Best Skateboard Under 100 Dollars: [2023]

Are you on a budget of $100 for a skateboard? No worries, in this article, we’ve listed the ten best skateboard under 100 dollars that are booming in the present market.

Skateboarding is a sport that demands quality material skateboard to get proper balance and a pleasing experience.

There are two ways to get a new skateboard, either assemble it yourself by purchasing different parts or buy a complete pre-assembled skateboard.

The problem with assembling a skateboard yourself is it costs more. Also, if you make a mistake in purchasing suitable size wheels, deck, truck, or any other parts, your skateboard is not going to worth investing your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, a complete skateboard costs low, about $70 to $100 for decent quality. And all the parts are pre-assembled with the correct size by the brand itself.

But it’s not that easy to find a suitable complete skateboard because every board is designed for various riding purposes like street skating, cruising, downhill, and more.

Therefore to make your skateboard hunting easy, here we’ve narrowed down the hundreds of options and listed the best skateboard under 100 dollars, including its pros and cons. You can pick one out according to your preferred riding style.

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Best Skateboard Under 100 Dollars

ImageNameScoreCost $
CCS Skateboard Complete Assembled10 Check On Amazon
Powell Golden Dragon9.9 Check On Amazon
POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards9.9 Check On Amazon
Playshion Drop Through Freestyle9.5 Check On Amazon
Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard9.5 Check On Amazon
KPC Pro Skateboard9.0 Check On Amazon
Quest QT-NSC44C9.0 Check On Amazon
Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard8.5 Check On Amazon
MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard8.5 Check On Amazon
M Merkapa 31" Pro Complete Skateboard8.5 Check On Amazon

Before you move further into the review portion of this article, let’s go through some of the essential factors of a skateboard that you should know before buying it.

Never assume that a skateboard is a one-time investment; either you buy a complete skateboard or assemble it. On average, a skate deck serves up to 3 to 6 months, trucks and wheels do more than 6 months, and the bearings for years, depending on how you maintain it.

Therefore instead of assembling an expensive skateboard, it’s better to go with a decent quality pre-assembled skateboard under 100. Later on, by using it for months, you can replace the particular parts if required.

Further, you should know your riding style. Yes, you heard it right. To get the most out of the skateboard, brands have started building different types of skateboards based on particular riding styles.

But if you’re a beginner, you can go with a skateboard that allows you to do basic tricks and cruising. With that skateboard, you can learn skateboarding and know your interest by testing different riding styles.

That’s all the basic things you have to contemplate before you purchase any skateboard.

Now let’s deep dive into the review of the complete skateboard under 100.

Top Choice

1. CCS Skateboard Complete Assembled With T Tool and Stickers

Best skateboard for Cruising and tricks

If you’re a beginner or pro and looking for a high-quality skateboard that allows you to do cruising and tricks, CCS skateboard is for you under 100 dollars.

Check On Amazon

If you don’t need any further headaches, look for no other skateboard and grab CCS fully assembled skateboard. The CCS brand has 35 years of experience in the field, though they have mastered the art of crafting a perfect skateboard at an affordable cost.

The deck is made of high quality maple wood with a twin symmetrical shape that gives you a perfect mix of flex and stiffness.

They are one of the best skateboards in quality; additionally, they offer various deck colors and sizes ranging between 7 to 8 inches. While the length of a board is the same in all skateboards they offer, that is 32inches. While selecting a skateboard size, one should always consider width over the length, though CSS offers you various width options.

If you’re looking skateboard for ten years old or for nearby ages, you can go with a 7.5” size skateboard. If you’re older, then choose any bigger size skateboard they offer you.

To make the wheels faster and to slide more compared to other wheels, CCS has applied hard wheels with a durometer of 100A, having a width of 52mm. Along with wheels, ABEC 7 bearings are used to make it a high quality that provides a smooth ride.

Additionally, it comes with a T tool to make your work easy and fast whenever you want to make adjustments by tightening or loosening the nut of trucks or wheels.

Why do We recommend CCS Skateboard?

