Best skateboard wheels for street Skating [Tested 2021]

Are you hunting for the best skateboard wheels for street skating? Still, no wheels convinced you for the street?

No worries!

A few days back, a friend of mine searched the same query, but he didn’t find suitable wheels matching street wheels criteria.

Every wheel came in different sizes, colors, and was built for a particular riding style. Hence, you would have to look over a couple of things disclosed in this article to make the right choice.

If you choose the wrong wheels, you may lose all your riding fun.

Therefore, with the aid of this article, the somewhat complicated task of choosing the best skateboard wheels for street will be much more manageable for you.

All the listed wheels here are highly recommended by street skating enjoyers and are a top-rated product in today’s market.

Additionally, you’ll arm yourself with all the relevant insight one should know while picking the new skateboard wheels.

Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Skating

ImageNameScoreCost $
Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels10 Check On Amazon
NONMON Skateboard Wheels 52mm 95A with ABEC-9 Bearings9.9 Check On Amazon
CCS Skateboard Wheels9.9 Check On Amazon
TOBWOLF Street Skateboard Wheels9.8 Check On Amazon
Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels9.7 Check On Amazon
Rollerex Phaser 92A 54mm9.7 Check On Amazon
FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings and Spacers9.7 Check On Amazon

The Wheel diameter and durometer are the most crucial points to examine while choosing any skateboard wheels.

For street skating, a diameter of 50 – 60mm and a durometer of 95 – 101A is the adequate number. It also works excellent for park skating.

Street wheels are hard, lightweight, and roll faster on a smooth surface. Though to perform slides, flip tricks, Ollies, and other technical tricks get easy.

Well, let’s dive in to pick out the best wheels for street skating.

Top Choice

1. Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels

Perfectly Made for street With quality material

If you’re on a budget under $50 and looking for quality wheels for street skating, Spitfire will be the best option for you. What makes these wheels perfect for the street is their size and hardness.

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The first skateboard wheel we found is from Spitfire. The best part is it’s made of Formula Four urethane, which indicates that wheels are high quality and will last longer than all the other wheels.

Further, they offer various size options ranging from 52m to 56mm, which’s all good for street skating so that you can choose any of these. All these size wheels come with the same hardness of 101A durometer, which is again the most recommended hardness for street use.

When it comes to the surface, it comes with a shiny coating that feels grippy in first use, but it wears away rapidly.

Why do We recommend Spitfire Formula Four Wheels?

When we started research for the best street wheels, instead of buying randomly and testing, we got into a conversation with buyers of various wheels to review them. And believe not a single buyer gave us a negative review for Spitfire Formula four wheels; they all are in love with its performance. After that, we’ve purchased and tested it for a month, and we’re also surprised by its outstanding performance because earlier when the Spitfire didn’t use Formula four, they were average wheels, but now they’re ruling number one whenever it comes to street wheels. For a better idea, you can check out here the reviews of buyers.

Lastly, we would say it is a no brainer wheel for street use.


  • Perfectly designed for street use
  • Made of Formula Four urethane
  • Last longer 
  • Flat spot free
  • Easy to turn


  • No cons found

Top Choice

2. NONMON Skateboard Wheels 52mm 95A with ABEC-9 Bearings

Best street wheels for skateboard

If you’re looking for cheap wheels to tackle a street this is probably the satisfactory alternative for you. The material used is abrasion-resistant urethane and comes with ABEC 9 high steel bearings.

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Spitfire is a wheel company founded in 1987. However, they are ruling whenever it comes to skateboard wheels because they’ve mastered the art of making perfect wheels.

Spitfire bighead skateboard wheels are among those wheels that work great for street skating and are among the highly recommended wheels by pro skaters for street use.

It is made of urethane, making it very smooth and leading for street skating. Furthermore, high-quality material is used with stunning graphics.

They also offer different diameters options like 48mm, 50mm, 51mm, and so on. But most suitable for the street is anything between 50 to 60mm, so choose any of this size.

The durometer is 99A, which’s perfect for street skating.

These wheels do not come with bearings, but they easily fit all standard 608 bearings, because they have a 22mm inner diameter.

Spitfire comes in a list of top skateboard brands, but the only reason to give it spot two in our list is they are not always available in stock. If you find these wheels in store, no reason to lose them.


  • Great wheels for street skating
  • Pack of four wheels
  • Stunning graphics
  • Value for money
  • Good quality


  • Do not slide too well

Top Choice

3. CCS Skateboard Wheels

Best skate wheels for street under budget

CCS wheels come from a trusted brand having a 100A durometer, and for diameter, they offer three different sizes. Further, Urethane’s high-quality material is used for a better grip on the ground. Secondly, they’re perfectly designed for street skating. At last, you can’t afford to lose it.

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If you don’t want to break the bank and desire the best skateboard wheels for street or park skating, then CCS skateboard wheels are for you.

