How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be For Beginners [Solved]

It all depends on you if you ask me how tight should my skateboard trucks be.

There are three types in trucks you can apply loose, medium, and tight.

No one can tell you which type is perfect for you. You have to determine it.

So the only purpose of this article is to understand how tight should skateboard trucks be in a better way.

How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be

There is no specific tool to measure it. But after reading this article, you can recognize it better.

Both tight and loose trucks have their pros and cons.

Tight trucks are faster and easy to manage than loose trucks and give satisfying balance in riding like downhill or vert ramp and doing tricks.

Loose trucks are easy to turn and maintain adequate flow while riding. It is not suitable for doing tricks and fast riding; if you try to do so, it starts wobbling.

Skateboard Trucks

Now decide which ride you will do with your skateboard, and set your trucks for that reason.

Note: Tight trucks sometimes become risky because turning at high speed is not easy suddenly when you need to avoid something.

I will recommend for beginners to keep it regular, not too tight or too loose. It helps you learn to skateboard faster and to find your riding interest.

Pro riders already know which riding they prefer more, so they can tight or lose trucks accordingly.

Mainly people like to do street and tricks skating, so they need to have tight trucks. Well, for that, you can check out the best skateboard trucks for street, where we’ve reviewed the top skateboard trucks that are made for the street and makes performing tricks easy.

Wait, have you check our article difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks. If not, you’re missing valuable information because sometimes, people make the wrong choice due to a lack of knowledge.

Still, not clear how tight should skateboard trucks be?

No worries, watch this Youtube video of Crunchie.


Are tight trucks better for tricks?

In relating to loose trucks, tight trucks are better for tricks. But not every truck is suitable for doing tricks. You should have specific trucks built for tricks.

How tight should my trucks be?

Tight trucks are better for doing tricks and fast ridings like downhill and vert ramp, while loose trucks are good for turning. Now you have to judge which is suitable for you. There is no perfect rule or tool to determine this.

Is it easier to Ollie with tight trucks?

Yes, tight trucks are right to learn Ollie, as it gives more stability. But, that’s just if you don’t have a better option. If you have a skateboard that provides more stability allows jumping, then try losing the trucks for Ollie.

Are Loose trucks better for tricks?

Loose trucks make it difficult to action, though tight trucks are better for tricks. But if you’re a beginner, keep it regular, not too rigid, or too loose to learn faster.

Are Loose trucks better for beginners?

Depends! If you want better durability, then tight trucks are right, but maintaining the flow while riding loose truck performs better. Consequently, for beginners, we prefer to keep moderate trucks neither tight nor loose. Later on, you can change the setting using the skate tool according to your riding style.


You can also try both the way and see which performs better for you.

But the recommended is tight and loose enough that gives you better control while riding. Neither tight nor loose.

I hope this article assisted you with how tight should your skateboard trucks be. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below.

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