Different Types Of Skateboards and Their Names (With Uses)

Different Types Of Skateboards: People are not aware of skateboards in the early days, but by featuring them in films and TV, everyone gets crazy about skateboarding. And honestly, it’s fun to ride it.

That’s the reason nowadays, everybody likes to have a skateboard, but due to lack of knowledge, they make the wrong choice.

So here, I have defined 12 different types of Skateboards and their names available in the market.

After reading this post, you will be familiar with all types of skateboards and their uses.

Let’s dig into it and clear the doubts.

Different Types Of Skateboards and Their Names

Skateboarding faces many issues to enter the modern world because old skateboards are risky and hard to use.

However, now the board’s design changed, and the wheels are made of rubber, plastic, glue, wood, and silicon. Which makes the skateboards faster, easy to use, and decreases the risk factor.

Because of increasing demand, big brands come into the field and start making different types of skateboards for different styles.

Different types of skateboards name
Different types of skateboards name

1. Downhill Skateboarding

Downhill Skateboard designed for downhill, Freestyling, dancing, long-distance travelling, and higher speed. The speed is approx 40 miles per hour(Mph) or more without wobbling.

Downhill Skateboarding

Though you need skills to handle this board, such as Sliding, Drifting, air braking, and turning at high speed, in short for beginners, it is not suitable.

This skateboard is only for professionals.

2. Longboards

Longboards are more extended and broader than cruiser boards. Size is 33 inches or more.


This board is used for dance, freestyle tricks, stunts, roaming around, racing, cruising, downhill, and transportation.

It’s easy to balance on rough and tough roads because of the large deck and soft wheels.

Longboard came with three different types: Pintail, Twin tip, and Cruiser longboard.

Pintail longboard shape is designed in a way to prevent wheel bite. It’s perfect for longboard learners and allows you to cruise, learn to carve and provide a strong base for beginners.

The twin tip is a symmetrical shape from the nose and tail. It’s also good for carving and to prevent wheel bite. Furthermore, it provides more grip on a speedy downhill.

Cruiser Longboard is known for its kick tail on the back. This board makes it easy to turn and drive due to its flexible bushings. Additionally, wheels and trucks are softer and more extensive than the usual longboard.

These boards are best for everyone, either pro or beginner.

3. Mini Boards

The name itself says it is mini boards. At the beginning of the skateboarding era, the mini skateboard saw more.

Mini boards

It is also known as a mini-cruiser and arises with skatepark wheels, which is best for kids to learn to skateboard in the park or backyard.

Nowadays, it is not easy to find it in the local market because it utilized by kids only, but you can get it online.

It is Best for Toddlers and Kids. While looking for mini boards you may also look for the best fingerboard.

4. Cruiser Boards

Cruiser boards are identified by the soft wheel and the medium-deck size. Any skateboard can be a cruiser by replacing the existing wheels with softer ones.

Cruiser Boards

It’s fun to ride these boards because of their soft wheels, and you can use them for traveling and pleasure on city roads but not suitable for doing tricks.

It is not acceptable for a beginner.

5. Old School board

To recognize the old school board, see the deck shape because old school skateboards come with fishtail shapes and look old-fashioned so far classy.

The Boards are designed with graphics and preserved with cheater sticks, and the board has a more prominent tail, small nose, and large wheels. You can convert an old school board to a cruiser by replacing the wheels with a softer one.

Under the board, you can see rails that help you in balance.

6. Off-road skateboard

The off-road skateboard is the only board that can use almost anywhere, such as gravel, hard-packed sand, grass, and dirt.

Off road skateboard

If you enjoy skateboarding anyplace, then off-road skateboarding is best for you. Because you will not get roads everywhere, and this board specially designed for off-road riding and racing.

The best part I like about this skateboard is the brake, and it is easy to stop at high speed when required. When you are off-road riding, you don’t know when it becomes unsafe, so having the right brake is mandatory.

The wheels are more significant than other skateboard wheels and are made of rubber to glide smoothly on different surfaces.

7. Street skateboard

Street skateboard, the name itself says it used in city streets but also seen in industrial areas, stairs, plazas, park benches, retaining walls, and more.

Street skateboard

While deciding upon the street skateboard, notice that the wheel size should be 48-55mm. It becomes easy for you to do tricks on it like flip and spin the board with these wheels. Furthermore, the shape of the board is like a freestyle board but comparatively narrow and symmetrical. You’ll also not regret checking the best skateboard trucks for street and the best skateboard decks for street if you’re planning to assemble a skateboard yourself.

It used to perform tricks on the streets, not for regular skating.

8. Freestyle skateboard

If you are interested in doing tricks on a skateboard, then freestyle skateboard is the best for you because they design it for tricks and footwork, which you can do on flat ground.

