10 Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads 2023 (Review)

Are you addicted to skateboard riding? Yet when it comes to rough roads, your regular wheels give out, right?.

Whether in the spring or elsewhere, riding on rough roads is common, but regular wheels can’t handle it properly and break because of the sand, gravel, cracks, bumps, and debris on the streets.

If you wish to ride on rough roads, you do not have to replace your skateboard completely. By adding specially designed rough road wheels to your current skateboard, you can ride on any surface.

The challenge is to find wheels with the right size, quality, and durometer to handle rough roads.

Thus, we’ve reviewed the best skateboard wheels for rough roads in this article, by which you can challenge rough roads and continue your riding on any terrain.

The wheels listed here work well on rough roads, street skating, rough terrain, bumpy roads, and sidewalks.

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Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads

ImageNameScoreCost $
CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels 78a10 Check On Amazon
Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel10 Check On Amazon
Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels9.5 Check On Amazon
Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels9.5 Check On Amazon
MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels9.5 Check On Amazon
Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard9.0 Check On Amazon
FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings9.0 Check On Amazon

In order to buy the best skateboard wheels that are designed for rough roads, you should consider the following factors.

Durometer and diameter are the most crucial skateboard wheel features because they determine your riding style and surface. For rough roads, choose wheels with durometers between 78a and 87a and diameters between 54mm and 60mm.

There are many other factors like the quality and shape of the wheels that determine a wheel’s capability, but understanding them can be challenging for you, so we’ve covered them in our reviews.

It is also important to note the difference between rough road wheels and regular wheels.

The regular skateboard wheels are hard and best for those who like to do tricks and skate parks. However, if you are a cruiser or rough road rider, soft wheels are the best option for you.

No worries; here, we have reviewed the most desirable skateboard wheels for rough roads that allow you to cruise as well as do tricks. With the pros and cons table, you can easily identify those wheels.

Now let’s dig into the review and pick the best one for you.

Top Choice

1. CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels – 78a

Best cruiser wheels for rough roads

If you’re looking for decent quality wheels at an affordable cost, CCS 78a is for you. Due to its quality and low price, CCS is one of the most selling wheels for rough roads and cruising.

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As one of the oldest skate wheel manufacturers since 1985, CCS has mastered the art of producing quality wheels at a reasonable price. Hence, the rider with a tight budget can’t go better than CCS.

The wheels are perfect for cruising on rough roads, as they roll smoothly over debris and cracks due to their high quality material and softness.

Further, the wheels have a durometer of 78a and are made from Urethane, making them high quality and long lasting. A wheel made of Urethane can easily absorb shock on rough surfaces like bumps and cracks, which is why urethane wheels are best for rough roads.

Aside from that, the CCS comes in various sizes, including 52mm, 54mm, and 57mm. Your choice as far as size goes, but the 54mm wheel is best for rough roads since it fits perfectly on skateboards, and slightly bigger wheels handle rough terrain better. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that if you choose 57mm wheels for a skateboard, then there’s more chance of wheel bite. Big sizes wheels are great for longboards.

The wheels require less effort along with the smooth and balanced ride while pushing on rough surfaces or the street.

  • Ideal size and softness for rough roads 54mm, 78a
  • Rolls smoothly over debris and cracks
  • Urethane made wheels
  • Less effort in pushing
  • Trusted brand
  • Affordable
  • No color choices

Top Choice

2. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Best for Rough roads

Ricta clouds, with a hardness of 78a and a diameter of 54mm, are ideally made for rough roads. Moreover, it performs great on rough pavement, sidewalks, terrain, and bumpy roads.

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When it comes to skateboard wheels, the Ricta cloud series always wins.

This is because they are made of high quality urethane, which makes them durable and long lasting. Furthermore, it offers three types of hardness: 78A, 86A, and 92A. There are also different sizes available, including 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 60mm, and 73mm.

