How To Get Better At Skateboarding Fast [Pro-Hack]

Are you tired of daily skateboarding for not getting any growth? While your friends and nearby skaters growing day by day? And you want to do amazing stunts as you see on TV or the Internet?

No worries, if your query is how to get better at skateboarding, stick to this article. We are going to share some valuable tips by following which you can be a pro rider.

If you’re a skater for a long time, but not seen any growth doesn’t mean you hit your peak. You just made some mistakes that are stopping you from being a pro rider. But in this article, we will find that mistakes and try to improve them.

How To Get Better At Skateboarding

To get better at skateboarding, all you have to do is master the basics if you haven’t, and start practicing a lot on single tricks without jumping into different tricks.

How To Get Better At Skateboarding

Let’s dive into it, step by step.

1. Make Sure You Own Quality & Right Size Skateboard

The mistake made by most of the new riders is choosing the wrong skateboard. Yes, not having a quality or the right size skateboard will not let you be a pro rider.

Beginners try to assemble skateboards themselves without having prior knowledge, which results in an unbalanced skateboard. It’s common for beginners to choose the wrong size of trucks, wheels, or deck while assembling. Therefore we always recommend buying pre-assembled skateboards for beginners, to avoid all this headache.

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2. Master The Basics

Are you the one who started doing tricks from day one, without even practicing how to balance, or push the board? If so this may be the cause of your query about how to become good at skateboarding.

It may seem why to waste time on practicing basics, but this is what keeps you stuck in skateboarding while your friends getting better daily.

Every advanced trick you like to do needs basics skills like proper balance, pushing the board in the right direction, turning, falling without getting hurt, and more.

Therefore, don’t feel offend and start practicing the basics to be really good at skateboarding.

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3. Get Inspired Watching Others

Maybe you’re not inspired for skateboarding as needed. Without inspiration, it’s hard to perform new tricks. Hence, you can watch Youtube videos or the nearby pro skaters, how they perform tricks.

Watching others doing advanced tricks boost your inner voice to do the same, which inspired you and makes feels motivated.

4. Start Riding Fakie

Fakie is the term used by skateboarders, which means to ride the board in the backward direction. You may hear this first time, but believe this one thing can get you better at skateboarding.

You have seen that many tricks start with Fakie or land Fakie. Hence, if you already mastered riding, Fakie will help you learn those cool-looking tricks quickly. Learning Fakie is a bit harder for beginners, but practicing you can do it and open the doors for various tricks.

5. Learn New Tricks Before Practicing

The next biggest mistake that beginners make is not learning the tricks correctly and start practicing in the wrong way. By practicing any trick in the wrong way, how can you go better?

Therefore, before you start practicing any new tricks, watch youtube videos multiple times, and if possible, ask pro riders to teach you once.

Doing tricks in the right way from day one makes your journey easy and joyful.

6. Work On Your Physique

As a skater, you know skateboarding is all about balancing and strength of your body. Hence, to get the most of your body and get better at skateboarding, you have to exercise daily and make yourself fit.

You can do 20 minutes of freehand exercise just before your skateboarding practice.

Watch this video for more exercise:

7. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you stick to one or two tricks, this is the right time to get out of your comfort zone and start practicing new tricks.

Many beginners start with the basic tricks like Ollie, Vert, or mini ramps and stick to them. They are afraid to get hurt, which doesn’t let them be a good skater.

To get out of this comfort zone and fear, wear all the safety gears, which makes you feel relax in the back of the mind. Also, you can watch other skaters doing advanced tricks.

8. Practice More Without Getting Tired

After knowing every tips and trick, the last thing you have to do is practice. Without practice, you can’t go better at skateboarding.

If we answer your query in short about how to get better at skateboarding, be positive, be confident, and keep practicing in the right direction regularly.

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