Minority Skateboard Review 2023: Longboard

In all probability, if you’ve been searching for the skateboard for at least an hour, you’ve come across minority skateboards again and again. This is because they are one of the most popular skateboard brands today. However, when it comes to reliability and worthiness, the question is, are they worth buying?

To answer this question, we have made a complete Minority skateboard review after testing it for three months and receiving feedback from other buyers.

Hence, this article will help you clear up your confusion on the matter of buying a Minority skateboard with proper pros and cons. So let’s get started.

Minority Skateboard Review

The Minority is one of the newest skateboard brands on the market but has gained such massive popularity in such a short period. Even so, other brands take several years to reach the same level of popularity, whereas minority brands do so in just three years. The company has no brand website, which is a negative aspect, but we can assume it will soon be available since they are focusing on producing quality boards and selling them on their online store.

We can’t say Minority’s popularity is due to luck, but there is something that makes Minority the fastest growing skateboarding brand.

Maple wood is regarded as the most eco-friendly and sustainable material for skateboarding, which is why Minority uses it in all of their skateboards. This is one of the reasons why people love their boards.

Additionally, Minority skateboards are popular because of their unique and attractive designs. The designs make these skateboards stand out from other skateboard brands.

In case you’re on a budget, you’ll definitely like Minority skateboards since they offer quality boards at an affordable price that doesn’t seem to be offered by any other brand. Their price tag also attracts new or intermediate skaters with a tight budget.

Well, we won’t say the board is best for advanced skaters, but for mediocre or any beginner skateboarder, this can be a great purchase ever.

In case you want to buy Minority skateboards, below are two of the most popular Minority skateboards review to consider.

1. Minority 32Inch Maple Skateboard Review

minority skateboard review

The Minority 32 inch maple skateboard is the most popular board of the brand. Furthermore, it is also one of the most popular skateboards for beginners and intermediate skaters.

The reason for its popularity among starter skaters is its attractive look, affordable price, and build quality.

The skateboard deck of this board is made of maple wood and measures 8 inches wide by 32 inches long. In addition, the deck is made of eight plies to ensure that it is more durable. Due to this, it can handle up to 220 pounds of weight.

Additionally, the deck has a concave shape that allows you to perform basic tricks, such as ollies and flips. Despite its concave shape, the board is ideal for cruising.

The trucks on this board are also very strong and durable since they are made of aluminum alloy with a 5 inch hanger. Additionally, the trucks feature carbon steel kingpins and soft 78a high rebound PU bushings for better turning and weight handling.

The wheels play a major role in overall performance since they are the part of the skateboard that touches the ground. For this reason, the wheels added to this skateboard have a hardness of 102A in order to sustain the riders’ weight and provide them with a smooth ride. Although the wheels are medium sized 52mm, they can be used for cruising, rough roads, and basic tricks.

Although the wheels are hard, it makes cruising slow, but Minority has added ABEC 9 precision high quality chrome steel bearings to address this problem. This wheels bearing provides extra smoothness and allows wheels to roll easily.

In conclusion, this board is value for money if you’re looking for a first skateboard or are a mediocre skater with a tight budget. The board combines high-quality material with an attractive design and price, so it is a no-brainer choice.

  • Best for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Good for cruising and tricks
  • High quality parts
  • Medium concave deck for trick
  • Attractive design
  • Load capacity of 220 lbs
  • Affordable
  • Not suited for pro riders

2. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

best commuter skateboard

The above Minority board is the most popular skateboard, and this is their most popular and affordable longboard. This board is designed specifically for cruising, commuting, and downhill.

The board comes with a variety of attractive graphics and color options. The deck of the board is made of maple and measures 40 inches long by 10 inches wide. The deck is made of 9 ply cold pressed maple, making it durable and long-lasting.

Due to their weight limit of 250 pounds against the brand’s 200 pounds, the quality of the deck is evident. Also, note that the decks are quite big, making your riding very comfortable and balanced but are not appropriate for children.

Furthermore, the wheels are 70mm, which is quite large, and made of polyurethane. The wheels increase the space between the deck and ground, but it reduces the speed, so they have created a drop through design. This reduces the gravity and increases the speed while cruising or downhill.

The wheels contain ABEC 9 precision bearings, making the wheels comfortable for cruising. Additionally, the wheels are soft 78a durometer, which is recommended for cruising.

This longboard weighs 7.5 pounds, which is quite heavy and not easy to take on vacation, but that’s normal for longboards. For the purpose of traveling with a board, you should opt for a skateboard such as the one above. Longboards are also not suited for kids and are too big for them, so they are recommended only for youth and adults.

