Best Skateboard Trucks For Street Skating [Tested 2023]

The T-shaped part hosted on a skateboard known as a truck is the most crucial part to consider. You may not be aware that a new skateboard truck can make or break your riding experience.

Skateboard trucks connect the bearings and wheels, yet it controls your skateboard speed, turning, tricks, and provides a comfortable ride.

Here, we have reviewed and compiled the best skateboard trucks for street skating that are popular and trending today, considering all factors.

It’s always challenging to choose the best skateboard trucks that suit your riding style and budget, isn’t it? Let’s make it simple.

Best Skateboard Trucks For Street Skating

Best Skateboard Trucks For Street Skating

ImageNameScoreCost $
Best Skateboard Trucks For Street SkatingIndependent Skateboard Trucks 129mm10 Check On Amazon
Best Skateboard Trucks For Street SkatingIndependent Silver 139mm Trucks9.9 Check On Amazon
Skateboard trucksParis Street Skateboard Trucks9.5 Check On Amazon
Best Skateboard Trucks For StreetBear Grizzly 852 52° 181mm9.5 Check On Amazon
Best Trucks For Street SkatingHavoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks9.0 Check On Amazon
skateboard trucks with combo for tricksNPET Skateboard Trucks with Combo9.0 Check On Amazon

Before you start choosing trucks, you should know three types of truck height available in the market.

Types of Skateboard Trucks Height

  • Low – 46 to 50mm
  • Medium -50 to 56mm
  • High – 55 to 60mm

Note: For the Skateboard truck Size chart, scroll down.

The lower height trucks are best for balance, and it makes it easy to do flip tricks and spin the board because it’s lightweight. Still, the risk of wheel bite is high, especially on the softer surface. Although to prevent this, use of Riser pads or Small wheels can avail you.

The taller height trucks are taller compared to other trucks. Easy to do ollies and turning. Additionally, it reduces the risk of wheel bite. But here, the trucks are heavy.

For newbies, we recommend going with medium (Wheels between 52-56mm diameter) or lower height trucks because later on, you can increase truck height using riser pads.

Therefore, here we reviewed the best-handpicked medium or lower height skateboard trucks for the street to make your riding experience more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for trucks just for tricks or skatepark, you can also get the best skateboard trucks for tricks.

Top Choice

1. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm

They are durable and strong enough for any type of riding, including streets. It is highly optimized for turning, stability, and grind clearance. High rated skateboard trucks on Amazon.

Check On Amazon

Independent skateboard trucks are the best trucks we found on the market because they are durable, fit all types of skateboarding, and they are medium height trucks.

No more headaches if you choose these trucks, whether you’re a beginner or professional.

There is no need for riser pads since it is highly optimized for wheel bite refuge. Also, if riser pads are required, it works superbly. Additionally, the stability, turning, and grind clearance have been improved.

They are incredibly strong and durable compared to any other truck.

To utilize these trucks, your deck is recommended to be 7.4 inches to 8 inches, and the wheels are 56 millimeters or less, without riser pads.

They are comparatively a bit more expensive, but for the price, you get what you pay for. And the Independent is a very trusted and old brand; hence it’s worth the cost you pay.

Overall, these trucks have all of the required characteristics for street skating. This is our first choice whenever we need new street skating trucks.


  • 129mm wide
  • 356 T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate
  • Grade 8 kingpin
  • 55mm height
  • Ideal for street skating
  • Medium height trucks
  • Easy to perform tricks
  • Comes in Pair
  • Suitable for all other types of skateboarding too
  • One time investment
  • Made in the USA
  • Sometimes a bushing is a little hard but easy to fix. (Comes with Trucks)

Top Choice

2. Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

Perfect for street skating & Tricks

This truck will serve you well if you like street skating more. A perfect truck for tricks and street skating. It is high-performance trucks with good durability and stability.

Check On Amazon

Woah! These Independent Silver skateboard trucks are just fantastic for street skating, styles, and all-terrain. 