By connecting with the buyers of this skateboard, we got lots of positive reviews, and all of them are suggesting to go with this board because of its build quality, smoothness, clean design, and durability. Therefore, we’ve purchased for our team members and let them ride for a month. We are shocked by this board’s quality because we’ve tested many skateboards, but no one comes at this quality, even under 150 dollars. At last, we would say it’s a no brainer skateboard if your budget is under 100 bucks. You can check the buyer’s review here on Amazon.

  • High Quality skateboard
  • Best for cruising and tricks
  • Maple wood deck
  • Perfect for beginners and mediocre
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to turn
  • Offer various deck color and size
  • Includes T tool and Stickers
  • Stick your favorite sticker
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate skaters only

Top Choice

2. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Complete Skateboard

High-quality skateboard for beginners, Intermediate & Price-conscious Pro

Powell golden is the best skateboard if you want to kick start your skateboarding adventure by spending under 100 bucks. It comes with quality material that allows you to ride faster with a stable and smooth ride.

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The second best skateboard we’ve is from Powell Peralta. The brand is known for its quality material, especially the deck because its deck has an extra polymeric strap rather than three straps in the original ligament. It helps holding the deck together; even if it cracked while riding, it’s not easy to break the deck.

The deck has a width of 7.63” and a length of 31.63 inches, though it suits anyone above ten years old. Further, the deck is Concave K-12 shaped with colorful and stunning screen printed graphics on it, which looks attractive.

Along with the deck, wheels are also made of Super High Rebound Polyurethane, with the hardness of 99A durometer and a diameter of 54mm, to make it the perfect wheel for rolling and better grip.

Why do We recommend Golden Dragon Skateboard?

As we’re testing this board for the last 3 months, we believe it’s a real gem for budget-friendly skateboards with quality material. Not only us but the professional skaters such as Steve Caballero also recommend this board as saying “high-quality skateboard for beginners”. You can also check out the buyer’s review here.

  • Long-lasting and durable deck
  • Best for performing tricks
  • Great roll and grip
  • Lightweight
  • Allows fast ride
  • Stable and smooth
  • Great screen printed dragon graphics
  • Over time, graphics may fade

Top Choice

3. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

Ideal for street and skatepark

Positiv team skateboards are budget friendly skateboards with high quality and attractive designs for street skating or performing tricks.

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Most beginners want a skateboard that is both attractive and of good quality so that they can do tricks on the street. However, such skateboards are very expensive, so Positiv is the only one that makes them available for beginners, so you can’t afford to lose them.

As for the deck, it is constructed from multiple plies of maple wood which is 32″ long and 8″ wide, permitting short distance cruising as well. Also, the deck has a concave shape that makes performing tricks easy and accessible, even for beginners.

The wheels are also reliable as they are made of polyurethane. The wheels attached to this skateboard are hard, with a durometer of 99a and a diameter of 54mm. This shows the wheels are made for performing tricks on a smooth street and skatepark.

Last but not least, the trucks are also high quality, as they are made of the brand’s own materials, with their logo clearly noticeable. As a result, there is no compromise in truck quality.

  • Ideal for tricks on street and skatepark
  • Attractive skateboard design
  • Concave shape deck
  • Stong, durable and sturdy
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Beginners find it difficult to handle at first

Also Leading

4. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Best for Cruising, sliding, carving, and freestyle riding

If you’re a beginner at skateboarding and looking for a decent quality skateboard to cruise and learn how it works, In that case you can’t go better than Playshion Drop at an affordable cost.

Check On Amazon

Playshion is also among those skateboard that are definitely worth buying. Playshion is also quite a famous brand for making longboards and skateboards.

If you’re planning to buy a skateboard for cruising or downhill, you can’t go better than a Playshion longboard under 100 dollars.

The longboards are famous for their deck features because they are a bit different from the skateboard deck. The Playshion board deck is made of quality material that’s eight-ply flex maple wood with a length of 39 inches and a width of 9.1 inches with a weight limit of 250lbs.

The deck is flat and symmetrical in shape and slightly concave in the middle for easy turning and stable the rider’s feet. Additionally, its drop through feature helps in making a stable ride no matter how hard you turn because of the lower center of gravity.

