Best Skateboard Trucks For Heavy Riders (Big Guys)

Trucks are definitely the strongest and most durable part of the skateboard, and if you pick the wrong trucks in terms of size, weight capacity, or build quality, they will not work for you. However, this article is for you if you’re a heavy guy and looking for trucks that can handle your weight.

To facilitate your research, we have reviewed here some of the best skateboard trucks for heavy riders that allow you to ride and enjoy being a fat guy.

The trucks are available in different materials, including aluminum, steel, titanium, and magnesium, but aluminum is the best option for heavy riders because it holds more weight. As the article is dedicated to big guys, all the skate trucks reviewed in the article are made of aluminum.

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Best Skateboard Trucks For Heavy Riders

If you are interested in a complete skateboard that can handle a weight of up to 300 or 500 pounds, you can find the best skateboard for big guys here.

Truck quality has a significant impact since it connects wheels to the deck. As a result, if your wheels and deck are quality ones, but your trucks are not, they won’t function as expected. Because you are a heavy guy, you need to prioritize both truck quality and load capacity, but since you are here, we already took care of that.

One should also consider the size of the trucks alongside the quality and weight capacity. Due to the fact that you’re heavy, you own big wheels and a large deck skateboard, so you need a large truck. Choosing the wrong size truck will make the skateboard unstable, so consider the width of the deck when choosing trucks. All you have to do is measure the width of your existing skateboard deck and select the truck’s size based on the table below.

Deck WidthTruck Hanger Width
7.4 inch to 7.75 inch5 inch / 129MM
7.75 inch to 8.125 inch5.25 inch / 139MM
8.125 inch to 8.75 inch5.5 inch / 149MM
8.75 inch to 9.0 inch5.75 inch / 159MM
9.0 inch to 9.75 inch6.0 inch / 169MM

Here is a review of skateboard trucks designed for heavy riders.

1. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard trucks

skateboard trucks

If you’re looking for a truck for the first time, you might not know Independent is one of the most recommended brands. Since the founders of the brand are also professional skateboarders, they keep the brand at the top for trucks since it was founded in 1978. Independent stage 11 trucks are their most popular models due to their durability, performance, and higher weight capacities.

We like the trucks because they come in all sizes, so you can pick one that fits your deck width. Furthermore, riding this truck gives you a proper balance and a secure ride.

Trucks are primarily responsible for unbalanced skateboards, but independent trucks do not account for that. After replacing our unstable skateboard trucks with independent trucks, we were surprised to find that the trucks were the only cause of an imbalanced board. Now that the skateboard has independent trucks, it works perfectly. It is very important to have balanced trucks for fat guys because if you tilt your body weight to one side while riding in a turn, the trucks will be unbalanced, and you may fall.

Furthermore, trucks are made of aluminum, which makes them more durable and strong. Aside from that, the baseplate that fits with the deck is also made of aluminum which enhances the quality of the trucks.

Even though these trucks are capable of all types of riding, we recommend street skating and cruising around town for heavy riders.

Furthermore, the trucks are not too heavy, so you can ride them faster and carry the board more easily. It is not lighter than thunder or venture, but neither is it the heaviest. The Venture trucks are 365g while the Independent trucks are 400g, which is not bad if you’re getting a more load capacity.

We’ve seen the kingpin on trucks often breaks due to excessive load. To address this, independent added a full aluminum baseplate that provides an additional layer of protection to the kingpin no matter how heavy the person stands on it.

  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Trusted brand
  • Durable
  • Size option available
  • Aluminum made trucks
  • No hardware included

2. Core Skateboard Trucks – Aluminum Alloy, Premium Bushings

Best skateboard trucks for heavy riders

Core trucks can also be great skateboard trucks for heavy riders and those with a low budget. It is one of the fastest-growing truck brands because of its regular updates, unique truck design, various color options, and performance.  

Additionally, the trucks are lightweight and can only handle 250 pounds. Be sure to also consider the weight capacity before making a final decision based solely on quality and price. The trucks are made of aluminum so that they can handle more weight, but for street skating, up to 250lbs is recommended.

When it comes to traveling with a skateboard, these trucks are your best choice because they are lightweight and will not add much bulk to your board. 

