How To Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard Deck? [Step By Step]

Having grip tape on a skateboard deck makes it easy for your shoes to get a better grip. Also, it makes your riding safer without losing balance, especially while performing tricks.

Most beginners don’t know how to apply grip tape on a skateboard and make mistakes applying it in the wrong way. Hence, if you’re one of those, the article is for you.

Here, we’ll guide you through a complete step by step process to put grip tape on a skateboard deck along with changing an existing one. Along with a guide, we’ve disclosed mistakes to avoid as a beginner while attaching a griptape on a skateboard deck.

How To Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard

How To Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard

Grip tape is a rough material like emery or sandpaper, which is applied on top of the skateboard deck to get a better grip when doing tricks.

If you own a quality pre assembler skateboard, it comes with griptape, though there is no need to apply another. But if you have assembled a skateboard yourself, you have to apply grip tape on your skate deck for a better grip and safe ride.

Sometimes, your old griptape starts to rip up; in those cases also; you can change skateboard grip tape.

Let’s begin.

1. Get The Required Material

Grip Tape: Get a grip tape according to your skateboard deck size. For the standard deck, about 9″ x 33″ is a perfect size. You can go with brands like Alien ware, Mob, Black magic, Grizzly, Speed demons, and Jessup for quality grip tape. It cost you anything between $5 to $20 depends on the quality of grip tape.

Cutter: To cut the grip tape as needed, you need a sharp Razorblade or Box cutter.

Metal Rod: To grind down the edges of the grip tape for precise cutting, you need a rounded metal rod like a screwdriver.

Skateboard: Get your skateboard on which you want to attach a grip tape and lay it down on a flat surface like clean ground or table.

2. Remove Existing Grip Tape

If you own a new pre assembled skateboard or have bought a new deck for building a skateboard, you can skip this point.

After a few weeks or months, depending on your skateboard usage, grip tape starts to rip up, which results in losing balance. Hence, to avoid this, you can remove that existing grip tape and apply a new one.

To remove the grip tape, use the hairdryer and pull it slowly away from the deck. Please don’t go too hard; it makes your work more challenging once it starts to rip and tear.

3. Make Cut-outs & Mark On Grip Tape

Before you apply the grip tape on the deck, make cut-outs and mark on grip tape to make your further work easy.

First, lay down the grip tape perfectly on the deck and mark the extra material. After that, cut all that additional material using a Razorblade or Box cutter. Don’t wait to do it after attaching a grip tape; otherwise, it goes sticky.

4. Applying Grip Tape

The most important part of the complete process is applying grip tape on a skateboard deck because you only have one shot at making it perfect.

At the very beginning, lay down the deck with the upper part in front. If you’re panicking to do this, don’t worry; take it to the nearby skate shop; they will do it for you at very cheap or no cost.

All you have to do is start sticking grip tape from the top of the deck and keep pressing the tape as you go down. Press again if you see air bubbles in between the grip tape. You don’t need to make it perfect the decent finishing is also good to go.

Once you’re done with this, make use of a knife or a razor blade and make small incisions in grip tape to get rid of air bubbles.

Watch this video 43 Sec visual guide for better understanding:

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Last Words

As you have come to the end of this article, I can say you’ve got the answer to your query about how to apply grip tape on a skateboard deck.

If you’ve any further query search it on our site Skateboardidea or comment below, We will make a complete guide on it for you.

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