The next important part of skateboard wheels to make your ride smooth and comfortable. Therefore Playshion includes soft 70mm wheels, which are made of polyurethane with the hardness of 78A. Further, the wheels have a 50mm width, which is good enough to get better control. Along with the wheels, ABEC 9 bearings are also smooth enough to roll faster.

Trucks are made of solid 7inch Aluminium with soft bushings that also play a significant role in creating a comfortable ride. You can adjust the kingpin and trucks with the provided T tool according to your need for better cozy. Just note that loose trucks are better for turning, while tight trucks for stability even at high speed.

  • Best for beginners to learn
  • Quality material
  • Drop through mounting technology for better stability
  • Lightweight & Fast
  • Weight limit of 250lbs
  • Not suitable for an Advance rider
  • Not suited for tricks

Also Leading

5. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Best longboard under 100 for cruising

This might be a good option with various features like flexible, sturdy, and comfortable for all-day riding if you have a low budget.

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Retrospec is yet another mid-ranged complete skateboard under 100. It has a 44inch extended deck made of 8 ply Canadian maple wood and sustainably sourced bamboo, though known as a longboard.

All these deck features make it sturdy, enduring, super flexible, and reliable for all-day riding. Along with that, it’s lightweight (3.52 ounces) and easy to carry.

Along with the quality deck, trucks are also made of 7-inch aluminum material. It is a reactive and smooth gliding reverse kingpin truck.

The 70mm Polyurethane Wheels are also durable with a hardness of 85A, plus for better grip, it has a rock finish. Besides, it has pre-assembled ABEC 7 bearings and Pu casted black color bushings.  

A board’s shape is designed to help improve the balance and slice corners with accuracy and speed.

Additionally, it’s made with Anti-bite technology that avoids wheel bite at any cost.

  • Quality parts
  • Super flexible & quality deck
  • Lightweight
  • Good for starter
  • Adjustment needed before you ride at first, especially trucks
  • You’ve to replace the Bearings with quality one

Also Leading

6. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

Cheapest skateboard for starter

If you don’t even afford a $100 skateboard, the KPC skateboard comes with the lowest cost under 50. We will not say it’s the best choice, but it’s good to go with for the price point.

Check On Amazon

The brand KPC also offers a decent quality complete skateboard under 100. The brand is well known for designing a low-cost skateboard for starters since 1996.

It has a 7.75-inch Canadian maple wood deck, including 80 grit black grip tape. Additionally, it offers you various colors and attractive design selections also.

All the boards they offer, having the same white colour wheels with a diameter of 52mm and hardness of 99A. Further, it includes ABEC 7 bearings and heavy-duty aluminium 5.0 trucks.

Overall we recommend this skateboard for beginners to learn tricks with proper comfort.

  • Good for starter
  • Canadian maple deck
  • Attractive design
  • Non-slippery deck
  • Cheap
  • Too slow

Also Leading

7. Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Decent quality Longboard at low cost

If you’re searching for an excellent performing longboard at a low cost, you might stop your research here and go with Quest complete skateboard.

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The Quest QT-NSC44C is a longboard skateboard with a deck length of 44 inches and is highly utilized for cruising.

Artisan bamboo-shaped deck is made of 7 ply hard maple wood, which is rarely found on a skateboard under 100 bucks.

While the Wheels are made of polyurethane, the size of 7 centimeters and ABEC 7 speed bearings is also attached.

All the different parts of this longboard are high quality best-fitted size though it provides you excellent performance.

  • Best longboard at low cost
  • Made for cruising
  • 7 ply hard maple wood
  • Quality parts
  • Board finishing tough is not perfect
  • Before riding at first, you’ve to tighten the wheels and trucks
  • Bearings need oil

Also Leading

8. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

Ideal skateboard for beginners

Cal 7 is a well-known brand in the skateboard industry; it’s preferred by both the beginner and advanced rider due to its shape and stability. Additionally, for buyer satisfaction, they also offer 1-year warranty.

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Cal 7 also offers a decent quality skateboard under 100 dollars. It has a 7.5” durable popsicle deck made of medium concave with 7 ply maple wood, with pre-applied grip tape.