Ricta clouds with 78a durometer and 54mm diameter skateboard wheels are most popular because of their performance on rough roads. In addition, it works well on rough pavement, rough terrain, sidewalks, and bumpy roads.

Due to its lightweight construction, hard inner layer, and soft outer layer, it is also great for cruising and filming since they give steady shots.

Wheels are fast, smooth rolling, and maintain speed, so they do not need to be pushed frequently. No matter how rough the road is, it feels like a smooth surface.

Additionally, the material and build quality of Ricta wheels prevent them from making a terrible noise, which is common among wheels.

  • Best for rough roads and cruising
  • Lightweight
  • Fast & Maintaining speed
  • Modern Shaped
  • Soft urethane with a solid
  • Experience smooth riding on rough roads
  • Perfect for filmers and cruising
  • Not Suitable for advanced tricks

Also Leading

3. Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Best skateboard wheels for bumpy roads

If you like something unique and attractive, be sure to purchase Shark wheels. Due to its shape, it works well in rough terrain.

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Shark wheels have designed unique and attractive wheels that have proven scientifically to be superior for riding on all terrains. The wheels provide excellent control on rough roads as a result of their shape.

With a diameter of 60mm and a hardness of 78a, these wheels are ideal for rough roads, cruising, carving, and basic tricks.

Further, the shark wheels are perfect for sliding since they are wide and have more grip and better control. It is also designed such that the thin contact patch touches the ground so that little friction is generated and therefore more speed is achieved.  

A sidewinder formula is used to make the wheels last longer and provide a smooth ride. Wheels made from these formulas are usually used on rough roads (pebbles, debris, sand, water, etc.).

Additionally, the Shark wheels are available in eight different light and dark colors so that you can choose the most relevant wheel for your skateboard.

  • Suitable for rough roads, cruising, and carving
  • Unique design
  • Allows basic tricks
  • Better grip and control
  • With less friction, it’s faster
  • Slides easily
  • A variety of colors
  • Last longer
  • Bearings are not included

Also Leading

4. Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Best skateboard & longboard wheels for rough roads

Kegel designed these wheels specifically for rough roads, cruising, and downhill. The best part is it’s lightweight, provides better grip, and highest speed features. Along with the skateboard, it also fits in a longboard.

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We found one of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads by Kegel, which offers you maximum speed and a remarkable gripping feature due to sharp square lips while riding on bumpy roads. The best thing about Orangatang Kegel 80 mm wheels is they fit both the longboard and skateboard for downhill and cruising.

Pro riders highly recommend these wheels for rough roads, downhill racing, pumping, hard carving, and long-distance pushing. Due to large 80mm diameter wheels, it rolls on anything like rough roads, rocks, sticks, with breakneck speed.

The wheels are made of orangutan urethane formula to make it smooth, plush, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide.

It also offers you three different types of durometers like 77a, 80a, and 83a. For rough roads, 77a and 80a hardness wheels will be the best choice.

The pretty large and supportive 46mm core of the wheel helps reduce the weight of the wheel to achieve the highest speed.

  • Best for rough roads
  • High speed and great grip
  • Rollover anything in a single push
  • Durable
  • Suits both beginner and pro
  • Comes with set of 4 wheels
  • Good looking
  • Great quality
  • Too big for some boards, but it can be fixed using riser pads

Also Leading

5. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Best Longboard wheels for rough roads

If you’re looking for the best longboard wheels for cruising on rough roads, the MBS 78a is an excellent choice since they can ride on a wide range of terrains.

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The wheels are made of super high rebound urethane with a hardness of 78a and a diameter of 100mm, making them faster and suitable for all terrain. 

Just by replacing the existing longboard wheels with MBS 78a, you can cruise on any things like sidewalks, bumps, debris, grass, or any rough roads.

Despite the lack of bearings in these wheels, you can buy any standard size bearing that will work well.

The standard flat wheels provide minimal resistance to impact on rough roads, but the MBS 78a wheels bounce back easily and quickly regain their shape.

