Best Soft Wheels For Skateboard – 2023 (Reviews)

Are you looking for soft wheels for skateboards? No worries, this article is for you. Here will review the best soft wheels for skateboard and guide about their pros and cons.

The wheels with a diameter of 54mm to 60mm and a durometer of 78a to 90a are known as soft wheels.

The soft wheels are best for cruising and transportation as it makes a comfortable and balanced ride. Softer wheels require requires less effort in pushing and maintaining speed. Further, it’s good for rough roads as it deals better with small objects on streets than harder wheels.

The best thing about soft wheels is that they fit on any skateboard or longboard and roll faster on every surface, as they have no issues with small rocks, cracks, or anything like that. If you’re paying for cruising around town or long distances, believe softer wheels give you a superior experience on all sorts of roads.

As the soft wheels roll smoothly and easily handle rough pavement, they are also referred to as filmer wheels because they come up with a steadier shot.

Best Soft Wheels For Skateboard

Best Soft Wheels For Skateboard

Before you move further, let’s clarify that buying soft skateboard wheels for tricks or skate parks won’t work as per your expectation. It’s because soft wheels bounce a lot and stick to the surface. Hence, better to go with harder wheels if you want to do tricks. However, soft wheels are the best choice for commuting long distances, cruising on rough roads, or on the street.

Let’s dive into the review of soft skateboard wheels and pick out the best one.

1. CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels – 52mm, 54mm, 57mm

CCS skateboard wheels

The first and best soft wheels we found come from the trusted brand CCS and are made explicitly for cruising.

The 78a durometer shows the wheels are soft enough to roll over debris and cracks smoothly. These wheels are mainly used by daily cruiser and filmers, as it gives them a smooth and balanced ride on every street with less effort in pushing.

Further, the best part of CCS wheels is offering various wheel sizes, 52mm, 54mm, and 57mm. If you look for smaller or bigger wheels, it makes your riding slow though you have to push harder. While the wheels between 52mm to 57mm are the fastest and most commonly used wheels for cruising. This means CCS offers the perfect size wheels for cruising.

To roll the wheels comfortably, even on the roughest surface, it’s made of high-quality urethane. The urethane wheels are preferable because they give an excellent grip on the ground and are highly resistant to abrasion, harsh acid chemicals, and solvents. Further, it has a majestic ability to resist extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold. All these features of Urethane wheels make it long-lasting.

  • Ideal for cruising
  • Less effort in pushing and maintaining speed
  • 78a durometer to smoothly rolls over cracks and debris
  • Offers various wheels size
  • Made of high quality Urethane
  • Trusted brand since 1985
  • It Comes in a set of 4 wheels
  • Not suited for doing tricks

2. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

The second best soft skateboard wheels for cruising in the market is Ricta cloud, with a 78a durometer. The Ricta is a famous brand known for making skateboard wheels, though they have mastered the craft of producing premium quality skateboard wheels at an affordable cost.

The wheels are made of quality 78a soft urethane, which gives a better grip on the ground and lasts longer. However, the built quality of wheels makes it perfect for cruising on any street or surface like the rough roads, rough pavement, sidewalks, terrain, and bumpy roads.

Along with the modern shaped design, the wheels are lightweight with a durable hard inner layer and soft outer layer. Hence, it’s highly preferable by cruisers and filmers.

The 54mm Ricta wheels make your pushing effort minimal and roll faster, smoother with maintaining speed. Even the roughest surface feels smooth.

The wheels are made of a soft urethane though it’s super bouncy, fast, and good grip on the ground, which is suitable for cruising but not for tricks. Although you can do basic tricks like Ollie but for the advanced tricks, the wheels are not suited.

  • Best for cruising on every surface
  • Made of Urethane
  • 78a Durometer and 54mm Diameter
  • Lightweight
  • Modern shaped
  • Fast & Maintaining speed
  • Allows doing basic tricks
  • Not for advanced tricks

3. FREEDARE 58mm Cruiser Skateboard Wheels + ABEC-7 Bearings and Spacers

FREEDARE 58mm Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

If you have a tight budget for soft wheels, the Freedare 58mm cruiser skateboard wheels are for you. Additionally, it comes with ABEC 7 bearings, spacers, and a T tool.

The wheels are made of polyurethane with a 58mm diameter and a durometer of 82a, which is soft enough for cruising.

The complete pack includes a set of 4 wheels, ABEC 7 high steel bearings, spacers, and a T tool. The bearings and spacers are already installed on wheels to make your work easy.

As a skater, you must have a T tool because it helps tighten or loosen the various parts of the skateboard. Therefore, the Freedare already added the T tool with the wheels, and the best part is it’s useful for all types of a skateboard.

These are the soft skateboard wheels for the street as they roll smoothly and very durable on street. The wheels durometer is not too soft or too hard, though you can utilize it for cruising and many early street tricks. Along with the skate park terrain and rough roads, the wheels also perform well on smooth concrete or asphalt. 

At last, will say the wheels are more for cruising and too tall and too wide for smaller boards and tricks.

  • Acceptable for cruising & early street tricks
  • Suitable for skate park terrain, rough roads, smooth concrete or asphalt
  • Includes set of 4 wheels, bearings, and spacers
  • It Comes with a T tool
  • Cheap
  • Bearings come with wheels are cheap (Need replacement)

4. Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A Soft Cruiser

The bigfoot wheels offer five different color soft cruiser wheels made of high-quality material called urethane.

