Best Skateboard Trucks Reviews [2023 Expert Choice]

Are you building a custom skateboard or replacing the old skateboard trucks? There is no doubt that skateboard trucks are the essence of a skateboard. A cheap or unfitted truck will make a big difference in your riding experience.

It is the trucks that control skateboard turning, speed, tricks, and riding comfort.

Moreover, the trucks are the long-lasting parts of a skateboard. They are an initial investment that will last for many years, but only if you choose a quality one.

Our team of five experts narrowed down hundreds of choices on the market and reviewed some of the best skateboard trucks for beginners and experts in this article.

We also added a pros and cons table to determine which truck is right for you based on your riding style and size.

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10 Best Skateboard Trucks

ImageNameScoreCost $
Independent Silver 139mm Trucks10 Check On Amazon
Thunder Unisex Team10 Check On Amazon
Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks9.5 Check On Amazon
Caliber Trucks Cal II9.5 Check On Amazon
Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks9.0 Check On Amazon
NPET Skateboard Trucks With Combo9.0 Check On Amazon
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks8.5 Check On Amazon
Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks8.5 Check On Amazon
Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck8.5 Check On Amazon
Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks8.5 Check On Amazon

Choosing a good skateboard truck isn’t easy. There are a few basic and essential things to look for before making a final decision. Thus, let’s start with some quick buying tips before we look at the reviews.

There are two main types of skateboard trucks, which are used differently based on the riding style.

Standard Kingpin: Standard kingpin trucks are the most versatile trucks for all types of skateboarding. They are easy to adjust according to riding style by tightening and loosening the bolts. The best skateboard trucks for tricks, street skating, and bowls. 

Reverse Kingpin: Reverse Kingpin trucks are a bit taller and wider than standard kingpin trucks to be used on both skateboards and longboards. The best trucks for cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

The next most important factor to consider is the size of the trucks. Make sure the axle width of the trucks matches the deck width. Try to find a size that is an exact match, but if the size is a little bit off, that is okay.

However, you do not need to worry about its size since we have already outlined it in each truck review’s pros and cons table. You can quickly figure out which trucks are compatible with your deck size.

Now that you have all the information you need to choose the best skate trucks let’s jump right into the reviews.

1. Independent Silver 139mm Trucks 8.0″ Skateboard

Best skateboard trucks

This set of trucks is ideal for skateboards of all types and is excellent for performing tricks, sharp turns, and street skating.

Independent Silver 139mm trucks are incredibly stable, providing a very smooth ride and allowing the user to turn easily without wobbling.

These are the lower height trucks that are ideal for tricks and balanced rides because of their lightweight feature. Because they are low trucks with a width of 139mm, they are compatible with skateboards with deck widths of 7.75″ to 8.75″. It can also be used for large decks.

In addition to the deck size, you should also consider how big your existing skateboard wheels are. It is recommended to use wheels between 50mm and 55mm for these trucks. Even so, you can use bigger wheels, but then you would have to add riser pads to them.

We do not recommend using these trucks on skateboards with decks smaller than 7.75 inches, as they will cause wheel bite.

In addition, the trucks are made of high-quality materials, which makes them durable and long-lasting. It’s a one-time expense for years.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, these trucks will fit you perfectly. Just make sure your wheels and decks are the right sizes. Aside from this, Independent trucks make the installation process relatively simple.

  • Suitable for all skateboards and riding styles
  • Suitable for street skating, tricks, and sharp turns
  • It’s a low truck that comes in a set of two
  • High-quality and long-lasting
  • A deck size of 8.0″ or greater is ideal
  • On first use, it makes little noise

2. Thunder Unisex Team

Best cheap skateboard trucks

In case you’re afraid of wheel bite, these are the trucks that won’t bite you. These are the high trucks that increase the space between wheels and deck without using riser pads.

They are suitable for doing tricks and turning sharply. In addition to being lightweight, the trucks make your journey less stressful.

Thunder provides you with different skateboard truck sizes, letting you choose the right one for your deck size. The below buying guide includes images of the trucks size needed based on deck width.

The 149mm size trucks will fit deck widths of 8.2″ to 8.6″. For 148mm trucks, the deck width needs to be between 8.12″ and 8.38″.

