How To Remove Skateboard Bearings From Wheels [Strategy]

If your skateboarding speed starts resting, wheels began shouting, and riding becomes miserable, it’s time to clean skateboard wheels and bearings or replace them with new ones.

In most cases, debris and dust are packed in wheels and bearings that create specific problems, so I recommend you clean skateboard wheels and bearings.

Whatever you choose to clean or replace, you need to remove skateboard bearings from wheels.

Hence, in this article, I will assist you with how to remove skateboard bearings from wheels with ease.

How To Remove Skateboard Bearings From Wheels

Removing bearings is easy if you know the right strategy, but be cautious; a small slip can damage your bearings. Simply follow the step by step guide of this article to avoid mistakes.

A Skateboard tool or socket wrench is required to remove skateboard bearings with ease.

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings From Wheels

Get ready with a skateboard tool or socket wrench

If you have a skate tool, then utilize it. If you don’t have it, no problem, use a ½” socket wrench because wheel nuts are usually 13mm, that’s ½”.

Now remove the nuts of the wheels, which creating the problem. If you don’t know, remove all the wheels nut and check them individually. Please keep it safe to avoid losing.

Wheel back on the truck axle

Slip the wheels towards the end of truck axle. If you’re using skateboard tools having bearing puller, then use that to make your work easy.

Slowly Pry the bearings out

This is the most crucial part of removing skateboard bearings because if you pry hard, bearings get damage. If you’re planning to replace it with new bearings, then you can pry hard. But if you’re planning to clean and replace it again, be gentle and slowly pry the bearings out.

If you have a bearing puller, just place the tip inside the bearings, it secures the bearing side and helps to pull the bearings out easily without any damage.

Repeat the process for other bearings

Once you’re done with one bearing remove all others with the same strategy.

Once you’re done cleaning skateboard bearings or replacing them with the new ones, you can check out here for how to install skateboard bearings.

Note: If you’re using cheap bearings, then the chances of damage are more. Hence, I would recommend replacing it with quality bearings.

If you’re removing skateboard bearings to replace them with new bearings, and if it breaks, there is no need to worry. But if you’re removing the bearings for cleaning and planning to reuse them, be strict, don’t take it lightly.

If you think you can’t do it, visit the nearby skateboard shop and ask for help. In most cases, they don’t even charge for bearings removal. Because as a beginner, it’s common to break the bearings while removing it.

I hope now your query for how to remove skateboard bearings is answered perfectly in this article.


I think this information is enough for you to get the bearings out of the skateboard wheels.

Now It’s your turn! Happy Skateboarding!

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