It comes in a set of 2 lo trucks and 139mm wide, which suits deck size 8.0” or more. However, it gives an excellent performance.

It’s also durable and offers a stable balance that makes it suitable for performing different types of tricks.

This truck’s recommended deck size is 7.8 to 8.25, and for wheels, 50mm to 55mm will work great. At this size, you’ll experience outstanding performance.

If you go with a different size than the suggested one, you may experience a wheel bite, and to avoid wheel bite, you’ve to use riser pads.

Overall if you are hunting for street skating trucks only, we would highly recommend you going with these Independent silver skateboard trucks.

  • Perfect for street skating
  • Comes in a set of 2 lo trucks
  • 139mm wide is perfect for nearly all boards
  • Durable
  • Turn Well
  • Good Quality
  • A little bit noisy as new, after using a while it diminishes

Also leading

3. Paris Street Skateboard Trucks

Best skateboard trucks for street

These trucks fit shortest mini cruiser to the largest double kickboards. Virgin Aluminium is used to build though it’s strong enough to last life long.

Check On Amazon

The best part of Paris street Skateboard trucks fit on any board, from the shortest mini cruiser to the largest double kickboards.

The manufacturer guarantees their trucks will last long because it’s strong plus durable and virgin aluminum is used to build.

The trucks are also optimized for Wheel bite and have 57.15mm in height. We know the size is more than we recommended above; still, these trucks work like a charm for street skating as our team members are already using them.

Having a six-hole base plate, therefore, is also used for the new school and old school mounting.

These trucks are available in different sizes, like 108mm, 129mm, 149mm, and 169mm.

Deck size(wide)Truck size
9-10 Inches169mm
8-10 Inches149mm
7-8 Inches129mm
6-7 Inches108mm

You can pick any of this size according to your deck size, but the recommended is 149mm for street skating.


  • T6 heat treatment process
  • Grade 8 steel axles
  • Pressed-in kingpins
  • Excellent for Street skating
  • Easy turning & stable
  • Comes in Set of 2
  • Bushings are great
  • 6-hole Baseplate
  • Multiple size options are available
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed for life long
  • Pro-level trucks, maybe not suitable for beginners

Also leading

4. Bear Grizzly 852 52° 181mm

Suits any riding style Including Streets skating

Enjoy longboarding experience with these trucks on your old skateboard. Authentic aluminium alloy is used to build though it gives a pleasant experience while street skating.

Check On Amazon

Beat grizzly 181mm is specially designed to enjoy a longboarding experience because it suits any riding style, no matter either a pro or beginner riding it. Click here to know the difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks.

The truck is built of high-quality material, using authentic aluminum alloy, though it gives a pleasant experience while street skating. Also utilized for freeriding and carving.

The baseplate has an eight-hole mounting system that fits both the new and old school drill patterns, making your work easy. And it’s also lightweight by reducing unnecessary material from the baseplate in a new updated version of these trucks.

  • Best for street skating
  • Suits with all type of riding style
  • Highly versatile and easy to install
  • Lightweight plus strong
  • Comes in pair
  • Not good enough for pro

Also leading

5. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Suits any riding style

Havoc offers high-quality trucks at affordable price. It’s strong and lightweight by using aluminium alloy. Great for beginners.

Check On Amazon

In our complete recommended list of best skateboard trucks for street skating, Havoc 5.0 is the cheapest one.

If you’re on a budget, these trucks are probably the best choice for you.

Havoc Trucks are made from an aluminum alloy, making it a lightweight and robust truck, that is unbelievable at these price points.

This truck needs a deck size nearby 8 inches, although we recommend 7.5 to 8 inches. It fits a different size deck too, but you may experience wheel bite in that.