This set of trucks is perfect for those on a tight budget because they’re fairly priced, have high quality materials, and are long lasting.

  • High quality and long lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Avoid wheelbite with high trucks
  • Lightweight
  • Offers a variety of sizes
  • Separately, you need to purchase the hardware

3. Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

For spot three, we have Venture Polished low skateboard trucks that are ideal for cruising and daily commuting.

One of these trucks best features is they are lightweight and high quality, making them very strong and durable. With an easy and sharp tuning system, you can enjoy a balanced ride.

Moreover, the trucks are 5.25 inches (139 millimeters) wide, making them suitable for skateboards with deck widths between 7.75″ and 8.125″.

Despite their benefits, these trucks had one significant drawback, and that was their price. There are cheaper trucks on the market with the same quality as this one. Independent silver 139mm is a good example. Even so, these trucks are still superior if you can afford them.

Moreover, if your trucks arrive damaged, manufacturers will be ready to replace them with new ones.

  • Suitable for cruising and commuting on streets
  • Quality and lightweight trucks
  • Damage is unlikely
  • Ideal for deck sizes 7.75″ to 8.125″
  • It’s expensive

4. Caliber Trucks Cal II

One more high quality reverse kingpin truck we have comes from Caliber Trucks, which is made from steel and aluminum. Two trucks and one high-quality red Bones bearing are included in the package.

They can be used for all kinds of riding that can be done on longboards, such as cruising, commuting, and downhill.

Additionally, these can be used on both longboards and skateboards. However, they are better suited to longboard models with a drop-through deck.

The wheels must be about 70mm in diameter to be compatible with the 608 standard bearings. If you choose bigger wheels, then you may need to add risers to avoid wheel bite.

We do not like that despite charging sufficient amounts for trucks, and they are not providing hardware. It is, therefore, necessary to purchase all the hardware separately because the old hardware might not fit.

Caliber trucks weren’t so popular at one time, but with the arrival of new features and quality build, they became popular again. The Caliber II trucks gained so much popularity in the skateboarding market, and that’s why we listed them in our list of top 10 best skateboard trucks.

Caliber used a proprietary treatment process to make their trucks the best and long lasting. They did capture the market and became the most demanding skateboard truck brands.

Additionally, the Caliber offers a variety of truck color options so you can choose what suits your skateboard.

  • This is perfect for longboards
  • Comes with bearings
  • Trucks of high quality
  • A durable, pressed-in kingpin
  • Hardware is not included
  • Colors fade over time

5. Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks

For those on a tight budget, the Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks are the best budget skateboard trucks. A combo set includes two trucks, hardware, risers, bushings, bearings, and wheels. 

Whether riding on streets, skateparks, or ramps, the trucks are perfect for smooth riding. In addition to their smooth ride, these trucks are lightweight and durable. They can also be used for tricks.

Additionally, the combination includes aluminum alloy and Carson steel 7.75″ axle trucks. In addition to that, it contains 95a black bushings and ABEC 7 brand itself bearings, 52mm wheels with a hardness of 99a, which is ideal for tricks, and parks.

While the wheels are small, the chances of wheel bite are very low, yet Owlsome added black riser pads. We will recommend adding risers only if you’re a heavy weight guy.

You’ve seen that most of these products do not include hardware, even though they are more expensive than these trucks. Yet, the Owlsome trucks come with all the hardware you need to mount them to skateboards.

Despite being the best cheap skateboard truck, it comes with decent quality materials, including all other stuff. Beginners with a tight budget should consider this.

  • Perfect for the street and park
  • Aluminum alloy and Carson steel
  • Includes wheels, bearings, bushings, and risers
  • Suitable for beginners
  • The cheapest
  • Not recommended for experts

6. NPET Skateboard Trucks With Combo

NPET offers an affordable combo pack of skateboard trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, hardware, spacers, and T tools.

It is hard to find a combo set like this at an affordable price, though it is NPET’s top selling product.

It comes with two trucks that are 5 inches long, which makes it perfect for street skating.

The other components of this combo include 52mm 4 wheels with a durometer of 99a, which are also suitable for street, park, and trick. Furthermore, ABEC 11 bearings are added to the combo to make wheels spin longer and smoother.