Millions of skaters love this brand and, and it has been around since 1985. Thus they have mastered the art of making a skateboard wheel from the user’s perspective.

This wheel has a 100a durometer, which is highly suitable for street wheels. For diameter, you can choose one of the three available sizes: 52mm, 54mm, and 56mm. You can prefer any size according to your need because all this diameter meets street wheels criteria, that’s between 50 to 60mm.

The material used is high-quality professional-grade made of Urethane, making it good abrasion resistance and gives you a better grip on the ground.

If you’re getting a high-quality product at an affordable price, then why not ride a skateboard with a little extra cash in your pocket.

The reason for offering wheels at low cost is that the Brand has a partnership with the manufacturer to provide this price happily.

Look for no other wheels and grab the CCS skateboard wheels for longer street skating.


  • Built for Street/Park skating
  • Affordable Price
  • Set of 4 wheels
  • Made of Urethane
  • Offer three different size diameters
  • Offers two colors: black and white


  • Little hard for a beginner to get bearings into wheels at first

Also Leading

4. TOBWOLF Street Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings

Best longlasting wheels for street skating

If you’re searching for durable wheels for street skating, here it’s, with ABEC 9 bearings. Made of solid and PU wear resistance. Best for beginner to learn. Not only street but also used for parks, sidewalks, ramps, and freestyle skating.

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The next highly recommended wheels in this review guide of best street wheels are Tobowolf with ABEC 9 bearings.

It’s durable and will not easily get cracked because the material used in making these wheels is solid and PU wear resistance.

It offers several diameters and durometer options, but for the street, the most suitable size is 52mm in diameter and a durometer of 95A.

I would highly recommend these wheels to beginners because they lay out the proper balance.

Supper suitable for streets, parks, sidewalks, ramps, and freestyle, but never suggest you ride on uneven ground with these wheels. It also offers a grippy edge that supports downhill and performs street tricks stunningly.

It easily fits almost every board like a standard skateboard, longboard, cruiser board, regular boards, penny board, and more.

Overall, this product fulfills all the criteria that street skaters desired to have in wheels.


  • Best for street skating
  • Comes in a set of 4 wheels in White color
  • ABEC 9 Bearings
  • Affordable price
  • Offers various diameter & durometer
  • Fits every board
  • Great for beginners


  • Not recommended for pro
  • Bearings may use some oil

Also Leading

5. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Best skateboard wheels for street

Spitfire wheels are made of high-quality urethane material to make them very smooth and to make it works great on the streets. Additionally, to make it attractive stunning graphics are attached on it.

Check On Amazon

You can also take advantage of the Nonmon black skateboard wheels that come with 52mm diameter and 95A durometer hardness.

They offer many things at a low price with great features but always remember you get what you pay for. If you’re on a low budget, these are probably the best alternative for you.

Wheels are made of abrasion-resistant urethane material and come with ABEC 9 high steel bearings. 

It’s great for street skating and cruising. Furthermore, it also works surpassing on skate park terrain, smooth concrete, and asphalt.

Fits on many boards of both skateboard and longboards but more suitable for penny boards and cruiser boards.

Overall these wheels are decent for street skating, not top-notch but affordable.


  • Durable for street skating
  • Roll smoothly
  • ABEC 9 High steel bearings
  • Good Grip & Run silent


  • Not long-lasting
  • Cracked by riding on sand, water & dust

Also Leading

6. Rollerex Phaser 92A 54mm

Good for street skating

These wheels also suit the street because of the perfect hardness and diameter of the wheel. They are made of abrasion-resistant high-density urethane material. Therefore, it’ll not get crack easily.

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This guide’s final product will recommend you is Rollerex phaser wheels that come with a 92A hardness durometer and 54mm diameter.

It’s high-performance wheels and will not break easily, because it’s made of abrasion-resistant high-density urethane material. Therefore it is also utilized for heavy use.

They offer two options either pick four wheels only or four wheels with required stuff like bearings, spacers, and washers. They provide chrome 608ZZ ABEC-5 bearings, which makes me miserable.

If you don’t find this to be satisfactory, the manufacturer offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Suitable for street skating
  • High Quality
  • Offers two different colors: Red & Black
  • Durable & built to last long


  • Comparatively Expensive
  • Bearings can be better quality

Also Leading

7. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings and Spacers

Best wheels for street cruising

If you own a cruiser board and looking for street cruising wheels, Freedare wheels are perfectly designed for you at an affordable cost.

Check On Amazon

The Freedare skateboard wheels with 60mm diameter and 83A hardness are also leading for street use. They are made of a quality material called polyurethane.

It comes with a pack of four wheels with pre-installed ABEC 7 high steel bearings and spacers at an affordable cost.

The wheels roll pretty smooth because of all these features and are very durable for street skating and skate park terrain. Additionally, the lubricated bearings steel make the wheels fast and durable.