In addition to all of these, the best thing about Core trucks is their availability in all sizes. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you own a large skateboard deck.

Furthermore, the trucks contain aluminum alloy hangers, the USA made pivots, and bushings that make them smooth and responsive. Further, the attached baseplate is strong enough to cover the kingpin and can handle more weight.

To sum it up: If you’re a heavyweight and want skate trucks that are both high-quality and affordable, you can’t go wrong with Core trucks.

  • Weight limit of 250 lbs
  • Affordable
  • Trucks made of aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • USA made trucks
  • Not recommended for heavy use

3. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set

Last but not least, we found the best skateboard truck for heavy riders from Yocaher, which comes with a set of big wheels, bearings, riser pads, and hardware.

If your other parts of the skateboard or longboard are outdated and need replacement anywhere in the future, you can opt for this combo, including trucks. This combo pack has an excellent advantage in that all the parts are appropriate for big guys.

If we talk about the trucks, it is made of aluminum alloy and is available in black color with a 7”/ 180mm hanger (9.675” axle) HD7 reverse 8 grade kingpin, which makes them suitable for heavy guys also. In short, the trucks are very stable, quality, and provide good grip.

In addition, the wheels are 71mm and have a hardness of 78a, making them suitable for rough roads and street skating. Additionally, the bearings are ABEC 9, which is very high quality, and the brand provides it with pre lubricated synthetic oil.

If you try the trucks and it touches the deck while turning due to heavy weight, you can add the risers that come with this pack. It increases the space between the deck and wheels without affecting the performance.

  • An affordable combo pack
  • A quality truck with a 250lbs weight limit
  • Trucks made of aluminum
  • Color options available
  • Wheels are also suitable for big guys
  • Works on skateboards and longboards
  • No size options
  • Bearings can be better

Skateboard Truck Bushings For Heavy Riders

Although bushings come with skateboard trucks, but they wear out over time. If the same with you and looking for only skateboard truck bushings for heavy riders instead of complete trucks, here are some best options for you.

Note: The bushings come in different hardness, which are categorized as soft(78-83a), medium(84-90a), and hard(91-98a). For heavy guys, it’s recommended to get hard bushing as they are capable of handling more weight.

1. Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Truck Bushings With pivot cups & Washers For 2 Trucks

This is one of the best selling bushings as they are USA made with premium quality that makes it perfect for a smooth ride. Also, due to its hardness of 98a durometer, they are capable of handling more weight than other standard bushings.

Along with two top and two bottom bushings, you also get 2 pivot cups and 4 cup washers which makes it a complete rebuild kit. All these parts are those which require replacement after some time. So to overcome the headache of purchasing every such small part separately, it’s better to get this deal which is a very affordable cost. Check out here

2. Bones Wheels Hard Bushings (2 Set)

You can also get Bones bushings if you’re a Bones wheels fan. These bushings are also made in the USA as the brand itself is US based and making such skateboarding products since 1976.

These bushings are 96a which is hard enough for heavy riders to ride on. Additionally, the brand also offers a warranty on these bushings, so you can feel free to order them. Check out here


Do skateboard trucks have a weight limit?

Skateboards are very dependent on their deck, wheels, and trucks, and you should consider the weight limit when purchasing them. A quality skateboard truck can usually handle weights of up to 250 lbs to 300 lbs. 

What is the maximum weight a skateboard can hold?

Skateboards vary in weight limits, but the average skateboard has a weight limit of 200 to 250 lbs. There are, however, skateboards and longboards that can handle weight limits of up to 300 pounds and 500 pounds.

Are independent trucks heavy?

Undoubtedly, Independent trucks hold more weight than other trucks, but when it comes to truck weight, they are comparatively heavy trucks. Also, note some of their trucks are also lightweight.

Can an overweight person skateboard?

An overweight person can skateboard if they own the right size, quality, and weight limit skateboard.

If your deck is 8.25″ wide you should also check for what size skateboard trucks for 8.25 deck.


Finally, you’ve gone through the best skateboard trucks for heavy riders, and we hope you got your best choice with the right size.

Being a fat guy, we suggest that you don’t perform tricks. Whether you have good quality and expensive trucks or not, they will eventually break if you perform tricks with them. Therefore, with the trucks listed in this article, you can cruise around town and street skate with ease.

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