The only problem you may encounter with these wheels is wheelbite, due to their large size. In order to avoid wheelbite, you can add a riser that increases the space between the deck and wheels.

  • Best Off Road longboard wheels
  • High quality
  • Easily bounce
  • Fits standard bearing sizes
  • An excellent balance and speed
  • Bearings not included
  • Risers need to be added

Also Leadinge

6. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

Best for Rough roads, tricks & cruising

If you want comfort like a smooth surface on a rough surface, these wheels are for you. It’s betwixt soft and hard. NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula is used to make it super fast.

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If you like to do tricks, cruising, rough roads, then Ricta clouds 92A 52mm wheels are for you.

As we have seen above, the Ricta cloud series has three types of hardness; they are all designed for different purposes. That’s the beauty of Ricta cloud wheels.

This wheel is betwixt soft and hard, so while riding on a rough surface, it feels like a smooth surface and makes the ride relaxed.

Made with NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula that is soft and makes your riding super fast.

Best for trainee-median level skateboarders.

  • Good For Doing tricks
  • Comes in a set of 4 wheels
  • Smooth-rolling & Fast
  • Maintain a great speed, to give you rest
  • Made of softer urethane formula
  • Quality grip
  • Not for hard tricks

Also Leading

7. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings

Best rough roads wheels under budget

Great wheels with three Led lights that wrapped in high grade PU urethane. These wheels handle every ground like rough roads, sidewalks, asphalt, and more, due to their 83A hardness and build material.

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The other wheel we’ve for you is from Freedare at the lowest cost, and it suits both the longboard and skateboard. 

The wheels have an 83A durometer, 60mm diameter and 45mm width, made of polyurethane material. Also, it offers bearings that are pre-installed in wheels.

The 83A hardness and PU material by which the wheels are made makes it strong, durable, quiet, and stable. On account of that, it slides fast and smoothly.

This wheel fits longboards, skateboards, and cruiser boards. It can handle any surface like rough roads, sidewalks, ramps, smooth concrete, or asphalt. Besides, it offers a grippy edge to get better performance in downhill riding.

  • Great for beginners
  • Offers 30-day return
  • Comes with 4 wheels & 8 installed bearings
  • Low Cost
  • Lights grab attention at night
  • Not suitable for pro rider

Also Leading

8. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels 86A

Best for Rough roads, filming, and street skating

These wheels work great for rough roads, street skating, and filmers. Additionally works for cruising and doing tricks. To get a good experience utilized small boards.

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Again our spot eight recommended wheels go to the Ricta series.

This 86A Ricta cloud wheel is a soft cruiser and best for rough roads, filming, and street skating.

It is an excellent hybrid wheel for rugged spots.

They offer different diameters but the recommended one for rough roads is 57mm. It works great on a small board. Fast in speed and light in weight.

It gives a good grip on dirty wooden skateparks and glides oversplits easily.

  • Best for rough roads, Filming, and street Skating
  • Soft cruiser wheels
  • superb hybrid wheels for rugged spots
  • A sticky and a little bit bouncy In Some domain

Also Leading

9. FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels 82a

Best skateboard wheels for rough street

Great rough roads wheels under budget. Besides, it offers pre-assembled bearings and a T tool. Best for cruising on a cruiser board.

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If you’re on a low budget for rough road wheels, here the freedare skateboard wheels with the size of 58mm and hardness of 82A are for you.

It comes with a set of 4 wheels made of polyurethane, including ABEC 7 high steel pre-lubricated bearings and spacers that’s pre-assembled in wheels. They also provide you with a T tool that helps tighten up or repair your skateboard with ease.

Due to this feature, the wheels roll smooth and become durable for street skating and incredibly soft for rough roads or skate park terrain. It also performs well on asphalt or smooth concrete.

We’ll suggest you use these wheels on cruise boards for cruising and plenty of early street tricks to get the most out of it.

