How To Ollie Higher On A Skateboard: Easiest Way

As per your query, about how to ollie higher on a skateboard, we assume that you have already learned the ollie’s basics. I mean, the basic is to push your front foot forward, stomp downward, and jump the board up to get into the air.

Hence, if you want to learn how to do a high ollie on a skateboard, keep reading the article.

See also how to ollie on a fingerboard if you own one.

How To Ollie Higher On A Skateboard

Before you move further, note that Ollie is the easiest and coolest looking skateboard trick to impress your friends, surrounding people, or for self-pleasure. Ollie is the first recommendation to every beginner if they wish to start learning skateboard tricks. Though feel free, to follow the given steps, and do practice them daily to master higher ollie.

How To Ollie Higher On A Skateboard

Set Your Foot

The first step to getting higher ollies is to set your feet correctly. Adjust your front foot close to the board’s center and the back foot at the tail with a slight downside. Don’t let your back foot hang at the tail for better grip.

Ensure that your front foot is behind your front truck bolts and close to the center at a perpendicular angle. Because while performing Ollie, your weight falls more on the front foot.

Jump Higher

The higher Ollie you want, the more stress you have to put on foot to jump higher. To do so, touch the knees to the chest, pop the board harder, suck the feet up with the board, and try to jump higher than you are already doing.

For additional force, while jumping higher for Ollie, you can raise your arm, which gives more push.

Also, focus that with the front foot, your left foot is also lifting higher, and your body weight is in the board’s center for better stability.

Rolling Ollie

If you’re not able to Ollie higher in a straightforward way, try rolling Ollie. To perform rolling Ollie perfectly, take a run on a skateboard and try jump and roll. It gives an extra force to jump higher on over stuff.

The only thing you need to focus on rolling Ollie is your front foot. To jump and roll, your complete focus should be on the front foot. All others body parts like the back foot and upper body will perform on their own.

Additional Guide For Better Tricks

All right, now you know how to ollie on a skateboard higher, still, here we have some essential points for you to get better at skateboarding.

Get The Best Skateboard

To perform Ollie or any other skateboard tricks, you need a reliable skateboard. If your skateboard is old in terrible condition or you own a cheap skateboard, you can’t be a pro skater. That doesn’t mean you need a high budget for a quality skateboard. All you need is well-researched skateboards like here; we have the best skateboard under $100 and the best skateboard under $50. These skateboards are well researched and found by an expert team for riders with a low budget.

In case you’re a beginner adult with a heavyweight, you need to look out for something like the best skateboard for 300 pounds because the regular skateboards won’t work for you.

Practice Regular

No tricks in skateboarding are possible to master overnight; it takes time with consistent practice. If you’re a beginner at skateboarding, you can start practicing Ollie in a garden by putting small objects to jump on.

Gradually you can increase the height of the object to Ollie higher. This way, you can quickly master the Ollie.


How to ollie on a skateboard for beginners step by step

If you’re just getting started, here’s a quick guide to ollie on a skateboard: Stand on the nose of your skateboard with your front foot on the board’s largest platform (the nose), your back foot on the board’s smaller platform in front of it (the tail), and your hands behind you. Lift your skateboard off the ground by bending your knees and pushing down with your feet. When you are holding the nose of the board with one hand and steadying it with the other, let go of the board with your front hand and use your back hand to push off from the ground again. Immediately flip your board over so that the front is now facing the ground, and continue to skate.

Why is ollie so hard?

Although ollie is one of the easiest tricks to learn, it is your first trick, so it requires a lot of balance and coordination, making learning challenging. In order to perform an ollie, you need to balance your weight on the nose of the board so that it is stable as you jump, and then you should push off the ground with your toes. Shortly, the only thing that makes ollie so difficult is that you are a beginner.

How long does it take to learn an ollie on a skateboard?

It depends on several factors, such as your skating experience, your motivation, and how much time you want to invest in learning the trick. Generally speaking, if you’re a beginner and willing to put in the work, you should be able to learn the ollie in around one hour and master it in a few weeks.

Is an ollie a beginner trick?

No, ollies aren’t beginner tricks. The Ollie is one of the easiest tricks, so it’s considered a beginner trick, but it appears to be a pro trick when you do it or learn it.

Can you ollie on grass?

Yes, you can ollie on grass. However, you will need to adjust your technique when ollieing on grass. The first thing you’ll want to do is to get your board as close to the ground as possible. In order to perform a flip, you must stand on your toes and push off the ground. Then you must hold on to the board while performing the flip.

What trick should I learn after ollie?

After you learn and master the ollie, you should consider learning other tricks such as the kickflip and the grind.

Last Words

Ollie higher is all decided by jumping with maintaining the proper balance of feet and body. Hence to Ollie’s higher practice regularly. Also, make sure to wear all the protective gear because, in the learning phase, you may fall several times, therefore wearing safety gears, you can avoid minor accidents.

I hope till now you have learned how to Ollie higher on a skateboard. If you’re still confused, watch out the below video.

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