How To Hang Skateboard On Wall [Simple & Easy Methods]

No matter how much you love your skateboard, once the deck got retired, it’s useless. Therefore, to keep reminding your old memories with the board, you can hang your complete skateboard or the deck on your home’s wall. Not only the retired one, but you can also hang the regular using skateboard if you’re going for a long trip or vacation.

To hang a skateboard is easy, but you may get stuck if you don’t have proper guidance. Therefore we made a detailed guide on how to hang skateboard on wall, to get your work done effortlessly.

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall

To mount a complete skateboard on a wall, you need to invest a few bucks for holders. Otherwise, removing trucks by which the wheels are also attached can easily hang the skateboard deck.

To hang a skateboard, various methods are available, but here we’ll share the easiest and creative ways to hang skateboards so that you can go with any of these methods.

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall

Method 1: Invest A Few Bucks For Wall Rack

A Skateboard wall rack is the fastest and hassle-free method to hang a complete skateboard on a wall without making any hole in a deck or removing any part. Though we can say, it’s the best way to hang up a skateboard. Check out the best wall rack.

First, make a mark on a wall where you want to hang a skateboard to make a hole. After that using a drill machine or screwdriver, nail the wall rack into the wall.

By doing this little work, you’re ready to hang your complete skateboard on a wall. The best part is your dirty wheels do not touch the wall, and you can use this wall rack for different types of skateboards like penny boards, mini boards, or longboards.

We use this wall rack method because it’s the only way to hang a skateboard on a wall without making any hole in a skateboard.

Method 2: Hang Using A Rope

If your deck is retired and you want to keep reminding your old memories by hanging a deck on your wall, this method is for you. Basically, in this method, you need a rope to hand a skateboard deck.

Step 1: Cutting The Thick rope

First, get the thick and durable rope that handles your skate deck weight. Therefore, You need a rope with a diameter of 6mm (0.64cm). While the length of the rope depends on your boards’ number, you can measure it using a ruler or measure tape to cut it accordingly using a sharp knife.

Step 2: Knot On Each End of the Rope

Knot on each end of your rope to makes the rope tight. But to prevent the rope from fraying, burn both ends of the rope using a lighter.

Step 3: Mark A Hole On Wall And Push Screw

Using a pencil and a ruler, make 2 horizontal lines on the wall where you want to hang your skateboard. These lines should be at least 14 inches.

Now using a screwdriver, push the screw through the knots and screw them in a wall.

By learning this, you get to know another method for how to hang a skateboard deck on a wall.

Method 3: Hang It On Pushpin/Nail

To hang a skateboard on the wall with this method, you need a Pushpin or Nail and a shoelace.

Take the shoelace and place it to the bottom hole of a skateboard and take it off from the deck’s backside. After that, put the shoelace through the vertical hole from the deck’s back to the front side.

By repeating the same process with another shoeless, you will have both ends, which you have to tie up like you tie your shoelace. Make sure the lace is not overly tight or loose to hang your skate deck easily.

Now take a Pushpin or nail and push it into the wall (We prefer Pushpin because, for nails, you need a hammer).


Till now, we’ve cleared that hanging a skateboard is not hustle work. You can try any method out of three, while the first one is easy and fast to get your job done by investing few bucks. If you’re searching for how to hang skateboard with wheels on wall, method one is for you. But for low-cost or freeway, we’ve other methods as well, but they are time-consuming and require a minor job.

I hope this article assists you according to your query about how to hang skateboard on wall. If you’ve any doubts regarding this query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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