How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks (3 Easy Steps)

Trucks are the metal rods that connect the skateboard deck to the wheels. It is the trucks that provide stability and turning capabilities to the skateboard.

In order to get the best performance, you should adjust the tightness of the trucks according to your riding style. As such, you must know how to adjust the trucks on a skateboard.

Therefore, if you’re interested in learning how to tighten skateboard trucks and loosen them, this article is for you. By reading our detailed instructions, you can adjust the trucks yourself.

Besides, if you’re using a low-quality truck, you may also be unable to have a good time. You can find the best skateboard trucks here.

How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks

You must check the tightness of skateboard trucks after every ride because they become loose over time. It will be difficult to enjoy riding with loose trucks.

By tightening the loose trucks, you’ll notice a big difference in performance, such as a smooth ride, proper turning, and no wobbling at high speeds.

Loose Vs Tight Trucks

Before you dive into learning how to tighten up skateboard trucks, you must know the difference between loose or tight skateboard trucks. A detailed guide on how tight skateboard trucks should be was also released.

Your riding style should determine the tightness of a truck. Each type of riding requires a different adjustment.

Tight trucks are fast and easy to control, so they’re great for riding downhill and ramps. In addition, they make it easier for riders to do tricks since the balance feels satisfying from start to finish.

Having loose trucks allows for better flow while riding and easy turning. Since they wobble more when you turn sharply, they aren’t recommended if you want to do tricks or ride fast; however, they are great to cruise with friends on a mellow day.

Beginners should stick with medium tight trucks because the more tight or loose trucks are difficult to handle for them.

So far, you know how tight your truck should be based on the way you ride. If you’re still not clear, we recommend trying both tightening and loosening the trucks to find out which suits your riding style.  

Let’s look at how to tighten skateboard trucks step by step:

1. Flip The Board And Check Tightness

The first step is to turn the board so that trucks are facing you. Now to check the tightness of trucks, tilt them back and forth.

The best idea is to take your friend’s board if they have the same preferred riding style as you. Check their trucks tightness by tilting and apply that to yours as well. Before attempting this, ensure your friend’s board rides exactly as you want.

2. Get A Skate Tool

To perform the tightening or loosening of the trucks, you need a T tool or any other skate tool like a wrench.

The truck is fitted with five bolts, including four small ones that connect the baseplate with the deck and one big at the center. A single big bolt in the middle of skateboard trucks determines the tightness of the trucks. Therefore, no need to touch any other part of the truck. Play with these center bolts to get your work done.

If you want to tighten the trucks that are good for speed, control, and performing tricks, turn the bolt clockwise with a skate tool.

Turn the bolt counterclockwise if you want to lose the trucks that are good for cruising.

Note: Be careful not to tighten or loosen too much. one light touch is enough to get the job done. Furthermore, make the same adjustments for both trucks.

3. Have A Short Ride To Test The Trucks

Once you have adjusted both trucks, go out for a short ride to test them. Be sure to wear all the protective gear this time because if the trucks are too tight or too loose, anything can happen.

If you feel uncomfortable, adjust the trucks again, following the same steps. When you get the tightness you desire, keep remembering it because the trucks will start loosening after a few rides, and you’ll have to apply that same tightness again.

If all approaches have been tried and your truck is still not performing well, it might be time to replace it. Here is our list of the best skateboard trucks for street skating, but further, we’ve also provided links to the best skate trucks for different types of riding.


It is pretty easy to adjust the trucks, but the only thing you have to do is to make a few changes and see how it performs. Small changes in truck tightness can solve the problem.

Hopefully, you found this helpful article for your query about tightening skateboard trucks. Please visit for further truck and skateboard related information.

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