.

This board suits both the beginners and pro riders for basic stunts and tricks.

  • Load capacity of 330 pounds
  • Less pushing required
  • Avoid wheelbite
  • Sturdy
  • Very heavy

How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold

The average skateboard has a maximum weight capacity of 272 pounds (123 kg). Further, the skateboard weight limit of skateboard also depends on your riding style. When you do cruising and commuting, a skateboard can hold more weight, but when you do tricks and skatepark riding, the skateboard can hold less weight.

In general, longboards have a higher weight limit than skateboards, which is around 300 pounds (136 kilograms). The reason is that it has a wide deck, so the rider’s weight is spread out over the entire surface. Additionally, a longboard is primarily used for commuting and cruises, so it can carry more weight.

Every skateboard is built differently and has a different weight capacity, depending on the quality of construction and material used. The material of the skateboard’s deck, wheels, and trucks are important.

Being a heavy guy, you should always choose a bamboo or maple wood deck since they can support more weight and are more flexible. Here are the different types of skateboards and their weight limits.

  • Skateboard: 272 lbs
  • Longboard: 300 lbs
  • Penny board: 192 lbs
  • Electric skateboard: 330 lbs

Note: Listed above is weight capacity data for different types of boards applied to good quality boards only. There is a wide variety of cheap quality boards in the type of boards with a low weight limit also available.

Benefits Of Getting A Skateboard Specific For Big Guys

As a big guy, you know that it can be challenging to find skateboards that can accommodate your size and weight. Most skateboards are designed for smaller riders, making it hard for you to get the most out of your skating experience.

Fortunately, there are skateboards out there that are specifically designed for bigger riders like you. Here are some of the benefits of getting a skateboard that is made for big guys:

1. You’ll be able to ride more comfortably: One of the main benefits of getting a skateboard that is designed for big guys is that you’ll be able to ride more comfortably. Most regular skateboards are too small, which makes riding uncomfortable for heavy guys. However, skateboards that are made specifically for big guys are perfect in size and are made of materials that are comfortable for you to ride on without getting sore.

2. You’ll be able to skate better: As mentioned above, most regular skateboards are too small for big guys, making it difficult to ride for them. However, skateboards made specifically for big guys are the perfect size and weight, allowing you to skate better.

3. You’ll have more fun: When you’re able to skate better and are more comfortable on your skateboard without worrying about the skateboard weight limit, you’ll have more fun. Skateboarding is supposed to be enjoyable, so it only makes sense that you would want to get a skateboard that allows you to have the most fun possible.

Hence, don’t settle for a regular skateboard if you’re a big guy. Get a skateboard explicitly made for your weight and enjoy all the benefits that come with it! You won’t regret it.


Can Big Guys Skateboard?

Of course yes. No matter how big, tall, or overweight guy you’re, skateboarding is for everyone. You just need a reliable quality skateboard that handles your weight, without getting crushed. Always look over the weight limit and the quality of a skateboard before buying it.

What size skateboard should a big guy get?

It is important to take into account the build quality and size of every skateboard part if you are a heavy guy. Decks should be at least 7.5 inches wide or more, as a wider deck spreads the weight over a larger surface area. When selecting wheels, they should be at least 60mm or more, as they provide good balance and are ideal for cruising and commuting.

Is 200 pounds too heavy to skateboard?

Skateboarding is for everyone, whether you’re heavy, tall, thin, or short. Skateboards have different weight capacities, so make sure it is suitable for your weight when choosing one.

If you weigh 200 pounds, that’s absolutely acceptable since a standard skateboard has a weight limit of 220 lbs. It’s important to use a reliable skateboard since heavy guys are more likely to be injured. The good news is that skateboarding regularly can also help reduce your weight.

Can you skateboard if you’re tall?

It’s also possible for guys with large feet to skateboard if they choose a deck that is wider, such as 8.5″, 9.0″, or even more significant. If your shoes fit on a skateboard deck and you’re comfortable, it’s okay.

Obviously, taller people can skateboard, but doing tricks is a challenge for them. Thus, guys who are tall and heavy are better suited to cruising and commuting.

Best cruiser skateboard for heavy riders or big guys

We found Magneto Bamboo longboard as the best skateboard for heavy riders, as they are flexible, long lasting, and handle riders weight up to 300 lbs.

While for big guys, it’s recommended to only do cruising and commuting because there is a greater risk of falling and skateboard damage in other types of riding. Hence, the skateboards and longboards reviewed in this article mainly serve to commute and cruising purposes.

Can a 300 pound man ride a skateboard?

If you own a good quality and durable skateboard, the answer is yes! Many skateboarders weigh over 300 pounds and still skateboard with no issues.

Can you lose weight from skateboarding?

Yes, you can lose weight from skateboarding. It is a great way to get some exercise and burn calories. However, you must be consistent with your skateboarding routine to see results.

You’ll also not regret visiting the best skateboard under $100 if you’re on a budget.

Last Words

As of now, you’ve gone through the buying guide and reviews of the best skateboard for big guys. Hence you’re ready to push your limits with these amazing skateboards. Even if you’re looking to skateboard for 400 lbs, this article ends your research.

Still, if you’re confused about picking the best skateboard, we’ll recommend you going with any of the top 3 skateboards. Our team has personally tried and tested those skateboards before writing its review; at last, we will say they’re a no-brainer skateboard for heavy guys.

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