  • Best for cruising, commuting, and downhill
  • 9 ply maple deck with drop through design
  • Soft big size wheels
  • Fast and easy to handle
  • Perfect size for youth and adults
  • Affordable and long lasting
  • Not for kids

I hope you’ve chosen the right skateboard from the above two Minority boards considering their pros and cons.

Minority skateboards offer a wide variety of skateboards, from traditional street boards to longboards. They also offer various price points, so there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Minority has a board for you.

Let’s now dig into each part of the minority skateboards, like its riding experience, our thoughts on the build quality, price, design, durability, and more.

Before that, you can also see a similar brand Magneto skateboard review also on our site to make a better decision.

Riding Experience

Some newbies think Minority skateboards are low-cost, which means they are less enjoyable to ride, but after riding this board for almost 2 months, we feel blessed to have it. Minority skateboards do not make you feel cheap or unbalanced. Rather, they make you feel like you are riding a premium skateboard.

Additionally, Minority longboards and skateboards are both very high quality, durable, comfortable and balanced while riding. The boards respond very quickly, even if you take a sharp turn, apply a sudden break, or perform tricks.

So, if we talk about the riding experience, the Minority skateboards are the best in the budget segment and comparable to expensive skateboards.


As we can see above reviews, Minority skateboards are very affordable compared to other quality boards.

When you search for the decent quality boards on the market, you’ll find different brands with price ranges ranging from $100 to $150. However, if you’re looking for a reliable longboard or skateboard under $100, Minority offers you a compact, reliable product.

They can provide a board at this price because they have mastered the art of making skateboards at a lower cost and with a low profit margin.

Weight Capacity

In addition to the skateboard’s weight, the skateboard’s quality also plays a substantial role in deciding load capacity. When selecting any skateboard, you should consider its weight capacity since each board has a different weight capacity.

If you’re a heavy guy, you should check the board’s weight capacity, although you may also prefer our list of the best skateboard for heavy riders.

People weighing less than 200 pounds can go with any skateboard, considering its specifications, such as the Minority skateboard, which has a load capacity of 220 pounds. If you’re a big guy, the best choice is to go with a longboard because they’re bigger, so they distribute weight and can handle more weight than skateboards.

If you consider the weight capacity, the Minority skateboard is perfect for most guys.

Minority Skateboard Decks

The maple deck is one of the most attractive parts of Minority boards and one of the main reasons to consider this board. The deck is where you stand and ride the board, so it needs to be durable, comfortable, and reliable. If you buy Minority skateboards, you won’t have any problems with the deck.

Minority builds their decks with multiple plies, such as 7 and 9, which gives it extra strength and life. Therefore, a Minority skateboard deck shouldn’t be a concern.

Minority Skateboard Wheels

Polyurethane wheels are used in all Minority skateboards because they are durable, reliable, and provide good performance.

They also provide different wheel hardnesses according to the riding style of the board. For example, in Minority cruising skateboards and longboards, the wheels have a durometer of 78a, while in tricks or any standard skateboard, you will find wheels with a durometer of 102A. In this way, the brand reduces your tension about assembling the correct wheels based on your riding style.

Minority Skateboard Bearings

As a beginner, you might not be aware that bearings are rated with ABEC such as ABEC5, ABEC7, and ABEC9. The higher the rating, the smoother the bearings and the smoother the ride. Minority bearings are ABEC9 which are very smooth and make the ride fast.

Moreover, Minority bearings are made of good quality chrome steel, so there is no quality issue here.

Minority Skateboard Trucks

A truck’s quality will affect your turns and response time since they connect wheels to the deck. Hence the trucks in Minority boards are made from aluminum with chrome steel kingpins to provide maximum control on trucks.

To summarize, there isn’t much to say about trucks, but they are what riders need for a smooth and balanced ride.

If you’re unsatisfied with Minority skateboard design, price, or anything else, you can also look for brands like Kryptonics skateboard review or Cal 7 skateboard review.


Are minority skateboards good quality?

It’s true that Minority provides good quality skateboards at an affordable price. Well, for beginners and intermediate skaters, this board is perfectly fine, but advanced skaters will not like it.

Is minority a good longboard brand?

In the past few years, minority longboards and skateboards have both gained huge popularity. However, longboards are perfect for beginners but not for pro riders.

Are minority skateboards good for tricks?

Minority Skateboards aren’t designed for tricks, but they can still be used for basic tricks. The boards are durable and can handle the wear and tear that comes with doing tricks, so you can start learning without having to worry about damaging your board.


I hope you got a complete Minority skateboard review with all the related questions answered.

At last, I will say that if you’re just getting started skateboarding or a novice skateboarder, then the Minority maple skateboard is best for you.

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