Magneto Skateboard Review: Mini Cruiser & Longboard [2023]

The magneto brand produces both skateboards and longboards, so almost every skater has come into contact with its products at least once. When determining what kind of board is most suitable for your riding style, there are many factors to consider. While Magento boards are the most selling and popular boards nowadays, there are many other factors to consider.

Hence, if you’re interested in checking out a Magneto skateboard review, or its Mini Cruiser this article will give you a thorough analysis of all its aspects. Let’s see if magneto boards work well or not, and if they do, who can benefit from them.

Magneto Skateboard Review

Magneto skateboard review

Magneto is a California based company well known for producing quality longboards and cruiser boards on a budget.

If we have to conclude the magneto skateboard in short, then below is our conclusion.

  • Quality board
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for cruising
  • Affordable
  • Available for all types of riding style
  • Quite attractive
  • Not recommended for heavy guys (Over 275 lbs)

Hopefully, you have gained a better understanding of the magneto skateboard, and now let’s look at some of the magneto’s most popular boards with the quality of their deck, trucks, wheels, bearings.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

best skateboard for 10 year old

This is one of the most seeling and high quality mini cruiser skateboards from Magneto. If you’re a college student or age under 25 and looking for the best cruiser skateboard, this is going to be the best choice for you.

Additionally, the board is only available in one standard size, which is 7.5″ wide and 27.5″ long. As a result, it is an ideal board for young people. 

We’ll examine every part of skateboards with their built quality and materials so you can make an informed decision.

The deck of the board is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular boards. The deck of the Magneto mini cruiser is made from 7 plies of high quality Canadian maple wood with a well fitted grip. Also, the board is shaped in a double kicktail design, which allows the rider to perform basic tricks like Ollie and Flip.

Trucks that play a major role in turning and riding performance are made of gravity cast aluminum, giving it extra strength and durability. In addition, they come with SHR medium stiffness bushings that can be adjusted. Therefore, you can easily tighten or loosen the trucks to your comfort.

Magneto mini cruiser wheels are made of Polyurethane with a hardness of 78a, making them soft and giving them a smooth ride. Furthermore, the wheels come with pre-attached ABEC 11 bearings, one of the best rating bearings, but still, we’re not satisfied with magneto bearings. The wheels are not smooth as rated because, in the 11 rating bearings, the wheels are smooth, while in this, it requires quite more effort to push.

Should you buy this?

Well, overall, the board is very good and very high quality at an affordable price. However, due to its size, shape, and performance, we recommend cruising and basic tricks for those under 25 years of age.

  • Ideal for cruising
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • High quality components
  • An excellent grip
  • Features a double kick tail deck
  • Also good for rough roads
  • Includes T tool
  • Not too fast
  • Bearings can be better
  • No advanced tricks

Already, we have reviewed a magneto skateboard that’s among the best. Now let’s take a look at one of the best magneto longboards and review it.

Magneto Bamboo Cruiser Longboard Review

best skateboard for commuting

If you’re looking for the best longboard or skateboard for commuting and cruising, Magneto is there for you. Magnetic bamboo longboards are explicitly designed for cruising and are suitable for riders of all ages.

Bamboo has many advantages over other types of wood, such as Canadian maple, including strength and flexibility. However, it is also more expensive. However, Magneto has a bamboo deck available for an affordable price in their longboard. This is the reason why this longboard from Magneto is most seeling and recommended.

If we talk about the deck, as said above, it’s made of bamboo, with a deck with of 9″ and a length of 28.5″. Due to the quality of the deck and its size, it is very comfortable and balanced to ride so that you can go long distances on this board. Additionally, the magneto skateboard comes with a blank deck, so there are no stickers or paint on it like other skateboards. A blank deck may seem cool to some, while others may not since they can still stick their favourite stickers on it.

Additionally, the longboard comes with drop-through trucks made of high-quality gravity cast aluminium. In addition, it includes high rebound medium stiffness bushings that allow you to loosen and tighten the trucks according to your riding style and comfort. 

Also, the deck has cutouts on the wheel areas to prevent wheel bite, in my opinion, an outstanding and innovative feature that makes this board suitable for heavier riders. The wheels added are also high quality, with a size of 70mm and a durometer of 78a, making it easy to ride on all kinds of terrain. Additionally, the wheels are fitted with ABEC 11 bearings for a smoother ride and less effort while pushing the board.

The only problem we face with these longboards is when we receive the board; their wheels are tight though it creates problems in turning and riding smoothly. If you also face this problem, simply lose the wheels using the T tool.

Last but not least, if you’re passionate about cruising, carving, and downhill riding, you can’t go wrong with the magneto bamboo cruiser longboard. Suitable for all age groups, including kids and adults.

  • Ideal for commuting and cruising
  • Easy to turn
  • Comfortable and balanced ride
  • Quality deck, wheels and trucks
  • Smooth riding on rough roads
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Comes with a T tool
  • We need to adjust the tightness of the wheel at first

Also, if you’ve been through CCS or Minority brands while searching for skateboards, we’ve reviewed that as well. Check here to view the CCS skateboard review and Minority skateboard review.


Are Magneto skateboards good?

Yes, magneto skateboards are reliable and high quality at an affordable price, which is why most beginners and pros with low budgets prefer magneto cruisers or longboards mainly.

What is a mini cruiser skateboard?

A mini cruiser board is a skateboard that’s compact, lightweight, easy to turn, and affordable compared to other boards. Mini cruisers are specially designed for kids to cruise around on and learn some basic tricks if they have a kicktail.

Are mini cruisers good for beginners?

It is a good idea for beginners to get a mini cruiser because they usually begin skateboarding by cruising, and the mini cruiser is explicitly designed for cruising. They can learn how to cruise and perform tricks on the mini cruiser. Additionally, the lightweight of the board makes it easy to carry during travel for kids.

Can you ollie on a cruiser?

Yes, you can do basic tricks like Ollie and flip tricks on a cruiser skateboard if it has a kicktail deck.

Is magneto a good skateboard brand

Magneto is an excellent brand for skateboards and longboards as it offers quality boards at a great price. Magneto is one of the best brands for beginners and experts alike if you’re looking for a cruiser board.

Why Choose a Magneto Skateboard?

Magneto skateboards are a great choice for anyone looking for a quality skateboard. Despite being well-made and well-designed, these skateboards offer a great riding experience. Furthermore, they are popular among beginners and kids because they are easy to learn, easy to carry, and they are forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Overall, they are fun and safe for everyday use.

Are Magneto kids skateboards good?

Magneto Skateboards are great for kids either just starting out or who have already mastered the basics. They are made from a soft, durable material that’s perfect for children. In addition, the magnetic grip on the decks makes it easier for kids to skateboard safely and effectively.

Where is Magneto skateboard made?

All of Magento’s skateboards are made in California.


Our Magneto skateboard review article has hopefully helped you solve all your questions about magneto brand skateboards.

We can say about Magneto skateboards and longboards that they are made from high quality materials at an affordable cost. If you want a mini cruiser skateboard or cruiser longboard, you can’t go wrong with a magneto board.

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