Best Skateboard Under 50: Complete Skateboard Reviews [2021]

Skateboarding is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, and especially the youth prefer skateboarding more for their outdoor activities and fun. Skateboarding also helps improve physical and mental health by reducing video games and Tv time.

But when it comes to purchasing a skateboard, you need to consider many factors like the quality of deck, wheels, bearings, and trucks to get the most out of your skateboard. But the harsh truth is to get all these features in a single skateboard costs you more, though many beginners can’t afford them due to the low budget.

Therefore in this article, we’ve come with the seven best skateboard under 50 dollars by hunting for a week with our expert team of five people.

These skateboards are highly recommended for a fresh starter who wants to explore how skateboard works and learn the basics tricks.

But if you’re buying a skateboard considering that it’ll last longer or allows doing advanced tricks, we would recommend you check out the best skateboard under 100 dollars. Because to get a decent quality skateboard, you’ve to spend at least $70 to $100 of your hard-earned money to make it worth the price you pay.

Best Skateboard Under 50 Dollars

ImageNameScoreCost $
Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard10 Check On Amazon
Metroller Complete Skateboard For Girls And Boys9.9 Check On Amazon
WhiteFang Complete Skateboards9.9 Check On Amazon
Beleev Skateboards for Beginners9.8 Check On Amazon
PHOEROS Skateboards For Starter9.8 Check On Amazon
Seething 31″ Standard Skateboards for Beginners9.7 Check On Amazon
Mitesbony Skateboards for Beginners9.7 Check On Amazon

If you’re a very beginner at skateboarding, no need to spend more. $50 is a good to go price for exploring skateboard with a decent quality board.

But while selecting a decent quality skateboard on a tight budget like this is a big deal. Because you’ll see most of the skateboards at the price point are poor quality from unbranded and brakes in the first ride.

So, here we’ve some essential features one should look at before buying a cheap skateboard.

Skate Tool: A cheap or costly skateboard you buy makes sure you have a skate tool (T-tool) to adjust the skate deck, wheels, and trucks according to your requirement. It’s mandatory to have a skate tool, mostly in a cheap skateboard, because they don’t come with proper fitting. If any parts like trucks or wheels get breaks, you can easily replace it using a skate tool with a quality one.

Deck: The most crucial part of the skateboard is the deck, where you stand on. You’ll see a plastic deck on a cheap skateboard that has no meaning if you’re above five years old. Further, in a cheap skate deck, you’ll not see a concave design, which is again a must to have for safety and proper balance. The best part of this article is that the skateboard we’ve recommended here is undertaking all these features that are rarely found in the low-price skateboard.

Trucks: Also, check out the truck’s material because it connects the wheels to the deck and decides your turning. Sometimes trucks are made of plastic, which will not handle your weight and breaks easily in a simple turn. The best truck material you can get at the price is aluminum alloy. Even under a $100 budget, skateboards also have the same quality trucks.

Wheels: Also, look over the material of the wheels. For the price point, Polyurethane wheels are the best choice to go with. Along with the material, count the hardness of wheels according to your requirement. For beginners, 90A to 100A durometer wheels are the best choice to explore every riding. (Durometer is a scale to measure the hardness of wheels from 1A to 100A).

All right, so these are some of the basic features of a skateboard one should consider before buying it.

Let’s dive into the reviews of the best skateboard under 50 dollars.

Top Choice

1. Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

Perfect Skateboard under $50

Experts highly recommend a minority 32-inch board to the fresh starter because of its reliable build quality at an affordable cost. You can’t go better than a Minority 32 inch board if your budget is $50.

Check On Amazon

One of the best skateboards we found under $50 is Minority 32 inch maple skateboard. Besides, this is one of the most popular skateboards of the Minority brand because of its build quality and affordable cost.

The deck comprises 7 ply hard rock maple wood, with a length of 32 inches and a width of 8 inches. It also has a medium concave shape that allows you to do tricks with proper safety and balance, with a weight limit of 220lbs.

5 inch trucks are also made of quality aluminum alloy. Along with that, it is provided with a carbon steel kingpin and 85A rebound Polyurethane bushings.

Wheels are made with the hardness of 101A Polyurethane material having a size of 5.2 cm. For better speed, the bearings attached are made of ABEC 9 formula forged by chrome steel. 

All in all, the board is perfectly designed for starters. Along with cruising, it also allows you to perform tricks. Further, we’ve also tested it on streets, ramps, and pools; and believe it’s a real gem.

