Top 10 Skateboarding tips and tricks for beginners [Life-changing]

Expert is also once a beginner, either you talk about skateboarding or any other field, they first learn the basics and practice it to become a pro.

If you are interested in learning skateboarding, your first step should be to learn skateboarding tips and tricks for beginners, which discussed here.

Skateboarding Tips and Tricks For Beginners

If you want to be a pro at skateboarding, never make a mistake, as my friend did. He starts doing tricks without any prior knowledge of skateboarding and get a crack in his hand.

Many people ask me, is it risky to ride a skateboard? My answer is yes because if you don’t take any precautions while riding it becomes risky.

People start doing tricks at the beginning of their learning because they want to be a pro rider faster to show off. But you should know that it takes time (Months) and lot’s of practice to be a pro-level rider.

Here are some skateboarding tips and tricks for you, which helps you learn skateboarding quickly with safety.

So let’s dig into it and take the first step towards your skateboard learning.

1. Select A Perfect Skateboard As Per Need

The first step is to buy a perfect skateboard that suits you. Nowadays, different types of skateboards available in the market, which may confuse you. Hence, we have a detailed guide on this topic; you can check it out. It helps you identify your needs and selecting the best skateboard.

Different types of skateboards name

Because of increasing demand, big brands came into the field and started making different skateboards for different uses, Like performing tricks, downhill, travel, etc. which is precise, for those who know how to pick boards as per the need.

Not only this, but you should also check the size of the deck, truck, and wheels. It plays a significant role in making the perfect skateboard. For that, you can check our article What size of skateboard do I need. Once you know all these things, you can select an ideal skateboard for you.

2. Wear Suitable Skate Shoes

Many people compromise with shoes, but that’s not right if you want better performance and enjoy skateboarding.

The way it is designed is, the grip tap came in contact with shoes so that riders can have better control on a skateboard.

You can go for Dc’s, Adidas, Vans, Etnies, Nike SB, and Airwalk, brand shoes as they designed the best skate shoes in the market.

If you can’t invest in skate shoes, look for a shoe with a quality grip and flat ground part, but don’t utilize running or other sports shoes.

3. Wear Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear is mandatory for beginners because this small stuff can save your life.

As a beginner, always wear a Helmet, Knee pads, Elbow pads, and Wrist guards. You can neglect this once you get a pro-level rider. Still, having a helmet is excellent, as many pro riders own.

Skateboarding can be unsafe for you if you don’t consider this safety precaution while learning new tricks.

4. Decide a Place to Do Skateboarding Daily as per need

It is impossible to ride skateboard everywhere because it is dangerous for you and the people nearby you.

You have to select a proper area to ride and practice skateboarding and avoid a place with bumps, cracks, fallen leaves, and twigs.

It is not easy to find a place like this so you can ask permission for a parking area or a local high school near you. In most cases, they give consent, if not, then go to a skatepark if possible.

5. Learn To Stand properly On Board

Learn to stand

Before you start doing any tricks, first learn to stand perfect on a skateboard without wobbling. In skateboarding, balance plays a major role.

You can learn this on carpet or grass and take help in the beginning to get a proper balance.

Keep your regular foot (Left or Right) ahead and push with the other foot.

6. Learn to fall Defended

No one learns skateboarding without falling, it is common to fall while riding either a pro or beginner.

Before learning how to fall, always wear safety gear like a helmet, knee pads, etc.

To learn this, you have to practice on your own. You can practice in the grass plus try to keep your body free while falling, don’t tight your body, fall on the fleshy part of your body, learn to roll while falling.

Every skate rider must learn how to fall properly because this can save your body parts.

7. Join Other Skater

If you can join other skaters, it will be easy for you to learn it faster, and you can ask them for help and learn their tips and tricks by watching them.

Some people will also make you shy, but you have to focus on your learning and never try to compete with them at the beginning of your learning.

When you join other skaters, you will learn many new tricks that you never heard or try.

8. Watch Skateboard Videos On Youtube

Thanks to youtube, which provides us lots of free tutorials of the skateboard to learn at home.

You can watch videos of expert skate riders like Andy Schrock, Aaron Kyro, and Justin Lauria on youtube.

I have seen many people learn new tricks by watching videos and practicing it daily, which makes them a pro rider today.

9. Start Doing small Tricks When you’re Prepared

After watching videos and lots of practice, you’re impatient to start doing tricks, but never forget to wear safety gear.

To identify yourself for doing tricks or not see that are you able to stand on board without wobbling, do you know how to fall, 

Before that, recognize yourself, are you prepared for doing tricks or not? Can you stand on board without wobbling? Do you know how to fall?

If you get your answer, then proceed accordingly.

Best and easy tricks for a beginner:

  • Ollie – popping the tail
  • Nollie – Popping the nose
  • Kick Flip
  • Power sliding

10. Practice a lot to become Pro

In the beginning, you may get depressed, but if you want to be a pro skate rider, then it takes time and lots of practice.

Remember that every pro rider is once a beginner, but they practice daily and make them what they are today.


What is the easiest trick to do on a skateboard?

If you practice with proper guidance nothing is easy or hard, especially in skateboarding. Just practice, practice, and practice. Still, as a beginner, you can start with basic tricks like Ollie, Nollie, Kickflip, and power sliding.

What skateboard tricks should I learn first?

You can start with Ollie and Kick Flip. These two are very easy to learn tricks and look cool while performing it. You can learn these skateboard tricks on youtube.

Once you learn any tricks, don’t settle there, keep learning new tricks, and practice them regularly.

Now follow these basic skateboarding tips and tricks daily and share the results with us.

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