Difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks [Shocking]

I often get the question like, what is the difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks. If you came here with a similar query, this article is for you.

Here I disclose every single difference between both the trucks because beginners have no prior knowledge, and they make a mistake by picking the wrong trucks.

Trucks are two T-shaped metal pieces that connect wheels to the deck in both the longboard and skateboard. It decides your riding experience, and the incorrect trucks can put your life in danger by losing balance.

Now let’s clear the difference.

Difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks

People use the same trucks on both the longboard and skateboard because of similar components present in both the trucks. Sometimes they also ask about this, are longboard trucks and skateboard trucks the same.

The components present in both trucks are the same, but the functionality is different.

Components present in both the trucks:

Axle: Axle is a long pin that connects wheels and passes through the hanger. Different types of scales are there to measure axle width, but majorly used is Inches or Millimeters. 

Hanger: The hanger is the largest part of the skateboard truck and supports the axle to pass out. It is a triangular metal piece and the area of trucks where you grind.

Kingpin: The kingpin is the bolt that fits inside the bushings, and you can make it tight manually because it holds the parts of trucks together. The hollow kingpin is preferred more because it is lightweight. 

Bushings: Bushings are made of polyurethane and fitted around the kingpin between the hanger and baseplate. It helps you in turning and pivots easily. You can replace it by using a skate tool.

Baseplate: The base layer of trucks is known as the baseplate. Mainly it has four bolts holes that connect trucks with the board.

Features Of Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks

Skateboard trucks are narrower and have a regular kingpin.

It is available in different sizes to pick a truck according to your skateboard deck size.

Skateboard trucks are shorter but more strengthened than longboard trucks.

Here are the top skateboard trucks of the present time for those interested in skateboard trucks.

Features Of Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks

Longboard trucks are wider than skateboard trucks because their deck width is usually up to 9 inches.

If your deck width is 9” or more, then 180mm trucks will be more suitable for you. For the smaller size, only 150mm trucks option left.

Further, the longboard trucks are more extensive than skate ones though the stability and turning on these trucks get easy.

You can prefer the below table to select the perfect trucks for both skateboard and longboard.

Truck Axle Width (Inches)Recommended Deck Width (Inches)
7.47.25 – 7.625
7.67.4 – 7.875
7.757.5 – 8
8.07.75 – 8.25
8.258.0 – 8.5
8.58.5 – 9
8.758.5 – 9.25
9.09.0 – 10
9.59.25 – 10
10.09.75 +
10.510 +

Standard Kingpin

Standard kingpin trucks are used in a skateboard for street skating, bowls, skateparks, tech sliding, cruising, and carving. But due to low ride height, these trucks are also used in smaller longboard cruisers.

It’s easy to adjust by tightening or loosening the trucks and customize them according to your need.

Check here how tight skateboard trucks be.

Reverse Kingpin

Reverse kingpin trucks are used in longboard for downhill, carving, cruising, freestyle, and freeride.

It’s taller and wider compare to standard kingpin skateboard trucks and also more stable.


Can longboard trucks work on a skateboard?

No, the longboard trucks are wider and taller than skateboard trucks, so your board will not turn and ride well if you use them on a skateboard. Alternatively, if your skate deck width is bigger than 8.5″ and your longboard trucks are not too big, it is possible to use them on skateboards.

Are skateboard and longboard trucks the same?

Longboard and skateboard trucks have similar mechanics but are designed differently. Skateboard trucks are narrower and have a standard kingpin compared to longboard trucks. Further, skateboard trucks are known as being extremely strong, while longboard trucks are known as being extremely stable.

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Wrapping up

As you have seen, the components are similar in both the trucks, but the position and shape are different.

If you use the same trucks on both the boards, it is not suitable, but some people still do this and break the pleasant ride experience.

My recommendation is never to use the same trucks on different boards. Otherwise, it will cause many problems while riding, like not turning correctly, losing balance, and more.

I hope your question difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks is answered in this article. If you still have any doubts, then let’s connect in the comment box.

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