How much does a good skateboard cost in 2023 (Shocking)

Are you a beginner at skateboarding? Willing to know how much does a good skateboard cost? You’ve landed in the right place.

Do you know buying a new skateboard can make or break your riding experience and wallet too?

Having prior knowledge of the average cost of a complete skateboard and its parts is mandatory before you buy it.

Hence, this article will share the average skateboard price, including the cost of individual parts like a deck, truck, wheel bearings & grip tape.

In short, this article assists you in buying or assembling a new skateboard or replacing parts of an existing one at an affordable cost.

Let’s dive in!

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost

On average, a decent quality skateboard costs between $70 to $170, depending on the quality of the parts you select.

If you’re a beginner and don’t have any prior knowledge of skateboarding, go with a complete skateboard with the average cost discus above. It cost you less than assembling yourself.

Afterward, you can replace its component as per your requirement with branded parts.

In case you already have a skateboard, find an element that causing an issue to replace it with quality components.

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost

All right, let’s breakdown the cost of Individual parts of the skateboard and protective Gear.

How much does a skateboard deck cost?

The Deck is a flat platform where you stand and ride the skateboard. Your riding style will decide the deck type for you.

Various deck brands are available in today’s market, which offer different style decks, which confuses you, right?

Radically two types of decks are there: A blank deck and a designed deck. 

While the blank Deck cost you around $22 to $30 and the designed Deck cost about $50 and up. You can even get the best skateboard under 50 with deep research if you have a low budget.

I prefer a blank deck because we can design our custom graphics on that, at a low cost compared to a designed deck with the same quality material.

How much do skateboard trucks cost?

If you’re serious about skateboarding or desire to get the best experience, never compromise with the trucks.

Trucks play a vital role in skateboard; it connects wheels and bearings with the Deck. Thus it controls speed, turning, tricks, and makes a pleasant ride.

The reasonable truck price varies from $30 to $60. Yet, you’ll notice cheaper trucks also in the market as low as 20bucks. Which is not worth it, and get breaks quickly, which gets you in crisis.

Hence, you can go with trucks that cost between $30 to $40, which works perfectly fine. Make sure to choose according to your riding style. If you’re looking for any type of truck, check out here the best skateboard trucks.

How much do wheels cost for a skateboard?

The skateboard wheel’s cost varies from $20 to $50, depending on the polyurethane quality used in the building.

If you go with cheaper wheels, you’ll be stuck anytime, anyplace, so the best wheels to go with are $30 to $35.

It also depends on your riding style. If you’re looking for skateboard wheels for rough roads, cruising, or street skating, you can check out our article to pick the best skateboard wheels.

For every riding style, wheels come with different durometers and diameters. The diameter ranges from 50 to 75mm, and the durometer ranges from 1A to 100A, while the 100A will be the hardest one.

How much does Skateboard Bearings cost?

Bearings are one of the lowest cost elements of a skateboard that fits in wheels to spin well.

It costs around $10 to $30, which is pretty good. It lasts longer if you clean it frequently. Check out here to clean skateboard wheels and bearings With ease.

How much does Grip tape cost?

While riding and performing tricks, grip tape prevents you from slipping off your board.

Grip tape will cost you $5 to $15. But if you’re new to this, don’t apply grip tape on the Deck by yourself; it will start bubbles forming.

Beginners should get applied grip tape with a deck or new skateboard or visit the nearby shop to get work done.

Skate Shoe cost

If you’re a daily skater, you must need skate shoes to get better performance.

A decent skate shoe cost $35 to $100. A $40 to $50 cost shoe works perfectly for every skateboard riding.

The life of shoes depends on how much and which types of riding you do. If you’re doing mini ramps, vert, or bowl skating, your shoes will last longer.

Skate shoes are specifically designed for skateboarding. If you can afford it, you must buy those shoes, rather than regular shoes.

Protective Gears

Many riders avoid wearing protective Gears, so don’t count this in your budget if you’re one of them. But if you’re a regular rider, you must have a helmet and pads, at least.

In some states like Connecticut, it’s mandatory to wear a helmet for trainees under 12.