Further, it has quality polyurethane wheels with a size of 52mm and 100A durometer hardness. Along with the wheels, it also includes ABEC 7 carbon steel bearings.

Whenever you choose a skateboard, trucks play a significant role to make it a quality skateboard, though cal 7 includes 5-inch aluminium material trucks that are lightweight and sturdy.

To avoid wheel bite (In turning deck touches to wheels), the board includes 3mm riser pads, and HR96A bushings also help in easy carving.

All the Cal 7 skateboard features make it perfect for street, vert, and park skating. For more about the brand, you can also check out the cal 7 complete skateboard review.

  • Suitable for beginner to learn skateboarding
  • Allows you to do tricks
  • 7 ply maple deck with a medium concave
  • Classic popsicle shape
  • Riser pads added
  • Complete skateboard weight 4.85 pounds
  • Kingpin sticks out past the hanger
  • Don’t spin well

Also Leading

9. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

Best for streets, ramps, and pools

This is one of the cheapest skateboards in our list of best skateboards under 100, and it costs you under $50 for a decent quality skateboard.

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The Minority skateboard always tries to offer a quality skateboard at a low cost. However, the Minority 32 inches skateboard comes with the weakest under $50, which seems no brainer for beginners.

It has a 7 ply hard rock cold-pressed maple deck with 32 inches long and 8 inches width. This build quality of deck allows the rider to withstand weight up to 220 pounds.

The trucks added are 5 inches cast by genuine aluminium alloy. Also, to get the most out of it, it’s equipped with a carbon steel kingpin and 78A high rebound Pu-made bushings.

Also, the wheels connected with the trucks are 52mm in size with a hardness of 102A, which allows you to ride on streets, ramps, and pools. Further, for better speed which is essential for performing tricks, the wheels hold ABEC 9 precision chrome steel bearings.

To make an attractive skateboard, the deck has stunning graphics, and also the brand offers various designs for owner satisfaction.

  • Inexpensive
  • 220 pounds weight capacity
  • Cold pressed maple deck
  • Good for tricks
  • Ideal for beginners to get started
  • Most of the parts are made in China
  • Trucks won’t turn easily in the first few rides

Also Leading

10. M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard

Good skateboard for under 100

If you’re looking for a skateboard for children age above 5 years to adult with a weight up to 189lbs, Merkapa 31” skateboard is for you under 100 dollars.

Check On Amazon

The last skateboard in our best skateboard under 100 list is M Merkapa which is 31 inches long.

The deck comprises 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, which is strong enough to hold the weight up to 198lbs. Additionally, the deck is designed with a double kicktail that makes your tricks easy.

Mekapa also added black grip tape on the deck upper surface to make it a nonslippery deck. Besides creating an attractive and cool-looking skateboard, the deck’s back is printed with the thermal transfer process that lasts longer.

For easy turning, the board has a reliable 5 inches aluminum-alloy truck, making your turning easy. If we talk further about the wheels, it is 52mm Polyurethane, including ABEC 9 precision bearings for a smooth and fast riding experience.

Additionally, to change your skateboard setting, the board comes with a T tool. It’s helpful in several ways, like for performing tricks, you need to tighten the trucks, and for cruising, you need a bit loose trucks for better turning.

  • Double kick tail design
  • Good for tricks
  • It comes with T tool
  • Non Slippery deck
  • Trucks can be better
  • Not suited for the advanced rider

If you cant afford the complete skateboards for under $100, no problem, you can even check out here the best skateboard under 50.

Buying Guide For Budget Skaters

In this guide, you get to see the factors you need to consider when choosing a skateboard when you’re on a budget like $100. If you’re not going to invest your hard earned money again and again in a skateboard, this guide will help you choose a board that will last longer and will be worth it.

To begin with, your query for the best skateboard under 100 shows that you have a 100 dollar budget for a skateboard, which is not too bad. By following just a few things listed below, you can get high quality and reliable skateboards in this price range.

