Krux Trucks Review: Skateboard Truck Brand

You may find these articles helpful if you’re unclear about Krux skateboard trucks. We have made a complete Krux trucks review and also pointed out its pros and cons.

After a few months of regular use, it’s a good idea to replace some skateboard parts, including the wheels, trucks, and bearings. The problem is that choosing the right brand, considering both quality and cost, is sometimes a challenge because it can be a difficult decision to make. You can find an article on wheels and other skateboard parts also on our site.

Krux Trucks Review

Krux Trucks Review

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the quick answer.

If you’re a beginner who likes to do cruising and perform tricks on the street or mini ramp, the Krux trucks are ideal for you, as they balance easily and ride smoothly.

In our opinion, Krux could improve its trucks by updating them with the latest technologies, which is why it is no longer the best skateboard truck on the market. Today, many brands build trucks with the newest technology like easy to turn, lightweight tricks, and adjustable features. Therefore, for Krux, being a high quality product is of no benefit if the new features are missing.

In 1986, Steve Keenan founded Krux trucks through NHS. He got the name Krux also from combining his names Keenan and trucks, so they became Krux.

Krux is always seen making fun of its own brand and making everyone laugh. You may have also seen this in their advertisements. According to most skateboarders, this is what they want because skating is about having fun. The way they advertise that a person is doing tricks for fun piques your curiosity to do the same thing.

Now let’s examine today’s Krux skateboard trucks in more detail.


While riding on rough roads or performing tricks, even the most expensive of truck models get damaged. If you are an experienced rider, you probably noticed this in the past. The reason for this is that the quality of the material is low, and it is less durable. Therefore, the Krux brand trucks are the best trucks a person could wish for in terms of quality.

Krux trucks are made of monolithic cast aluminum, which makes them stronger and more durable. Most skaters nowadays prefer aluminum truck models since they are lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, and flexible to turn smoothly.

In addition, some big brands do not include nuts with trucks, and those that do are of low quality, though they break easily. Due to this, Krux trucks come with high quality stainless steel nuts, which are also powder-coated to keep them protected from the environment.

In short, if you are looking for quality trucks and don’t mind a little bit of hassle, then Krux trucks might be the ones for you.


If the trucks are not designed and constructed correctly, they can cause the ride to be unbalanced and look strange. There was a time when Krux trucks were not designed well, but they really impressed the riders with those new updates.

The Krux trucks come in a variety of attractive colors and are a great addition to any skateboard. There is only one thing to keep in mind when buying a truck: choosing the correct size. Overall, Krux will not disappoint you in terms of design. You can get help from our guide on how to choose skateboard trucks.


A high budget is not necessary to purchase quality products. If you are looking for quality and reasonably priced trucks, you only need to do proper research in order to find them.

It would also be fair to say that the Krux is also very affordable and offers one of the best truck deals available in the market. Our recommendation to anyone on a tight budget is to go with Krux trucks. It may seem that the cheapest is always wrong, but at the end of the day, any brand like Krux that has survived for 20 years or more is probably meeting the needs of each customer.

Types of Krux Trucks

One of the most significant drawbacks we observed with the Krux brand is that the variety of trucks is minimal. However, other brands offer a wide range of trucks designed to fulfill the needs of nearly every type of rider. As a result, Krux might disappoint you here.

On the other hand, what we observe in Krux trucks is that they are primarily standard size trucks, though they are able to fit a wide range of boards.

The truck sizes offered by Krux are listed below, along with the fitted deck size.

Truck Size With Deck Size

It’s essential to focus on truck sizes if you are really passionate about skateboarding and want a good ride. The width of the trucks should be around the width of the deck so that the truck can turn and ride correctly and maintain a balanced ride.

In every skateboard brand, there are different types and sizes of trucks. In this section, you will find information regarding Krux skateboard trucks which includes below in a detailed guiding table.

Trucks Axle WidthTruck Hanger WidthRecommended Deck Width
7.6”5.0”7.25” – 8.0”
8.0”5.35”7.75” – 8.25”
8.25”5.65”8.0” – 8.25”
8.5”5.8”8.25” – 9.0”
9.0”6.25”8.5” – 10.5”

You can see our Core trucks review if you’re looking for the best quality and long lasting trucks. If you’re on a low budget, then also look at the Bullet trucks review.

Are Krux Trucks good?

Krux brands are an excellent choice if you’re searching for a durable, affordable, and high-quality truck. Krux trucks are ideal for both beginners and pros for cruising and tricks. If you like to show off with unique colored trucks, Krux may disappoint you.

Are Krux made by independent?

Steve Keenan started Krux through NHS, which distributes several other skateboard brands, including Independent Skateboards, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Bronson Speed Co., Ricta Wheels, and more.

Are Krux Trucks Any Good?

No. Krux trucks are not good. They’re terrible. Here’s why: Krux trucks are made of cheap materials that break easily. The trucks also have the poor build quality, which means that they don’t perform well and are likely to break down. Finally, Krux trucks are overpriced compared to other brands. For these reasons, we don’t recommend Krux trucks anymore.

Krux trucks vs Independent Trucks

Independent trucks are better than Krux trucks in every way. They’re made of better materials, have higher build quality, and perform better. So, if you’re looking for a new set of trucks, we recommend going with Independent.


We hope you got a complete Krux trucks review with proper guidance, which you were looking for.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that Krux trucks are the best in terms of quality, performance, and price. Please make sure the truck size you choose is appropriate for the width of your deck and the deck width is well suited for your riding style.

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