If you are looking for the flipping board, go for the small and narrow board, or go for a longer and wider board if you want it for footwork. Because controlling the smaller boards is more accessible than a wider one, while the larger boards provide more stability than the smaller ones.

Pick the size and shape of a board according to your need.

9. Slalom Skateboard

Slalom skateboards got popular in the 2000s, and it states downhill skateboarding.

In this skateboard, you need to deal with various plastic cones that are placed straight or scattered. If the skater touches the cones, it will penalise, and the time will be subtracted. You need to finish skating as fast as possible, so you have to maintain its speed.

Nowadays, slalom skateboards come with features like control speed, traction, and turning.

10. Park skateboard

Park skateboard specially designed for the park, and it comes under modern skateboarding.

Park skateboard

It is a sub-style get from those who ride a regular skateboard to do tricks. If your height is under 5 feet 4 inches, then go for a 29 inches board, and if more than 32 inches board will be suitable for you.

Pick 51 to 55mm wheels, because the more extended wheels provide stability.

11. Vert skateboard

Vert skateboard built to ride on vertical walls but majorly used on skate ramps. It is one of the best sports for pro skate riders.

It noted that those who do vert skateboarding are very excited and enjoy doing it, but you need a beginner to advance skill to perform it.

For vert skateboarding, it is crucial to have large decks and large wheels to get more stability.

12. Pool skateboard

If you like to skateboard in the pool, you need a board with different specifications, and the regular skateboard will not be suitable for it. That’s the reason this skateboard is designed with the name given pool skateboard.

While choosing a pool skateboard, fulfil the criteria of at least 8.5-inches width and 15 to 18-inches wheels.

What is a good starter skateboard for kids

Mini boards are perfectly designed for starter kids to learn skateboarding. It’s also known as a Mini Cruiser.

This board will teach a beginner how to balance on a skateboard with the aid of a superior grip.

When it comes to learning technical tricks, mini boards work perfectly fine. But as a beginner many people spent too much, which is worthless. You can go with the best skateboard under 100 which works perfectly fine for starters. If you have a tight budget, you can also go with the best skateboard under 50.

What Are the Differences Between These Types of Skateboards?

As you have seen, there are different types and uses of skateboards, all of which have their own purposes and benefits. Therefore, you should learn about the different types of skateboards to make an informed decision when buying one.

Let us simplify the difference between these boards if you’re unclear yet. There are three main types of skateboards: longboard, shortboard, and cruiser board.

Longboard: These boards are typically longer and wider, making them better for cruising, commuting, or taking long trips downhill. These boards are stable, balanced, and easy to maneuver.

Shortboard: Shortboards are skateboards shorter than longboards with small wheels, which are designed for tricks and speed skating. They’re also good for cruising in the city because they’re more agile and responsive than longboards.

Cruiser: Cruisers are the most versatile type of board and can be used for various purposes. They’re usually shorter than other boards and work well for cruising, skating on flat surfaces, and doing basic tricks.

How Do You Choose the Right Type of Board for You?

Once you understand how many different types of skateboards there are and how they are used, it will be much easier for you to select the one best suited to your riding style.

Make sure, when choosing a type of board to ride, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences.

Shortboards are the best choice if you’re looking for a board on which you can cruise or do tricks.

In the event that you want a board that can be used for many different purposes, a cruiser may be the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for something that is stable and easy to ride, a longboard may be the best option for you.


What type of skateboard is best?

If you are a beginner, then go for a wider skateboard or mini boards, because it is low risk and easy to learn skateboard as a student. Moreover for tricks, dancing, and more go with a longboard, street board, or cruiser board.

How do I pick my first skateboard?

Before choosing a skateboard, you should know about different skateboards available in today’s market with other specifications, as listed above. If you’re new better, go with a complete skateboard that costs around $70 to $170 to identify your riding interest.

How many styles of skateboarding is there?

Skateboarding has many riding styles, but the most common are street, park, cruising, freestyle, vert, and downhill.

What is popsicle skateboard?

The Popsicle skateboard is a modern deck design that’s made specifically for street skating and ramps. Thanks to the concave deck and the unique design of the trucks, it is also possible to do tricks.

Is there different types of skateboards?

Yes, there are different skateboard types and uses for different riding styles. Skateboarding will be easier and more enjoyable when you have the right board for your riding style.


Finally, now you know different types of skateboards available in the market with different names and terms. So now go for the best one as per your need and specification.

After this, you may search for what size of skateboard do I need, for that also we have a different article. You can check it out.

If you are a beginner or pro, always ride with safety precautions like a helmet and pads and never compromise your life.

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