We have observed that beginners do not know the good brand, quality, or price of a skateboard, and so they opt for their budget skateboard without considering their riding style and size of the skateboard. When they later receive a skateboard, they are not even able to balance on it because the deck size is not fit for them, and they are also not able to ride it the way they prefer to. Even if you own one of the best cruiser skateboards under $100, it still won’t work for you if you like to perform tricks.

Thus, it’s important to take into consideration your riding style, skateboard size, shape, material, brand, each part of a skateboard, and of course, your budget when choosing a skateboard.

Know Your Riding Style

At the beginning of skateboarding, you don’t know what type of skateboard is best for you. Hence it is best to think about what type of skateboard you enjoy using. There are people who like only cruising, some tricks, the skate park, and others who like downhill riding. There are many different types of skateboards, and each is designed for specific riding styles.

For beginners who want to experience different riding modes and find interest in each, CCS skateboard or Powel Peralta are the best options because they provide you with a range of riding.

Usually, a professional rider knows what kind of skating they prefer the most, so they should stick with that skateboard only based on those parts of the board.

Selecting The Deck

To make sure the skateboard will fit your riding style and give a comfortable ride, deck shape, material, and size are key factors.

If you’re a commuter, go with a longer and wider deck, as they provide good balance and comfort for travelling from one place to another. For commuting, the narrower deck starts to feel uncomfortable after a mile.

People who are planning to buy skateboards to perform tricks should choose a short deck that is durable and flexible to allow them to perform their tricks safely.

As you choose the shape of the deck according to your riding style, you should also consider the deck size according to your feet’s size, height, and age. Additionally, if you’re a big guy, make sure to check the deck’s weight capacity.

Decks made from maple wood are of the highest quality. Even under $150 or $200, you’ll see a maple hardwood deck due to its exceptional performance and durability. So for $100 also prefer to go with a maple wood deck skateboard.

Consider The Trucks

You might have ignored considering trucks till now, but the quality and size of the truck also play a significant role in overall performance and your riding style.

If you choose a skateboard having lower height trucks, you can get better stability because of the low centre of gravity, but they are also not suited for rough road riding. Besides, if the board you own has lower height trucks with bigger wheels, you’ll definitely experience wheel bite in turning at high speed. Wheel bite occurs when the wheels touch the deck.

Higher trucks are difficult for beginners to balance on, so they are not recommended for them. However, they are good for avoiding wheel bite and riding on rough terrain.

Therefore, you should consider your riding style and choose the skateboard trucks height accordingly. Furthermore, make sure the trucks are of high quality. You will always get the best skateboard truck quality if you are buying a complete skateboard under 100. Nevertheless, to eliminate all doubt, check the specifications to ensure that it has a steel baseplate and is made of aluminium.

Consider The Wheels And Bearings

At last, when buying the best budget skateboard, you need to consider the wheels and bearings. Especially the wheels are the game changer as they decide your riding style.

For wheels, you have to consider their size, quality and hardness.

Size: Small (50-53mm) wheels are ideal if you want a skateboard to perform tricks in a skatepark and street. The medium size wheels (54 to 59mm) would be a good choice for beginners or pro who want to try all types of riding styles. Finally, if you own a longboard or a large cruiser skateboard, you should have bigger wheels (60mm+) as they make cruising easy and comfortable, even on rough surfaces. 

Quality: Make sure you choose a skateboard with polyurethane wheels if you want long-lasting and reliable wheels. Although on a 100 dollar skateboard, you’ll get polyurethane wheels only, but still it’s worth checking. In case you’ve already made a mistake and bought a skateboard with cheap quality wheels, you can replace it by ordering new polyurethane wheels individually.

Hardness: The hardness of wheels will decide your riding style. A durometer scale is used to measure the wheels’ hardness, and you’ll also see the brands feature the hardness in the durometer only.  

The wheels come in durometers ranging from 78A to 104A. The lower the number, the softer the wheel. If your riding style includes riding on rough surfaces, soft wheels are good for you. While for those who prefer smooth surface riding like in a skatepark, hard wheels are recommended. 

In short, for street skating or rough surfaces, prefer wheels with a durometer of 78A to 87A. If you want to cruise on the streets at slightly faster speeds, go with wheels having a durometer of 88A to 95A. At last, for those who want fast speed wheels for tricks and skateparks, 96A to 99A or plus is the ideal choice.