In addition, the combo includes spacers that can be added between the trucks and deck to prevent wheel bites. By doing so, space will be added between wheels and deck.

The NPET offers black waterproof grip tape, which is ideal for decks up to 8 inches wide.

In addition to assembling all that on the skateboard, you needed a T tool, which NPET also provided in this combo.

The brand offers many items in a cheap combo pack, but the question is whether they will last. For this reason, the manufacturer offers free exchanges and returns for 180 days after the purchase to make sure customers are satisfied.

The combo in this post would be highly recommended if you are a beginner and planning to construct a skateboard.

  • A complete affordable pack
  • Includes trucks, wheels, bearings, spacers, hardware, T tool & grip tape
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Free exchange and return services
  • Only for beginners

7. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

You can use these Havoc 5.0 trucks if you just want to replace your old skateboard trucks with new and cheap ones.

The best thing about these trucks is that they are available in different colors, so you can choose according to the color of your skateboard, which looks great.

Havoc is a well known brand for making skateboards and longboard trucks with strong, durable, and lightweight features. Havoc is also known for making quality trucks at affordable prices.

In addition, aluminum alloy is used to make these trucks, so they are lightweight and strong. Furthermore, the trucks can be used for decks of all sizes, but we recommend 5.25 inches to 8.0 inches.

It is highly recommended to use the trucks on kids’ skateboards. If your child’s old skateboard is not working well, you can try this at an affordable price.

  • Kids skateboard trucks at an affordable price
  • Provides a variety of colors
  • Strong, lightweight, and durable
  • Trucks to fit any deck
  • Suitable for children only
  • Mounting trucks is difficult

8. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks

If you own a longboard, the Gullwing Sidewinder II is a highly recommended truck for you. Its outstanding performance for downhill, cruising, carving, and on uphills is a worthy upgrade.

Featuring a double kingpin design, this truck provides more stability and comfort while riding. In order to increase stability and control, conical bushings are included.

Moreover, these trucks are capable of turning very easily at high speeds. For more rebounds, you can also tighten the truck’s turning radius.

Be sure your wheels aren’t touching your deck as you turn. If the wheels touch the deck while riding downhill, it will cause serious wheelbite, which is dangerous. It is possible to prevent this by adding riser pads.

Beginners will have difficulty handling these trucks, so only experienced skaters can use them. It is also a little challenging to mount the trucks for new players.

  • Suitable for longboards
  • Ideal for cruising, carving, downhills, and uphills
  • Design with double kingpins
  • Turns easily on tight corners
  • Only for experienced riders
  • Quite expensive

9. Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck

With a 44-degree hanger angle, caliber trucks are the best choice for riding fast, especially downhill, where speed is crucial.

It is a 10 inch truck with good balance that can be used on flat surfaces, sloping surfaces, or downhills. However, be aware that these trucks are best suited for light slopes and not recommended for steeper slopes.

Those who ride high-speed skateboards have probably noticed that the skateboard starts to wobble when the riding speed increases. Hence, to prevent this wobbling, Caliber trucks use bushings with two ultra-high rebound barrels.

In most Caliber trucks, grade 8 steel kingpins are used to keep the trucks strong no matter how hard you push them for a fast ride.

  • Designed for downhill and fast riding
  • A high speed without wobbling
  • Ideal for flat surfaces and low slopes
  • Kingpins made of Grade 8 steel
  • Play loudly
  • No hardware

10. Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks

Thunder manufactures high-quality skateboard trucks since 1986, which are lightweight, sturdy, and well-designed. However, they still lead the pack when it comes to skateboard trucks, which proves the quality of their trucks.

They are designed to fit skateboard decks between 7.9 and 8.2 inches wide. If you wish to enjoy skateboarding, ensure your board size matches the recommended one; otherwise, you won’t.

The second most attractive feature of these trucks is their ability to turn quickly. Trucks can easily turn smoothly in tight corners, even at high speeds. With them, you won’t have any trouble keeping your balance.

One thing worth noting here is that heavy-weight people will likely experience wheel bite when driving these trucks. If you want to prevent this, you can tighten the kingpin nuts or add riser pads.