  • Perfect choice for a gift
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Quality material
  • Medium concave deck
  • Fast
  • Allows doing tricks
  • Offers various designs
  • Acceptable for Streets, Ramps, and Pools
  • Ready to go board
  • Wheels feel grippy at first

Top Choice

2. Metroller Complete Skateboard For Girls And Boys

Best Skateboard Under 50 for starter

If you don’t have a T-tool, you can go with this Metroller board that offers you T-tool and carry bag, with the quality material skateboard at low cost.

Check On Amazon

The Metroller, 31” length and 8” width skateboard, is also a high rated skateboard by its buyers. The complete skateboard comes with a carry bag and T-tool, which is very useful for replacing or tightening, and loosening any parts.

The deck comprises 7 layers of Canadian maple wood with a width of 8inches and a length of 31 inches. Because of this sturdy deck, it allows a weight limit of 220 pounds. Besides, the deck has a classic double kick concave design that helps to learn new tricks effortlessly. Also, it makes a safe ride by providing better control over the board.

To give you reliable support; the deck is connected with 5 inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks.

Further, to make the smooth ride, it has high rebound polyurethane wheels with a hardness of 95A and a diameter of 54mm. These wheels are suitable for all smooth and rough ground.

Metroller includes high-speed ABEC 9 bearings made of carbon steel to make a smooth ride.

Assembling all these quality parts in a single skateboard provides more stability and a powerful grip during riding.  

Additionally, Metroller offers you various attractive and colorful pattern graphics printed on boards at the same cost and quality. The best part of this pattern is the graphics are printed with a heat transfer process to make it last longer.

  • Quality material
  • Comes with T-tool and Carry bag
  • Sturdy deck
  • Concave design
  • Powerful grip
  • Easy to learn tricks
  • Smooth and fast
  • Beautiful & durable printing
  • Not great in turning

Also Leading

3. WhiteFang Complete Skateboards

Best for learning tricks

If you know how skateboard works and hunting for a board that allows you to do tricks here, the Whitefang skateboard comes for you.

Check On Amazon

The next skateboard we’ve is from Whitefang, which also comes under your budget with decent quality material.

It has 31inches long and a 7.88” deck width. Further, a full-size double kick concave design is made of 7 layers of hard Canadian maple wood. All these deck features make it durable and sturdy enough and allow the weight limit of 330lbs. 

Along with the quality deck, to make better control over the board, Whitefang uses high-speed 95A Pu wheels that include ABEC 9 bearings and 95A high rebound PU bushings.

Trucks are also strong enough made of magnalium alloy with a size of 5inches.

Further, it includes high-density non-slippery grip tape, which is essential to have a safe ride and learn new tricks quickly.

We recommend this board to any beginner above 6 years old.

  • Double kick concave design
  • Easy to turn
  • Non-Slippery grip tape
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good for tricks
  • Not suitable for all-day cruising

Also Leading

4. Beleev Skateboards for Beginners

Ideal for beginner kids

For beginner kids, Beleev skateboard is also an excellent option to go with that allows you to do cruising, tricks, freestyle, and commuting.

Check On Amazon

Beleev skateboard with a 31″ deck length is completely designed for beginners kids. Additionally, it comes with T-tool to adjust the board according to your riding style.

A complete skateboard’s weight is 4.7 pounds, which is suitable for carrying it in travel also, and it allows the rider to withstand riders up to 220 pounds. 

While the deck is made of 7 plies Canadian maple wood with a thickness of 10mm. Further, the best part is it has a double kick concave design for more comfort. Though it will not be wrong if we say it’s strong and durable enough for heavy riding.

Further, making the board reliable and sturdy for a safer ride includes 5″ quality aluminum alloy trucks.

It includes waterproof and nonslippery quality material grip tape for a safer ride. Though the board is suitable for cruising, tricks freestyle, and daily commute. 

Although it does not offer you multiple design choices, the one they offer is eye-catching and colorful graphic design. Also, there is no need to worry about printed graphics because it’s made with a heat transfer process, though it lasts longer.

  • Durable and stable
  • Smooth and fast
  • Double kick concave design
  • Provides T-tool
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive printed graphics
  • Good for beginner kids
  • No choice option
  • Very Slow
  • Bearings can be better

Also Leading

5. PHOEROS Skateboards For Starter

Skateboard with attractive graphics

Phoeros offers you a decent quality skateboard for a starter with attractive graphics on a deck and a free carry bag, backup bearings, stickers, a tool for adjusting boards, and painting colors.