The wheels are specifically designed for cruiser and filmers in mind. Hence it has a 53mm diameter and 83a durometer. The size and the durometer of wheels make it perfect for cruising on the street. Additionally, the wheels are quiet, fast and provide a comfortable ride even on the roughest spots.

What makes the wheels roll fast is the hard plastic core which allows the precision bearings alignment. If you own soft wheels without a hardcore while turning, the restrictive pressure on bearings makes you slow down. To make wheels more faster and smoother, it’s made with a high rebound formula.

At last, will say the wheels are great for cruising around or longer distance on any surface. It easily handles the roughest surface and ensures a smooth ride.

  • Designed for cruiser and filmers
  • Quiet, fast, and smooth
  • Made of urethane
  • Easily handles the roughest spots
  • Various color options
  • Not suited for tricks

5. FREEDARE Cruiser Skateboard Wheels 60mm with Bearings

skateboard wheels

At last, we’ve polyurethane made Freedare skateboard wheels with 60mm diameter and 83a durometer. These are the perfect skateboard wheels for cruising on the street.

Further, the wheels have three Led lights, which glow when the wheels roll. If you have a longboard, you can utilize the same wheels in it for cruising.

If you have missed the bearings of older wheels or require for a new setup, the Freedare wheels come with installed ABEC 7 super high steel bearings. However, there is no need to buy them individually. Besides, the wheels are very durable, stable, and quiet.

The wheels are soft though it easily tackles the rough roads. Due to a little bit of high durometer than usual soft wheels, these wheels also handle the ramps, sidewalk, smooth concrete, or asphalt.

The best of these wheels is it fits almost every boards like standard or regular skateboards, longboards, cruiser boards and more.

  • Perfect for cruising on street
  • Rolls very smooth
  • Includes ABEC 7 bearings
  • Durable, stable, and quiet
  • Fits skateboard, longboard, and cruiser board
  • Led lights are to attract buyers, cheap quality

If you’re looking for skate wheels for tricks and skatepark check our guide on the best hard skateboard wheels. Further, if you’re confused about the wheel hardness, you can easily clarify your doubts in our article on soft vs hard skateboard wheels.

What Are Soft Skateboard Wheels Good For?

Soft wheels are good for a couple of different reasons:

  1. They have more grip than hard wheels, so they’re better for skating on rough surfaces or in wet conditions.
  2. They’re more comfortable riding on, so they’re a good choice if you’re skating for long periods.
  3. They’re generally cheaper than hard wheels, so they’re a good option if you’re on a tight budget.

Use Of Soft Skateboard Wheels

There are a few different types of skateboard wheels on the market, each made for a specific purpose.

Soft skateboard wheels are designed for street skating and provide a smooth ride on concrete and other rough surfaces. They are also great for beginners because they are easier to control than harder wheels. If you are looking for a wheel that can do it all, then soft skateboard wheels are the way to go.


What are soft skateboard wheels good for?

Soft skateboard wheels are good for cruising on rough or any roads. Soft wheels have more grip on the ground though it rolls fast and smoothly over the cracks and debris.

What are the smoothest skateboard wheels?

To identify the smoothest skateboard wheels, check the diameter and durometer of the wheels. The wheels having a 54-60mm diameter and durometer of 78-90a are the smoothest skateboard wheels.

What skateboard wheels are softer?

Any skateboard wheels with a diameter of 54-60mm and a durometer of 78-90a are softer wheels. Also, if the wheels are made of high-quality urethane material, they will be softer and faster than polyurethane wheels.

Are 99a wheels soft?

No, 99a wheels are hard wheels that are used for performing tricks. The soft wheels are those whose durometer falls between 78a to 90a and diameter between 54-60mm.

Are softer wheels faster?

It depends on the build quality of the wheels. Typically the soft wheels are slower in comparison to hard wheels. But some brands built wheels having a hard inner layer and soft outer layer, which gives a good speed.

Can I Ollie on soft wheels?

You can, but soft wheels are made for cruising, not for tricks, though it won’t satisfy you for Ollie. For any basic or advanced skateboarding tricks better to go with harder wheels.

Are 78a wheels too soft?

Yes, 78a wheels are soft and best for cruising on any surface. Soft wheels easily tackle the rough roads having cracks and debris.

Can you powerslide with soft wheels?

Yes, but it goes hard to push because the soft wheels have a better grip on the ground; therefore, it won’t glide well. The hard wheels that are 95a to 101a have less traction, making them the best skateboard wheels for any tricks like powerslide, Ollies, Fliptricks, and other technical tricks.

Are soft wheels good for street skating?

Yes, soft wheels are good for street skating. Soft wheels make a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough roads. At the same time, the harder wheels are good for smooth surfaces such as skate parks.

What are the softest skateboard wheels you can get?

If you are looking for the softest skateboard wheels, you should look for ones with a durometer of 74A. These will be much easier to push around and will provide a smoother ride.


In short, soft wheels are suitable for commuting and cruising on streets and rough roads because they have a better grip on the ground.

You have read till this it means you get your best soft wheels for skateboard. If you’re still confused about making a final decision, we recommend using CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels.

All the wheels recommended in this article fall under the soft skateboard wheels category. Our team of five experts has done all the research, narrowed down the hundreds of wheels, and came up with the five best wheels listed in this article. Therefore, if you’re hunting for soft wheels, here is your research end.

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