Longboard Vs Skateboard For Beginners In 2023

Before you start skateboarding, the most disturbing question that comes to mind is longboard vs skateboard for beginners.


And the answer is it depends on your need because both the boards are suitable for beginners. No one can suggest to you what is best for you. Hence to identify what suits you, here is our quick guide.

Skateboard is for those who like to do tricks in a skatepark or cool-looking tricks on the streets. Also, it’s suitable for crowded urban areas because it moves around quickly. Along with that, it’s easy to travel with because of its lightweight.

Longboard is for those who like to commute long distances regularly and downhill skateboarding. Besides, it gives you better comfort and is very fast. Furthermore, longboards are more preferable to heavy and oversized guys because of their large size.

For more comparison of skateboard vs longboard and to get answered all your queries, keep reading the article.

Longboard Vs Skateboard For Beginners

The main difference between longboard and skateboard is that longboards are designed for cruising on flat surfaces, while skateboards are designed for tricks and stunts on both smooth and rough surfaces.

Another main difference between longboards and skateboards is that longboards have a longer wheelbase, making them more stable when cruising on flat surfaces, while skateboards are more maneuverable when performing tricks and stunts.

longboard vs skateboard for beginners

Most beginners make a big mistake when they enter into skateboarding by making a wrong choice. They don’t know the difference between longboard and skateboard.  

But as you have searched, should I skateboard or longboard, you’re on the right path as a beginner. All you have to do is, clarify the doubts between both the boards and buy what fits you. Let’s dig deeper.

How To Identify Skateboard Or Longboard

Although the skateboard and longboard look similar but you can identify both of them by their size and shape.

1. Skateboards are comparatively smaller in length and width. While the longboards are much wider and longer, as the name itself says. Skateboard average length is 28 to 32 inches and width of 7 to 10 inches. The average longboard length is 33 to 60 inches and 9 to 10 inches in width.

2. On the skateboard, the nose and tail are curved to make it easy for performing and landing tricks. At the same time, the longboards are flat because they are made for cruising.

3. Longboard wheels are comparatively large and soft for a smooth riding experience. While the skateboard has small and harder wheels to tackle shred rails, ledges, gaps, and doing tricks.

4. Longboards decks are made of flex wood pieces, because on roads and cities while cruising the transition must be smooth. Skateboards are mainly preferred for doing tricks though its deck is made of solid wood.

The trucks can also help you identify the skateboard or longboard, click here for more.

Are Longboards Easier Than Skateboards?

If your primary goal is to cruise around town or daily commuting to work or study, the longboard is more accessible than a skateboard. Longboard gives you more comfort, balance, and higher speed compare to a skateboard.

But if you prefer doing tricks, the skateboard makes it easy. Skateboard has a kicktail shape which makes it easy to perform tricks. Also, it helps in applying a sudden break. While the longboards have an extended flat deck, though performing tricks on it goes harder.

Hence, no direct answer for the query what’s easier longboard or skateboard, both of them have their pros and cons though it depends on your requirement. But if we talk about easy to ride board, the longboard wins because it has a broader and longer deck, making it easy to stand and balance.

Longboard Or Skateboard For Beginners

Both the longboards and skateboards are best for beginners. Hence, better if you look for your requirement and choose accordingly.

The few things you need to know while buying a skateboard or longboard are the quality of the material. No matter what you choose, to get the most out of your skateboard or longboard, never compromise with the quality of the board you choose for saving few bucks.

Furthermore, the longboards cost you higher than a skateboard though if you have a low budget, you can look for the big size skateboard. Like here, the best skateboard for big guys, which is large in size.

Also, make sure if you’re a beginner, always go with pre assembled skateboard instead of building yourself. Not only does assembling a skateboard cost higher but also not needed such a high-end board for beginners. A beginner can go with the best skateboard under 50 to learn the basics of skateboarding.

Should I Get A Longboard Or Skateboard?

Both the boards have their strengths and weaknesses, hence look for your requirement and go with that. But if you want to spend only once, better if you go with a skateboard.

The reason is longboard allows you to do cruising and downhill riding only, but when you look around, your friends were doing the cool looking tricks by which you also get attracted. But as you own a longboard, you can’t perform those tricks.

Hence, you require a skateboard though better you go with a skateboard that allows you to cruise around town with a double kicktail feature for performing tricks. Check out here the best cruiser skateboards that will enable doing tricks with cruising.

Longboard Vs Skateboard Vs Cruiser

Skateboards, longboards, and cruisers are all different types of skateboards with different purposes.

Skateboards are the most common type of boards and are best for tricks and stunts. Longboards are best for cruising around on flat surfaces and can be more comfortable for long distance trips.

The cruiser is a mix of features from both types of boards, and it can be used for either tricks or cruising, but it is better for cruising short distances.

If you want to choose a skateboard, you must know the best skateboard brands.

Longboard Vs Skateboard Vs Penny Board

A penny board is a type of shortboard that is usually about 22 inches long and has smaller wheels than other boards. They are designed for beginners because they are easy to learn on and don’t require much skill or practice.

The skateboard is for beginners and advanced skaters looking for tricks and stunts. While the longboard is for cruising or commuting long distances.

Longboard Vs Skateboard Vs Penny Board vs cruiser


Is it easier to learn to skateboard or longboard?

If we talk about balance and standing, the longboard is more accessible than a skateboard. Although it depends on your requirement, the skateboard is easier if you like doing tricks, but if you want to commute long distances, then longboards are good.

Should I learn to skateboard or longboard first?

If you have a budget to buy both the boards, then start with longboards as they are easy to balance and ride. But if you can’t afford both, look at your requirement and buy one of the skateboards or longboard accordingly. If you buy a longboard only later on for performing tricks, you need a skateboard too, so be wise if your budget doesn’t allow both.

Is a longboard good for beginners?

Yes, longboards are good for beginners. Longboard has a wide, and longer deck by which to stand and balance on board goes easy for beginners. Further, it’s made for cruising though beginners can cruise all around and master the basic skills like standing, balancing, turning, and breaking.

Which is better longboard vs skateboard?

Both the longboard and skateboard are better in themselves. It’s all about your need if you choose the board according to your requirement it’s good for you, if you don’t, it’s terrible for you. As for cruising, longboards are better, and for tricks, skateboards are better.

Is learning to longboard hard?

No, learning to longboard is not hard. However, it can take some time to get the hang of it, but longboarding can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Are longboards safer than skateboards?

The answer is yes, longboards are generally safer than skateboards. Longboards have a longer wheelbase and are more stable when cruising on flat surfaces. Additionally, longboards are not intended for tricks and stunts, so injuries are much less likely to happen.

Should I get a skateboard or longboard?

A longboard is a better choice if you’re just starting out and want something to cruise around on, while a skateboard is better if you want to learn tricks and stunts or you intend to use your board for more advanced skating activities. Hence, it all depends on your goals and what type of skating you’re interested in.

Last Words

At the end of the longboard vs skateboard for beginners, we recommend you go with your personal preference according to your need instead of asking others.

Both the longboard and skateboard provide a great experience until you buy according to your requirement and owns the quality material product.

Happy Skateboarding!

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