  • Ideal for cruise board for cruising
  • Works great on rough roads
  • Durable for street skating
  • Set of 4 wheels
  • T tool
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Too tall and too wide for smaller boards and tricks
  • Bearings can be better

Also Leading

10. FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels 82a + ABEC-7 Bearing Steel and Spacers Cruiser Wheels

Best for Rough roads & Cruising

Perfect for cruiser boards, and are smooth rolling and durability on street skating. Also utilized for early street tricks on smooth concrete or asphalt. It also offers benefits of rubber tread, such as shock absorption and noise reduction.

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The last wheels for rough roads in this guide are Freedare 58mm Skateboard wheels.

It works great for cruising and perfect for cruise boards. It is also known for its impressive smooth rolling, durability on street skating. Furthermore, It is incredibly smooth on skate park terrain.

You can also take advantage of its features like early street tricks and ride on smooth concrete or asphalt. 

Wheel size is 58mm diameter and 45mm width, which is superb for maintaining speed with a soft 82A durometer.

These wheels are made of Polyurethane wheels, which help in greater load-bearing capacity. Furthermore, it also provides benefits of rubber tread, such as shock absorption and noise reduction.

What makes it the best wheel for rough roads is 58mm in diameter. It’s taller than all the other wheels and suitable for rough surfaces.

Another important factor that will impact deciding is four wheels already assembled, including ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers.

  • Best for rough roads, cruising, street skating & concrete
  • Maintain good speed
  • 58mm diameter wheels
  • Four wheels
  • Comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers
  • Not for Advanced riders

Can you skateboard on bumpy road?

Yes, you can skateboard on a bumpy road, but you need a reliable skateboard with recommended wheels, trucks, and a deck. You need soft wheels, sturdy, stable, and high trucks with a wide deck.

For more details on riding a skateboard on rough roads, you can read our latest guide on how to go over bumps on a skateboard or go through below quick guide.

How To Skateboard On Rough Roads

To skateboard on rough roads, you need the right skateboard and wheels. The following factors determine how well you ride on bumpy roads.

Skateboard wheels are available in various styles, so you don’t have to buy a complete skateboard to fit your riding style. When you switch the wheels on the same skateboard, you will be able to ride different styles.

So, when it comes to rough roads, wider and softer wheels are preferable. Hence, in order to learn how to skateboard on rough roads, you should first buy the best skate wheels for rough roads.

Also, take a look at a skateboard. Keeping your balance will be easier if the board has more foot (deck) area. For beginners, skateboarding on rough surfaces is easy with a cruiser board or longboard.

Further, check the rebound of the wheels. When riding on rough roads, it’s essential to have wheels that bounce back into their original shape after bouncing off the unshaped ground. Therefore, before riding on rough roads, test the wheels by dropping them. If the wheels bounce lower, it means they’re low quality wheels, but if they bounce higher, it means they’re good to go for rough roads.

Falling from a skateboard is more likely on rough roads, so protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are required. Even if you have plenty of riding experience, you may accidentally run into bumpy surfaces, which can be dangerous.

Make sure you have the correct size flat bottomed skateboard shoes. A good grip on the board is crucial for a balanced ride determined by your shoes. These days, there are many skateboarding shoe brands on the market making high quality skate shoes. You can choose those as long as they are lightweight, comfortable, and the right size for your feet.

Before you ride on rough surfaces, make sure you know the basics of skateboarding, such as how to ride a skateboard, how to balance, and how to fall without getting hurt. If you grasp all these basics, you can ride on rough roads more quickly and easily.

Benefits Of Rough Road Skateboard Wheels

There are several benefits of having rough road wheels on your skateboard. Here are some of the most beneficial ones:

  • Rough road skateboard wheels can help you tackle any terrain, whether it’s rough concrete, broken asphalt, or even sand and dirt.
  • They are also great for tricks and stunts, as they provide more stability than regular wheels.
  • The rough road wheels are also suitable for beginners as they are typically larger and wider than regular wheels, giving you more stability and control when skating.
  • They are also less likely to slip or slide on wet or oily surfaces.

