Core Trucks Review: Skateboard Truck Brand 2021

Core trucks may have caught your attention as they are a new brand and growing very fast. However, the question arises, do they make good trucks?

No worries, this article is devoted to an in-depth Core trucks review. We analyzed some of their trucks and talked to their users for a comprehensive review.

Hopefully, your doubts regarding core skateboard trucks will be cleared up after reading this article. Additionally, we have discussed its pros and cons so that you can determine whether the truck is suitable for your riding style or not.

Let’s dig in.

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Core Trucks Review

Are you in a hurry? This is a short answer to whether you should buy a core truck or not.

Pros: The Core is one of the best brands if you’re on a tight budget or want to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality and durability.

The popularity of the core trucks is due to their unique design and availability in different colors and various sizes. Additionally, the trucks are lightweight and made in the USA.

We highly recommend core trucks for street skating, cruising, and tricks.

Cons: The only disadvantage we’ve heard from its users is that it’s not suitable for heavy guys. Also, if you apply more force when tightening the bushings, you may damage them, and this is a problem common to almost all brands of trucks.

Check out this review of Core’s most famous skateboard trucks: 

Core Skateboard Trucks – Aluminum Alloy, Premium Bushings

Core Trucks

You can’t pass this up if you’re looking for a Core truck. It’s the most popular truck of Core.

The best thing about the truck is that it is affordable and available in several colors and sizes. Trucks are available in 4.75 axles to 7.0 axles, which will fit skateboards and longboards with deck widths ranging from 7.375″ to 9.63″. Make sure you select the correct size when placing an order according to your skateboard or longboard deck width.

Further, the trucks are manufactured in the USA and constructed with high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty base plates, aluminum alloy hangers, and pivot cups with super high rebound levels. Thanks to their top of the line build quality, these trucks are light, responsive, smooth, and easy to ride.

The trucks are ideal for cruising, street riding, and tricks.

Okay, let’s look at core trucks in more detail now.


To choose a truck with a design and color that matches your board and attracts everyone’s attention, you cannot go wrong with core trucks. In addition to their attractive design, the core trucks are also known for their bright colors.

The brand offers many color options, like black, white, blue, yellow, purple, green, silver, and red. In terms of colors, we particularly like black, blue, and red due to their stunning appearance on board.


Some people have complained that they like a particular truck brand, but when they try to order, they see a size option, which is usually not available to satisfy their needs.

You can’t pick any size truck. The trucks on your skateboard must be the same size as your skateboard deck; this will ensure that your skateboard is balanced correctly. When you choose the wrong size, the trucks will tilt one side of the board, which is not the right way.

Skateboard Trucks

Thus, the Core trucks are the perfect solution for choosing the right truck size. Almost all sizes of trucks are available with Core trucks, though you can choose based on the width of your skateboard deck. Core trucks are available for both skateboard and longboard.


The core trucks have perfect geometry, making them the most responsive in terms of turning and riding.

In addition to pivot cups and bushings, every core truck provides a smooth and balanced ride. Also, the trucks are made in the USA, so there’s no need to worry about their build quality.

Tricks Made Easy

If you do tricks with your existing trucks and they are heavy, you know how difficult it is. As a result of the heavy trucks, the overall board becomes heavy, so raising it in the air when performing stunts like flip tricks is complex, and you need to exert more energy. In addition to tricks, a heavy board will be hard to carry.

To summarize, Core trucks are incredibly lightweight, weighing just 0.72 pounds. Due to this, the trucks won’t increase the overall weight of your skateboard, and you’ll be able to perform tricks more easily.


Are Core Trucks Any Good?

Core Trucks is undoubtedly the best skateboard truck brand out there as far as pricing, quality, and design are concerned. For street, cruising, and tricks, core trucks are a great choice.

What size are core trucks?

Core trucks come in all sizes. Depending on the width of your skate deck, you can choose any size you need. Along with skateboards, core trucks fit longboards as well.


According to your query, we’ve provided you with an in-depth Core trucks review; now, it’s up to you to make a decision.

At the end, we will say, if you’re on a low budget, you can’t go better than Core skateboard trucks.

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