Last but not least, the bearings make the skateboard smoother and faster. In this section, you find ABEC ratings, so the higher the ratings, the smoother and more accurate they are. We recommend at least ABEC 7 bearings or higher.

How to Make Your Skateboard Buying Worthwhile

As of now, you’ve gone through some of the best skateboards under 100, but are they all suitable for you? No, Not at all, because every rider has a specific riding style, though skateboards are also designed according to distinct types. You’ve to identify your riding style and skill level to make the right choice.

Your Skill level

Before you start hunting for skateboard, know your riding experience, either a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider you’re.

Beginner: For beginners, simply go with a pre-assembled complete skateboard that allows you to cruise. You’ll easily get a quality skateboard under $100 from the list we’ve reviewed above.

If you’re looking for a kid’s skateboard, you will not regret checking out the best skateboard for 10 year old.

Intermediate: For intermediate riders, skateboards under $100 also work fine, but look at what you want on your board. Some boards are made for the street, while some for cruising only. In our reviews above, we’ve clearly mentioned the best use of a particular skateboard. You can further replace the wheels, bearings, trucks, and deck according to your riding style.

Advanced Rider: As an advanced rider, you already know how to do challenging tricks and stunts, though skateboards under 100 dollars won’t satisfy you. For advanced riders, we prefer to assemble skateboards yourself according to your requirement with quality parts. It cost you above $200.


How much does it cost for a decent skateboard?

On average decent quality skateboard costs you between $70 to $100. You’ve to choose according to the quality of the skateboard and your riding experience. For a beginner or intermediate 70 to 100bucks skateboard, it is good to go, but the advanced rider who likes to do challenging tricks and stunts has to look for something above 200 dollars.

How much should I spend on my first skateboard?

Spending too much on your first skateboard has no meaning, instead of better to ride with extra few bucks in your pocket. Because as a beginner, a high cost skateboard has no use, as you can’t do tricks or higher stunts. It’s better to go with a pre-assembled quality skateboard that costs under $100 and allows you to do cruising and basic tricks.

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A Skateboard?

Buying a complete skateboard is cheaper than building one. If you make a decent quality skateboard, it still costs you more than $150. On the other hand, you can buy a complete skateboard with the same quality material for under $100.

Is $200 expensive for a skateboard?

The price depends on the type and quality of board you want. If you’re a beginner or intermediate skater, a $150 or under skateboard is sufficient, and $200 is quite expensive. However, for professional skaters who build a custom skateboard based on their riding style, $200 is a fair price.

Where can I find a cheap skateboard?

A cheap skateboard can be found on Amazon and Walmart. But Walmart skateboards review is so bad that most of their skateboards wear out so fast that the rider prefers to purchase a skateboard only from Amazon. Amazon offers an affordable and quality skateboard that lasts longer. Also, Amazon has an excellent replacement service.

Is 100 dollars for a skateboard good?

A skateboard with a budget of 100 dollars is good enough. If your budget is less than 100, you can still find many options, but finding the right one requires expertise in product understanding.

What is a good price for a skateboard?

The skateboard price varies according to your needs and what type of board you select. Those who are just getting started with skateboarding should choose a $50 board, while intermediates and pro skaters should choose a $100 or higher board. Additionally, the price of a mini cruiser or plastic board ranges from $25 to $50, while the price of a street, tricks, or skatepark board ranges from $70 to $150, depending on the quality. Lastly, if you like cruising or commuting, you need a longboard that costs $100 to $200.

Final Words

Now that you’ve gone through the best skateboard under 100 dollars, that is on boom in the present market. We hope that you got your skateboard from our expert recommended list.

If you’re still confused about making the right decision, you can go with CCS Skateboard that is reviewed at spot one or Powell Golden Dragon at spot two. Both of these skateboards are best for beginners and intermediate riders at an affordable cost, and the best part is we’ve manually tested them for a month. We can say they are No brainer skateboards under 100.

If you like this review article, please share your thoughts in the comment box and share the article with your friends or family who need this; it will surely make their day.

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