All in all, we would recommend these wheels to use on the cruise board for cruising and early street tricks. By getting reviews of Freedare wheels from its users, we realized that it also works well on smooth concrete and asphalt.


  • Quality wheels
  • Best suited for a cruiser board
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with pre-installed bearings and spacers
  • Low cost


  • Too tall and wide for smaller boards
  • Not suitable for advanced tricks

Also Leading

8. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

Best wheels for street cruising

The Ricta Wheels with 92a hardness are a perfect choice if you plan to do street skating or just a smooth ride.

Check On Amazon

Ricta wheels come with 92A hardness, while for diameter, you can choose anything between 52 to 60mm.

It’s made with soft urethane formula to make the wheels roll better on rough terrain like streets, pools, or ditches.

You can rely on what Ricta says because the brand was founded in 2000 and is continually making skateboard wheels, though they have mastered the art of making the best wheels at an affordable cost.


  • Good for beginner street skater and cruising
  • Smooth ride experience
  • Rolls better on rough terrain


  • Easily get cracked
  • Not for tricks

Also Leading

9. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings

Attractive wheels with LED lights

The wheels are not only for street skating but also work for skate park terrain and downhill, at a low cost. It also offers a 30-day return on a complete wheel pack.

Check On Amazon

Freedare skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane with a hardness of 83A and a diameter of 60mm, besides come with pre-installed bearings.

The wheels are suitable for beginners and fit on skateboard, longboard, and cruiser boards. The Pu material used to make high quality, stable, quiet, and durable wheels.

They roll pretty smooth on street and skate park terrain. Further, it also works on all ground, sidewalks, ramps, asphalt, and smooth concrete.

The wheels perform well on downhill skating with a fast and smooth ride because of its grippy edge.


  • Decent quality wheel
  • Cheap
  • LED light in wheels
  • Grippy edge
  • Recommended for kids


  • Bearing need improvement
  • Not for Advanced rider

Skateboard Wheels Size For Street

In skateboard wheels, diameter plays a significant role. It decides your riding style and makes your ride satisfied.

Usually, it ranges from 50 – 75mm; if you choose a size larger than 56mm, make sure to use riser pads to avoid wheel bite. 

Smaller wheels are best for street skating, ranging from 50 to 60mm, because they are lightweight and respond quickly.

Bigger wheels are more suitable for bowl skating and transportation because they are heavy, roll faster, and maintain good speed, mainly on rough surfaces.

Skateboard Wheel Durometer Explained

After the diameter, you need to focus on the wheel’s hardness. Mainly it’s measured in a durometer that ranges from 74a to 104a. Higher the durometer harder the wheels.

Sometimes wheel hardness is measured on the B scale, like Bones wheel. For that also, everything is similar; just count 20 times lesser than A scale. E.g., 99b is equal to 79A.

The durometer range of 78a to 90a is considered soft wheels, 90a to 98a as in-between, and 99a+ considered hard wheels.

Softer wheels are perfect for cruising, transportation, and longboarding.

In-between durometer range is best for beginners and also works for street skating on rough surfaces.

For street skating, harder wheels work well, additionally also work for the skate park, rails, and manual pads.

Skateboard Wheel Contact Patch

The surface area of the wheel that touches the ground is known as the Contact patch. It’s also essential to consider because it determines the grip of the wheel.

For street skating, narrow wheels work better because they roll smoothly. While the wider wheels are suitable for transportation and skating bowls.


What skateboard wheels are best for street?

If you don’t want any headache of hunting for the best skateboard wheels for street skating, choose CCS skateboard wheels or Tobwolf wheels. They are perfectly designed for street skating with an affordable price range.

Are 99a wheels good for street?

Any durometer between 95A to 101A is good for street skating though 99a wheels are hard enough for the street. It gives an excellent grip and speed. Besides works for skate parks, pools, and ramps.

Are soft wheels good for street skating?

No, soft wheels are good for transportation, cruising, and longboarding. For street skating, you need hard wheels that are between 95 to 101A durometer.

What size skateboard wheels are good for street?

For street skating, I prefer a wheel diameter of 50 to 60mm and a durometer 95 to 101A. That’s hard, lightweight, and roll faster on a smooth surface, making it easy to do slides, flip tricks, ollies, and other technical tricks.

Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels?

It depends on your riding style. No one can say what wheels suit you; you have to choose according to your riding style. Hard wheels are best for street skating and soft wheels for cruising, transportation, and longboarding.

If you desire to know more about other wheel’s criteria to look over, I’ll recommend checking out the skateboard wheels for rough roads and skate wheels for cruising article, where we covered more insights.

Wrapping Up

Is this review helpful? we’ve honestly reviewed each skateboard wheel, and we believe that if you are searching for the best skateboard wheels for street skating, then these are the best option available in the present market.

Now, It’s your turn to make the right decision! You’re going to be amazing!

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