  • Skateboard Helmet costs $25 to $60
  • Heavy-duty Knee pads cost $40 to $70
  • Wrist guards go from $15 to $20
  • Good Elbow pads will cost $20 to $30

Skate Tool Cost

A skate tool is a need of every skater to make skateboarding life hassle-free. It costs 10 bucks only but is worth it.

Skateboard Accessories

If you have a little more budget, buy these accessories too. It’s not mandatory at the beginning of skateboarding.

When you buy a skateboard from the local shop, they ask you to buy these extra skateboard accessories.

First is Riser pads: It’s to reduce the risk of wheel bite. It raises the height between the board and the ground. They are made of hard plastic to get fit between the baseplate of the truck and the Deck.

Riser pads cost between $2 to $10. 

It’s suggested for larger wheels 55mm and up, and while not suitable for smaller wheels.

Second is Bushings: Bushings are the colorful, rubbery component placed between the trucks.

Usually, pre-built skateboards or trucks came with bushings. Sometimes they are not satisfied and also are low quality. Though better to replace them in the meantime.

Bushings cost about 10 bucks.

Other Skateboarding Cost

When you own a skateboard, whether by building yourself or buying a pre-assembled one, the cost doesn’t end there. There are a few more skateboarding costs you should know to make your budget accordingly.

In the first place, if any of your skateboard parts get damaged or need replacing, you need to purchase new parts. This cost depends; if you only need hardware or bearings, it costs you low, but if you need deck, wheels, and trucks, then it costs more.

Secondly, there is the cost of skate park membership. This is an optional fee, but it can cost you based on the type of skate park if you join a skate park.


What is a good price for a skateboard?

A decent quality complete skateboard costs between $70 and $170, depending on the quality and brand you choose. If you’re a beginner and looking to answer how much a good skateboard you can be ready with at least $100.

How much should I spend on my first skateboard?

Never spend too much on your first skateboard. If you want to find your interest in riding, buy a complete skateboard for under $100 since every board is designed for a different type of riding. So that later on, you can replace a part of your existing skateboard according to your riding style.

Is it cheaper to build a skateboard or buy a complete?

Assembling skateboards yourself is more expensive than buying a complete pre assembled board. Pro riders prefer assembling a skateboard themself to have a board according to their riding style. However, pre-assembled boards offer the best value at an affordable price for beginners.

How much does a skateboard cost on Amazon?

The cost of skateboards on Amazon ranges from $25-150. Skateboards are available at different prices according to their built quality.

How much does a normal skateboard cost

The cost of skateboards varies depending on the type, quality, and brand you choose. However, the normal and decent quality skateboard costs around $70 to $120.

How much does it cost to make a skateboard?

The cost of making a skateboard totally depends on the size, shape, graphics, and material used in the construction. Accordingly, it depends on your need, but if we consider the cost of assembling a decent quality board, it ranges from $120 to $150 and up.

How much does a street skateboard cost?

Street skateboards cost between $70 and $200. The price range depends on the type of street skateboard you want since many different models, shapes, and sizes are available. However, the most famous street board shape is a popsicle stick with small wheels, which costs around $100.

How much does a cruiser skateboard cost?

Cruiser skateboards can typically range in price but generally are less expensive to purchase than a street or a longboard. The average cruiser skateboard does not cost more than $100.

How much does a electric skateboard cost?

Depending on the quality, brand, and motor you choose, electric skateboards can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000. You can pick one that fits within your budget. Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a decent quality electric skateboard, you can get one for around $300, but if you aren’t heavy on it, you can get one for about $200.

How much does a longboard cost?

A decent quality longboard costs you anywhere between $100 to $500. However, if you are looking for the cheapest longboard, you can get one for between $50 and $100.

How much does skateboard hardware cost?

The skateboard hardware is the cheapest part of a complete skateboard; it costs around $5. If you’re looking to assemble a skateboard yourself having this hardware is essential.

Final Words

What do you think is skateboarding expensive? Let me know in the comment box.

I believe skateboarding is comparatively not expensive to other sports. But if you’re on a budget, be smart, buy a complete skateboard, or wait for a sale to purchase individual gears.

I hope this article solves your doubts about how much does a good skateboard cost.

So let’s make your buying worthwhile, with these costs mentioned above. We wish you great luck!

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