How To Build Your Own Skateboard From Scratch In 2023

You have two options to own a new skateboard: either buy a complete pre-assembled ready-to-ride skateboard or build yourself.

When you went to buy a pre-assembled skateboard, you have limited features. If you want a cruiser skateboard, you’ll get it, but you can’t do tricks on that board because those decks are not suited for landing tricks.

However, by building your own skateboard, you can put every part of the skateboard according to your size and riding style to get the most out of your skateboard.

Therefore in this article, we’re going to cover everything about how to build your own skateboard from scratch. Additionally, we also cover the queries like how much does it cost and what you need to make a skateboard.

How To Build Your Own Skateboard

How To Build Your Own Skateboard

Before we start building a skateboard, one question that may arise in your mind is, what do I need to build my own skateboard? So here is the checklist of things you need to build a skateboard:

  • Deck & grip tape (1)
  • Trucks (2)
  • Wheels (4)
  • Bearings (8)
  • Hardware (8 nuts & bolts)
  • Set of two Riser Pads (Optional)
  • Skate Tool Or 1/8″ Allen wrench
  • Razorblade or crafting knife

All right, we believe you’re ready with all this required stuff to build your skateboard. After that, get all this stuff on a suitable flat surface to assemble a skateboard for better comfort without missing any parts.

Skateboard Deck

The multiple layers of wood assembled made a skateboard deck where you stand on. The flexibility, proper fitting of the board, and riding style are decided by deck.

To get a skate deck, you can order your vendor to craft a maple wood deck for you according to your requirements like the weight limit, design, deck size, and flexibility. The next option to get a quality deck is to buy a premade skateboard deck according to the features you need. 

If you want a skateboard deck for street skating, we’ve previously published a review article on that; you can go through it to make the right choice.

After getting your skateboard deck, you can stain your favorite color or stick the stickers at the deck’s underside to make it attractive.

Attach Grip Tape

For a better grip over the board, you have to attach grip tape on top of the skateboard where you stand while riding.

Further, also consider the quality of grip tape you’re buying. Many low-quality grip tapes are also available in the market at low cost, but they are not worth buying, as they won’t provide you a better grip. Hence look for the thick and quality grip tape for a better riding experience.

While performing this, be careful and press the tape to lay flat on the entire deck without getting air bubbles. Also, cut the edges of grip paper using a sharp cutter so that while performing tight turns, the wheels won’t touch grip tape.

Once it’s done, flip the deck to the backside and push the holes using a screwdriver. This is because to attach the bolts when adding the trucks.

Attach The Trucks

The T-shaped metal part called trucks plays a significant role in skateboard performance. The truck’s tightness decides your skateboard turning capability, and the quality of trucks determines the weight capacity and skateboard’s balance at high speed. If you own cheap trucks or have not done the right tightness of trucks, you might face wobbling of the skateboard at high-speed riding, which results in losing the balance.

Before buying a skateboard truck, also look for the truck’s specifications. It must suit your riding style. All trucks are not the same, and they are made for different riding styles. In extra, if you’re looking for street trucks, look out for the best skateboard trucks for street skating.

After getting suited trucks, insert the screws in 4 holes of the deck from the backside and pass out the grip tape. You can easily get the screws in the local or online market. Also, some brands provide the trucks, including screws.

After putting the screws, align the trucks and carefully using the bolts to secure the trucks.

Attach the Wheels & Bearings

The first step is to remove all the nuts and washers from trucks. After that, place the bearings on the axle with the flat side facing up. Remember not to push it now. The wheels and bearings will go in together.

The second step is to place the wheels on your bearings with a fitting center and push them to get fit and repeat the same process on another side.

At last, attach the wheels and tighten the nuts. By getting done with these, make sure all the nuts are tight enough according to your requirement to have a safe and secure ride.

Finishing Touches

Now that your skateboard is assembled, you can give the finishing touch to it. This will make the board look more complete and add a personal touch.

You can paint the board, and attach stickers and grip tape for extra traction. Also, you can customize the board by adding risers, changing the color of your truck, or even adding a special design. Once you complete all these steps, your skateboard is ready to hit the streets.

How much does it cost to build your own skateboard?

On average, a decent quality skateboard building can cost you around $150 to $170. In a complete skateboard, the high costing parts are the deck and trucks. If you have a budget under $100, you should buy a pre-assembled skateboard that also comes with decent quality.

Is building a skateboard hard?

It’s easy to build a skateboard yourself. The only part where people make mistakes is attaching a grip tape on the deck, but if you do it carefully and step by step, it goes easy. To skip this grip tape sticking part, you can reach out to the nearby skateboard shop, and they will do it for you.

Is it cheaper to build your skateboard?

No, you heard it right. It may seem cheaper to build your own skateboard, but when you factor in the cost of all materials and time invested, it can be more expensive than buying a pre assembled board. However, building your skateboard is a great way to get exactly what you want, like the design according to your riding style and quality. Lastly, it can be a lot of fun too.

Last Words

You have now learned how to build a skateboard from scratch without any complex and strict rules. Now you’re ready to make your own skateboard that suits you.

But remember, if you’re new to skateboarding or have a budget under $100, better if you go with a pre-assembled skateboard. Because building yourself not only cost higher but also is not suited for beginners riding skills. To look at the complete pre-assembled and ready-to-go skateboard reviews, you can check out our latest articles.

Happy skateboarding!

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