Using the trucks in the skatepark is a good idea for doing various tricks, as they are both strong and balanced.

  • Trucks for 7.9″ to 8.2″ decks
  • Highly responsive
  • Smooth and easy to turn
  • Sleek black design
  • Some risers are incompatible with this device

Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide

Now that we have reviewed some of the best skateboard trucks for beginners and experts, let’s look at a buying guide to ensure your purchase is worthwhile.

Choosing the right trucks isn’t as difficult as it looks. If you know your riding style and some basics about trucks, you can make the right choice.

Let’s then start with the beginning and make you familiar with different parts of skateboard trucks.

Different Parts Of Skateboard Trucks

To make your purchase easier, you first need to know the names and uses of all the parts of skateboard trucks. So here is a guide to skateboard trucks and what each part does. 

Different Parts Of Skateboard Trucks


The kingpin is the metal pin that crowns the head of each truck. A kingpin connects one hanger to another and holds both pieces together. In the absence of a kingpin, a skateboarder would not turn sharply or make sharp turns without fear of breaking the board. In modern trucks, kingpins are generally made from brass, but early trucks used steel parts because they were more durable than brass.

Back then, skateboarders did not have access to high quality parts like today’s skaters, so they had to worry less about their parts breaking or needing to replace them. These are designed to withstand pressure or long-term wear and tear no matter what terrain you might walk on.


The hanger is a small triangular piece of metal that helps support and stabilize your wheels as they travel through your skateboard. You may take these pieces for granted, but they are essential for staying stable and performing tricks.


Bushings are essential because they determine how well your skateboard turns. They’re usually made of urethane and consist of a group of soft rubber rings that sit around the kingpin in order to create smoother movements for skaters.


An axle is a rod that holds parts like bushings in place. This can move up and down to turn the wheels. The hard plastic coating prevents anything from rubbing against it while turning, and it keeps parts clean.


When people think about skateboard trucks, they often forget about baseplates, but they are what connect all the parts of the truck. It is easy to install them using screws and mount your new set onto any board.


A pivot is a key component of the baseplate that provides an axis for turning. By rotating this element, skateboarders can turn in one direction or another, depending on how they twist it.

Skateboard Trucks Profile

The truck profile is the distance between the hanger and the bottom of a skateboard. Essentially the truck profile is divided into three sections: low, medium, and high. While all three parts have different uses, you need to figure out what suits your riding style.

Skateboard trucks profile

Low trucks are perfect for tricks such as flip tricks as they provide more stability and balance. They needed small wheels that were between 48mm and 53mm in diameter. When you use a bigger wheel, the wheels will touch the deck and give you a wheelbite.

Medium trucks are the best choice for parks or street skating as they have a wide wheel range, typically from 53mm to 56mm. To get more speed and traction on rough surfaces, we recommend 54-56 wheels with mid-level trucks.

Whether you want to cruise and carve with your longboard or just ride around and take in the scenery, high trucks are for you. They are effective on all types of terrain, including smooth sidewalks and bumpy roads. High trucks come in various shapes and sizes, but their primary purpose is to keep your wheels above dirt and debris when cruising through rough terrains, such as construction sites or muddy paths near riverside parks. The wheels must have a diameter of at least 56mm.


The risers are spacers, usually made of plastic or rubber, that is kept between the skateboard deck and trucks to raise the board higher off the ground.

Risers are found on all pre-made skateboards with low-height trucks and big wheels to prevent wheel bite. These add space between the deck and the wheels to avoid wheel bite. They also act as shock absorbers.

It is possible to order risers online if you need them to increase the height of your skateboard, although you won’t get them with trucks. For those who intend to ride rough roads, we recommend installing risers.

Therefore, if your wheels are larger and you choose low-height trucks, you can add risers to prevent wheel bite.

Trucks Size & Deck Width

Skateboard decks are usually between 7.5″ and 8.25″. But when you’re looking for trucks, be sure to find ones with axle widths that match up as well. If the truck is wider than your board deck, it will wobble more at high speed because there’s not enough stability on a larger surface area. This can cause stress on joints like knees or ankles.

As a result, you have to purchase trucks matching the axle width of your skateboard deck. In case of a slight difference between sizes, things will still work fine.