Check On Amazon

For more stability and safety Phoeros also offers a 7 ply Canadian maple wood deck, with a length of 31″ and a width of 8″. Due to this build quality, this board can handle the max weight of 220lbs. 

The double wrapped design, non-slippery grip tape, and waterproof emery sandpaper on a deck allow you to do advanced tricks like pivot, sharp turning, slides and street skating, and more safety.

The board includes wheels with the hardness of 95A and 53mm width, made of high rebound Pu substances. Along with that, Phoeros use ABEC 11 bearings to make the board faster and smooth.

Trucks of a board decide the balance and stability of a board, though Phoeros includes Aluminum alloy’s trucks.

Further, it offers you various colors and graphics design boards, at a similar cost of under 50 dollars, with some gifts.

  • Reliable quality
  • Various graphics design option
  • Gift: Carry bag, tool, extra bearings, and stickers
  • Ideal choice for starter
  • Non-slippery grip tape
  • Trucks are very loose; you need to fix it
  • Noisy wheels
  • Buyers complain about trucks for low quality

Also Leading

6. Seething 31″ Standard Skateboards for Beginners

Allows to explore every type of riding

The Seething board is recommended for starters who want to explore every type of riding, like cruising and various tricks.

Check On Amazon

Seething offers you a sturdy and durable deck made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood with the size of 31” length and 8” wide. It handles the weight up to 220lbs.

For better control and easy brake, the deck has a double kick symmetrical concave design. Besides, it also helps in performing tricks such as Ollie and kickflip.

The deck also has high-density waterproof anti-skidding diamond emery paper, which helps provide more friction between shoes and board to make a regular and safe ride.

Further, the wheels have a hardness of 85A and a width of 54mm, including ABEC 7 bearings covered with 95A high rebound Pu bushings. All these features of a wheel allow you to ride it on rough surfaces, including smooth surfaces.

Seething uses 5” aluminum alloy trucks that provide you a next-level experience.

You can use this board for cruising, freestyling, tricks, and daily commute.

  • Sufficient quality
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Waterproof
  • Can ride it on any surface
  • Adjustment needed
  • Wheels can be better

Also Leading

7. Mitesbony Skateboards for Beginners

High speed skateboard under 50

Mitesbony board is a high-speed skateboard with reliable, decent quality materials. For better performance deck has a double kick concave design.

Check On Amazon

The last skateboard under $50 we’ve is from Mitesbony, with a size of 31” length and 8” wide, with a max load capacity of 320lbs.

The deck is solid and durable, made of a 9 ply Canadian maple wood deck. The deck is attached with 5” magnesium alloy made trucks, which also fitted out with carbon steel axles and kingpin.

Mitebony also includes a double kick concave design to get better control while performing tricks.

For better speed and smoothness while riding, Mitesbony used 95A durometer wheels made of Anti-slippery high rebound Pu material. Also, the ABEC 7 high-speed bearings are included in the wheels. All these quality features of a wheel allow you to ride it on any surface, no matter smooth or rough it is.

  • Double kick concave design
  • Smooth and Speedy
  • Durable and sturdy
  • 320lbs weight load capacity
  • Some parts are low quality
  • Trucks can be better
  • Not recommended cruising

If you’re looking for a kid skateboard, you’ll not regret checking out the best skateboard for 5 year old, skateboard 10 year old and a skateboard for 8 year old. (Also works for the nearby ages)

Is a 50 dollar skateboard good?

If you have a tight budget for a skateboard, you can go with skateboards for under $50. It works for starters. But the recommended is to spend at least $100 if you’re looking for a good and reliable skateboard.

What is the best cheap skateboard?

After long research, we found Minority 32” maple skateboard and Metroller the best cheap skateboard with very few drawbacks. At the same time, these cheap boards are only for starters to explore how skateboards work. You can also look out for other cheap complete skateboards under 50 dollars in this article with its pros and cons.

How much does a decent skateboard cost?

You can easily get a complete pre-assembled decent quality skateboard for $75 to $150. If you assemble a skateboard yourself, it costs you higher than buying a pre-assembled complete skateboard with almost the same quality material.


If you’re confused about the best skateboard under 50, we recommend going with the Minority skateboard reviewed at spot one. It’s the only board we found with a trivial downside. You can’t afford to lose it if you have a tight budget like this.

At last, we would say, whatever skateboard you choose under $50, it will have some minor drawbacks. But, if you’re a beginner, you can go with these recommended options to learn and explore how skateboard works.

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