It is designed for all skill levels of riders. Still, we will suggest it to beginners only.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to balance
  • Adjustable
  • Offers a variety of Colors
  • Bushings Problem

Also leading

6. NPET Skateboard Trucks with Combo

Best skateboard truck for tricks & street along with combo

If you require a majority of skateboard parts to make it perfect for street skating, you can go with this combo at a very affordable cost and decent quality material.

Check On Amazon

If you’re searching for the best trucks for street skating and all the required stuff to assemble a new skateboard, this combo is for you. Its all parts are designed considering beginner street skaters in mind.

It comes with 2.5 inches black trucks and a set of 4 wheels having 52mm diameter and 99a hardness, which makes it perfectly fine for street skating and doing tricks.

Furthermore, it comes with 1 black waterproof grip tape (Suited for 8” deck), ABEC 11 bearings, 4 spacers, 1 multifunctional portable T tool, and 2 riser pads.

If you want to assemble a complete skateboard for street skating, NPET also offers a suitable 8” Canadian maple wood deck with additional cost.

  • Great for beginner to learn street skating & Tricks
  • Very Low-cost
  • Decent quality material
  • Grip tape & Bushings can be better
  • Not suited for professional street skater

Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Truck SizeBoard Size (Inches)
1297.4 – 7.8
1397.8 – 8.0
1448.25 – 8.5
1498.5 – 8.7
1598.6 – 9.0
1699.0 – 10.0

Prefer these tables before you buy any of the best skateboard trucks.

Best Size Trucks For Street Skating

Street skating 7.75 to 8.25 inches boards are superfine, and for wheels, size settle on low (46 – 50mm) or mid (50 – 56mm) trucks.

Low trucks perform great for street skating, but if you’re passionate about exploring a little bit more with street skating, prefer going with mid trucks.

Different Parts Of Skateboard Trucks

If you’re buying skateboard trucks for the first time, you may seem too hard to choose the right trucks because you lack the facts about different parts of trucks. Once you’re familiar with all these parts of skate trucks, your pick-up will be easy and worthwhile.

All these parts of trucks play a significant role in the stability of a board. So you need to consider a pair of trucks with axle width. It should be close to the width of your skateboard deck.

Let’s see the different parts of skateboard trucks with their uses.

Skateboard Trucks

Hanger: The most extensive T shaped metal part of a skateboard truck. It holds the axle and is especially useful while performing tricks and sharp turns.

Kingpin: As you can see in the above image, at the top of the truck, an oversized bolt is fitted inside the bushings along with holding other parts of the truck is known as a kingpin. The kingpin must be durable because it handles all the pressure that is put on the bushings. Therefore you have to be aware of the hollow kingpin, which is lightweight and trade-offs the strength.

Axle: The long pin passes through the hanger and extends on each end. It holds wheels and bearings. It is also known as the wheelbase. Wheelbase determines a board’s turning and stability performance. Having a wide wheelbase makes turning difficult while having a narrow one makes it hard to balance. Therefore, you should choose based on the width of your deck.

Bushings: It’s made from urethane and mounted on both sides to provide stability. It helps trucks for stability and allows them to turn. For better turn soft bushing performs well, but it’s less stable while the hard bushing provides better stability but limit in turning.

Baseplate: The baseplate is a part that attaches to the deck. The higher angle of the baseplate gives the hanger more leverage since the hanger is farther from the deck, which reduces the possibility of wheel bite. Besides the design of the baseplate, the build quality also plays an important role in skateboarding performance.

Riser Pad

Riser pads are small and rectangular-shaped made of hard plastic or rubber, which fits between a truck’s baseplate and a skateboard deck. It’s used to raise the skateboard’s height from the ground and make your trucks taller, helping in Wheelbite.

Wheelbite is when your wheels contact the deck while turning a skateboard, which causes a sudden stop, by which the rider loses balance and falls off the board. Wheelbite is dangerous in high speed turning.

Note: Risers are not mandatory; it’s required to avoid wheel bite when your trucks are loose and wheels are large enough.