Truck Axle Width (Inches)Deck Width (Inches)
6 – 7.256.5 to 7.25
7.57.25 to 7.5
7.757.5 to 8
8.08 to 8.5
8.58.5 to 9
9.09 to 9.75
10.09.75-10.5 or Above

Skateboard Trucks According To Your Riding Style

Regardless of how expensive or high-quality a truck is, it is of no use if it does not suit your riding style. Different trucks are designed for different riding styles, just like different types of skateboards.

Below is a list of the types of riding and trucks that are best suited for each. Based on your riding style, you can determine what kind of truck will fit you best. 


Try loose and low profile trucks for street skating. In addition to rigid pivots and bushings, trucks with loose pivots and bushings can make tight turns, do creative grinds, perform tricks, and even sail into different kinds of slides. Those are the things a street skater looks for.

Many brands offer this type of setup, but not all will be perfect for you, depending on what kind of skating you often do. Skaters at the pro-level, such as Daewon Song, have completely removed their bushings from some setups. Thunder Truck might be the perfect skate for you if you are just looking to skate around town with no bigger obstacles like transition ramps.


When cruising around town, longboard trucks are best since they are wider and are more balanced.

Skateboarders prefer shorter boards with traditional threads, while longboarders prefer wider, more balanced trucks. It is because of their feet not to drag on the ground as they cruise around town.

Whenever you want to cruise around town, longboard trucks are the best because they are wider than skateboard trucks. In conclusion, if you wish to cruise, go with wider trucks, such as longboard ones.

Mini Ramp

There are many ways to ride a skateboard, but the most popular and entertaining is skating on ramps. Skateboarding trucks for Mini Ramp allow riders of all ages and abilities to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping sport.

Also, make sure the deck you’re using is at least 8.25″ or bigger. You can also refer best skateboard trucks for 8.25 deck.


Vert skaters need to make sure that their chosen trucks are stable for the gnarly tricks they pull off. You should choose trucks from Independent or Venture since these boards will give you more stability on your skateboard and allow you to perform more moves.


A skate park is a place of creativity for the younger generation. Besides offering great exercise benefits, these activities also call for more than just concrete and weekends. The best part is that most of the trucks in this article are suitable for skate parks.

Why do you need the best skateboard trucks? (Benefits)

The best skateboard trucks can make a world of difference in your skating. They can improve your speed, turning, and stability. Your skateboard can feel like a completely different board with the right trucks.

If you’re looking to upgrade your skating for a specific field, like tricks, street skating, cruising, or commuting, you might need to consider several factors before making your purchase.

Although you might get a headache if you have no idea what size or brand of trucks you need. However, for those this article will be helpful. Overall, the best skateboard trucks are those that fit your skating style and needs. So get out there and start your search!


What are the best skateboard trucks for beginners?

As a beginner, you should choose medium trucks with wheels of 53 to 56mm. It gives a perfect balance for beginners and allows you to ride all types of terrain so that you can find your favorite riding style.

How do I choose a skateboard truck?

You must consider your riding style before choosing a skateboard truck, as each truck has its own features. Additionally, check the size of the deck and the width of the axles as well as the brand and quality of the truck.

Why are skateboard trucks so expensive?

Unlike any other skateboard part, the trucks on a complete board are made of high-quality materials and last longer than any other component. As a result, it will be expensive, but if you know how to choose the right trucks, you can have them at a reasonable price of $30 to $50.

Should I get high or low trucks?

It depends on your riding style. If you’re a beginner, then medium trucks are best since they allow all types of riding. If you like to perform tricks, go with low trucks, while high trucks are best for cruising and longboarding on rough surfaces.

Who makes the best skateboard trucks?

Many brands are considered to be the most demanding when it comes to the best skateboard trucks. Examples include Independent, Thunder, Venture, and Havoc. Their trucks are of high quality at an affordable price.


Since there are so many skateboard trucks on the market, it’s hard to find one that’s both high quality and affordable. After studying the product reviews from reputable sites like Amazon and connecting the actual buyers, we discovered that these are some of the best options available at this time.

We hope this article helped you narrow down your search for the best skateboard trucks. Let us know if you have any questions about skateboard trucks in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to assist!

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