Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? [Doubt Clear]

Usually, I take my skateboard wherever I go with me, but this time I am traveling by plane, and I am wondering can I bring a skateboard on a plane? That’s your question, right?

No worries, this article will answer briefly about can you bring a skateboard on a plane or not. Also, we provide information about which airlines accept skateboards and how to pack them.

As a result of reading this article, you will have no questions about traveling on a plane with a skateboard. Let’s get started.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane

Can you bring a skateboard on a plane

The short answer is yes; you can bring a skateboard on an airplane. Also, keep in mind that you will have no problem taking skateboards with you if you are flying domestically. However, if you are planning an international flight, there are some points to consider.

You should carry your skateboard in your carry-on or checked baggage to avoid security issues. Also, carrying it will be more difficult if you own a longboard because it is quite longer than a skateboard and may not fit in a carry-on. Hence, if you own a longboard, make sure it isn’t longer than 62 inches to get it fitted into a carry bag.

Each airline has different rules, so if your friend was allowed to take a skateboard on the plane, that doesn’t mean you can, too. Your airline may have different rules.

Therefore, before taking skateboards on a plane, contact customer care through their website or visit them in person. They will explain in detail why they don’t allow skateboards, and if they do, they will suggest some tips for packing and maintaining skateboards in the airplane.

Below we list airlines that allow you to take a skateboard on a plane with different terms and conditions if you don’t want to get this headache.

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What Airlines Allow Skateboards

To make your research easy, we have compiled all the airlines which allow skateboards with different terms and conditions. Hence, you can travel with these airlines to get a skateboard with you, even on a plane. Also, consider we’re giving just an idea, according to our research and present rules of the airlines, so before getting on a plane with a skateboard, get permission to avoid risk.

So let’s see which airlines allow you to bring a skateboard.

what airlines allow skateboards

Note: List only includes U.S. airlines with their policies. Further, you can see checked baggage and carry on options in front of all airlines, where some allow both while others allow only one. If the airlines allow you to get a skateboard in a carry-on bag and the skateboard also gets fit in it, you can take it with you on the plane at your seat. But if the airlines allow only checked baggage, you’ve to buy this bag and put the skateboard in it, then submit it to keep in a cargo area of the plane.

Alaska Airlines: Alaska is one of the most preferred airlines in the United States, but they allow checked baggage only when it comes to traveling with skateboards. You can’t take a skateboard in a carry on, no matter if they fit in it or not. Your skateboard must fit in checked baggage and should not be overweight. Also, note, we heard they charge an extra few bucks for this. 

American Airlines: American Airlines also don’t allow skateboard in a carry on bag. However, You can get a skateboard in their planes but only in checked baggage with a weight limit of 50 pounds. Also, consider the board should not be longer than 62 inches.

Air Canada: If you want your skateboard with you instead of putting in cargo area, Air Canada is the best option for you. They allow you both the option of Carry on bag and checked baggage. You can put your skateboard in a carry on bag by considering a weight limit of 50 lbs and carry it with you on a plane.

Allegiant Airlines: This airline also has a similar policy to most of the airline companies. They allow only checked baggage in which you can put the board and put in a cargo of the plane.

Delta Airlines: Delta airlines have a quite strict checking even if you have a skateboard in the bag. They allow only checked baggage option to carry skateboard with some other policy.

Frontier Airlines: Frontier has again almost similar policy like others as they allow only checked baggage option. 

JetBlue Airlines: JetBlue mostly allowed only checked baggage to carry skateboard, but sometimes they even allow to carry skateboards in a carry bag.

Southwest Airlines: if your skateboard is lightweight and smaller than 62 inches, Southwest Airlines allows both the option checked baggage and carry on to travel with the board.

Spirit Airlines: If you travel in this airline, you can’t get a skateboard in carry on bag, and even with the checked bag if they find it against a policy, they may reject to put in cargo.

United Airlines: This airline allows only checked baggage option, which will be put in a cargo area of the plane. Also, consider the board has no motor attached as they don’t allow electric skateboards.

Hawaiian Airlines: Hawaiian allows only checked baggage option to carry skateboard in the plane with other conditions like it should not be over 45 inches in length and 25 pounds in weight.

Make sure to check the particular airlines policy every time you want to travel with a skateboard, as they keep changing.

How To Pack Skateboard For Air Travel

Even if the airline you’re traveling from allows skateboard, you still have to consider many things like packaging, weight, and size. We’ve already guided above about the weight and size; now, let’s see how to pack skateboard to avoid any policy violation. Because it’s seen due to improper packing, they reject to get a skateboard in the plane.

The first and thing you should do is disassemble a skateboard, no matter whether you have an option for carry on or checked baggage. By doing this, you can reduce the size and area of a skateboard. Also note, if you own a small size skateboard like the skateboard for 10 year old then there is no need to disassemble as they are small and easily fit in a bag.

The next is to get a high-quality bag, according to your need, and also get a skateboard backpack to get the deck and other parts inside it safely.

Never get a skateboard in hand at the airport; keep it in a safe bag only. If the security guards ask for checking, allow them and make sure you’ve clearly put each part in a bag. This way, you’ll have no issue traveling with a skateboard on the plane.


Can you take a skateboard on a plane as hand luggage?

Some airlines like Southwest and AirCanada allow a skateboard with you on the plane but only in a carry on bag with a weight limit of 50 pounds and size under 62 inches.

How much does it cost to fly with a skateboard?

Every airline has different rules and charges, but most airlines charge around $30 if you want to carry a skateboard on a plane.

Are you allowed to bring a longboard on a plane?

If your longboard is under 62 inches in length, you can bring it on a plane in two ways, either in a carry on bag or checked baggage.

Can you bring an electric skateboard on a plane?

Most of the airlines, like American Airlines, don’t allow to bring electric skateboards on a plane. Well, some airlines allow with checked baggage, and it will be putted in a cargo area of the aircraft, but you also have to get permission first.


We hope you got a clear idea about can you bring a skateboard on a plane or not. At last, I will say you can easily take a skateboard on a plane by considering the airlines rules and policy.

Further, we’ve listed some of the best airlines that allow skateboard with their rules and policy. But I will recommend asking airlines helpers for the latest policy and rules about bringing a skateboard. If you ask us for the best airline to travel with skateboards, we will recommend Southwest and United Airlines. They also have strict rules, but compared to other airlines, we found that this was quite good for those who carry skateboards on the plane.

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