Still, if you are using a longboard or larger wheels skateboard, it’s better to have riser pads before you test wheelbite.

Along with wheel bite, riser pads help to perform tricks without any dread of touching the deck to the ground. While landing a skateboard trick, most of the time, the deck feels to the ground. So here, the riser pads make space by increasing the height of the truck.

Additionally, riser pads help in reducing vibration while riding.

Riser pads used in three different sizes, ½”, ¼” and ⅛”. It’s also essential to have appropriate size hardware. Hardware must be an inch longer than the riser you have. For example, you have a ¼” riser then the Hardware must be 1-¼”.

To know how tight skateboard trucks be, click here.

Are Independent Trucks good for street skating?

If we talk about street skating, Independent trucks always win. It’s built with considering streets in mind with high-quality material though it lasts longer than any other trucks. Overall it’s a one-time investment.

What’s the difference between high and low skateboard trucks?

Low trucks (46 – 50) are great for flip tricks and spin the board because they’re lightweight, but you may experience wheel bites. High trucks (55 – 60) are more extensive than other trucks and are easy to Ollie and turn.

What are the best skateboard trucks for street?

If you’re searching for the best, you can’t go better than Independent skateboard trucks for street skating. 129mm and 139mm size trucks of Independent work great for the street. But they also cost you high, so if you’re a beginner who wants to explore street riding, then you’ve Havoc 5.0 trucks at a very affordable price with decent quality material.

Does Truck Size Matter in a skateboard?

Yes, truck size matters a lot to make a perfect skateboard. To check this measure that a truck axle width must be the same as the width of your deck. For better guidance, prefer the above-given truck size chart.

Are Low trucks better for street skating?

Low trucks that are 46 to 50 are made for tech skating like flip tricks and spin the board. In short, low trucks are not suited for street skating; they may face you wheelbite. To avoid this, you can use riser pads and initiate with street skating.

What is the best size skateboard for street skating?

For street skating, 7.5” to 8.0” is the ideal size skateboard, preferred by both teen and adult riders. The same size also applies to trick skateboards. Above 8.25” is applicable for vert, pools, and cruising. Below 7.5” is suitable for kids to learn skateboarding.

What skateboard truck size should I get?

For making perfect skateboard trucks, axle width must be the same as the width of the deck. The idea size for 9-10 inches deck is 169mm truck size, 8-10 inches deck 149mm truck, 7-8 inches deck 129mm truck, and 6-7 inches deck for 108mm truck.

Why are skateboard trucks so expensive?

Trucks are the only part of a skateboard that lasts longer, possibly for years, and are either made of aluminum or metal. Due to this, trucks are more expensive than other parts, but they are frequently worth the price in comparison.

Why do you need good skateboard trucks for street skating?

If you want to be able to skate well on the street, you need good street skateboard trucks. This is because they provide stability and control when you are skating. They also make it easier to do tricks and grinds. So, if you want to be a good street skater, you need to have the right skateboard trucks.

What are the benefits of having good skateboard trucks for street skating?

There are many benefits of having good skateboard trucks for street skating. Some of these benefits include: improved stability, better control, easier to do tricks and grinds, and increased safety. So, if you are looking to improve your street skating, make sure you get the right skateboard trucks.

Recommended – Skateboard Trucks For Street Skating

As you have seen above, we have reviewed the five best skateboard trucks for street skating that our team members are using for street skating. But what makes as a fan is the Independent skateboard truck (Reviewed at spot one) and Independent Silver 139mm trucks (Reviewed at spot two).

Independent trucks get fit in any skateboarding ride, and both the trucks are specifically designed considering streets in mind; furthermore, it’s a top-rated truck of 2021. 

Look for no other products and grab one of these trucks, to avoid any extra headache.

Wrapping Up

After reading this article, we’re sure your doubt about buying the best skateboard trucks for street skating is solved, and you have finalized your choice from this profound list.

You can share your thoughts with us in the below comment box.

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