Skateboard Wheel Diameter

If you make a mistake in selecting the right diameter for your wheel, it will make your ride a hassle. To have the right diameter is very important.

It is measured in millimeters, which range from 50 to 75mm.

50-54mm: Small and slow. But lightweight and suitable for tricks, skate park, and bowl.

54-60mm: Fit on any skate deck and rolls fast on any surface. Best for cruising and rough roads. Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

60mm+: High speed and great for rough roads. Best for longboards.

Skateboard Wheel Durometer

The durometer measures the wheel’s hardness. Mainly durometer A scale is used to measure the hardness of skateboard wheels.

This scale is ranging from 1A-100A, while the 100A will be the hardest one.

Softer Wheels: Wheels between 78A to 87A are known as softer wheels. Best for rough roads, cruising, and filmers as they roll smoothly and give a steady shot.

Harder Wheels: Wheels between 95A to 100A are known as harder wheels. Best for performing tricks, street skating, park, and smooth surfaces like ramps and pools. They are faster than the soft wheel.

If you desire to know more about wheels, check out different types of skateboard wheels article.

Narrow VS Wide Skateboard Wheels

Along with the different hardness, skateboard wheels also come in various widths.

Narrow edges give you less friction and a lighter ride. It’s highly reactive on agile motion, which makes it suitable for doing tricks.

Wider edge wheels give more grip, though the beginner and commuters like to choose these wheels. Further, you can utilize these wheels on skateparks for tricks or daily commute because they are sturdy and balanced wheels. The only cons of narrow wheels are slower speed compared to narrower wheels.

You can also check out here the best skateboard wheels for street and cruising.


What wheels are good for rough roads?

We recommend soft wheels that are 78A to 87A for rough roads. It provides you with a better grip and reduces the vibration. Further, they are bouncy and regain shape quickly.

What skateboard wheels are best for street?

If you are addicted to street skating, then go with hard wheels only, with a medium durometer (92a recommended). It is excellent for beginners and street skating. Soft wheels are best for cruising and comfortable riding for a long distance.

Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels?

It depends on your need. If you’re searching for rough roads, then soft wheels are for you. But if you like to perform tricks, then harder wheels are best for you. Besides these, soft wheels are slower than harder wheels, since they have a better grip.

Can you skate on rough roads?

Why Not? If you have the right skateboard wheels, you can easily skate on rough roads or rough terrain. But to pick that wheel, you need a reliable buying guide such as this article.

Can you put rubber wheels on a skateboard?

You can, but it has limitations and won’t last long. Getting on rough roads would be impossible with it. For such roads, you need quality wheels, like urethane. You can choose rubber wheels if you are not serious about skateboarding since they are cheaper.

How do I make my skateboard ride smoother?

You can ride smoother even on rough surfaces by replacing only the wheels of your existing skateboard. You need the best skateboard wheels for rough roads to make your current skateboard ride smoothly on rough surfaces.

What are the best skateboard wheels for cruising only on bad roads?

For cruising on bad roads, you need wheels with a durometer of 78a to 87a and a diameter of 54mm to 60mm.

Are soft wheels better for rough roads?

Soft wheels are the perfect choice for rough roads, cruising, and comfortable ride. Because of its softness, the wheels stick to the surface and bounce to avoid cracks.

Are 99A wheels soft?

99A wheels are considered hard wheels. Soft wheels are those having a durometer between 78A to 87A.


That’s all for today, guys! 

We hope that this article assists you in picking out the best skateboard wheels for rough roads.

For those who are confused about rough road wheels and looking for an affordable and high-quality wheel, we suggest CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels 78a. Having them on rough roads is an absolute blessing.

With all the relevant information at hand, you now have the option to choose the best one.

If you wish to learn more about skateboarding, visit Skateboard Idea, where you will arm yourself with lots of expertise.

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