Is Skateboarding Too Loud At Night? (5 Things To Know!)

After spending the day doing schoolwork or office activities, you may consider skateboarding at night. Sure, this makes sense because that’s the time you’re free. 

But here’s one of the factors you may want to consider – is skateboarding too loud at night?

While skateboarding can be enjoyable at night, it can be too loud. Many people would have gone to bed by the time you wanted to resume this activity. 

Hence, there’s a chance that the streets will be free from noise. Skating will undoubtedly sound too loud at that moment since the streets will be quiet. 

Aside from the noises that skateboards make, there are several other factors to consider before skating at night. 

Luckily, I’ve provided detailed information for you in this guide that you’ll find useful. Keep reading to learn more about skateboarding during the night!

5 Factors to Consider Before Skateboarding At Night

There are lots of factors to consider before skateboarding at night. Let’s take a look at 5 of these factors for a start.

1. Is It Legal To Skate At Night?

First, you need to find out if skating in your area is legal or not. There are laws guiding every place, and it is important to follow them.

In some places, there are rules against skateboarding after a particular time. Hence, if you’re planning to skate in an area, find out earlier if there are no regulations against it. 

2. Visibility

A Skateboarder Wearing Shoes With Led Lights At Night

To be on the safe side, make sure you can see the streets ahead clearly and people can see you. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by installing lights on your skateboard. 

Although there are lots of skateboard lights out there, it’s better to go for quality and durable ones. And if possible, go for water-proof skateboard lights.

Also, headlamps are important for your nighttime skateboarding adventure. They will help you move freely in poorly-lit areas. 

Besides, the headlamps will help you see and avoid places with bumps or holes as quickly as possible.

Additionally, choose areas with bright street lights for skateboarding. Although skateboard lights and headlamps are useful for visibility, they have limits. 

These lighting items can help you see farther, but they may make it difficult for others to see you. So to avoid danger, avoid places with poor lighting, especially if you’re a beginner. 

3. Skateboarding Equipment

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro skater, you’ll need to wear protective gear at night. Just in case you fall while skating, these gears will protect you from being injured. 

Some of the protective gear you’ll need includes: 

  • Helmets
  • Knee pads
  • Goggles
  • Wrist guards
  • Elbow pads. 

In addition to these safety gear, you will also need reflective clothing. Car drivers can see a skater wearing yellow or bright red clothing more easily than a skater wearing black clothing. 

Better still, wear reflective safety vests whenever you want to skate at night. 

4. Distance To Neighborhood

Another important factor you need to consider is the distance to where people live. 

Most likely, everywhere will be quiet because people are sleeping. And you wouldn’t want to wake them up at night with the loud noise of your skateboarding equipment. 

Preferably, look out for places where you’re sure your skateboarding activity won’t disturb anyone. 

5. Safety Of The Area

A Young Man Skateboarding At Night On A Less Busy Street

No matter your level of experience as a skater, always find out if a place is safe for skating or not.  

One of the hardest parts of skateboarding at night is that if anything goes wrong, you may not get help quickly. Over time, you would have known the safe areas and unsafe areas. 

Even the safe areas during the day can be risky to pass through at night, not to mention unsafe areas. 

If you’re a beginner, it is best to restrict your movement to your neighborhood. And if you’re not good at identifying specific locations at night, it is better to skateboard during the day. 

Advantages Of Skateboarding At Night

Skateboarding at night has lots of advantages. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • It is more fun as the streets will be less crowded.
  • It is easier to improve and practice new tricks.
  • The chances of colliding with or running into people are slim.
  • Skateboarding at night can help ease the stress of the day.
  • It is a form of exercise, especially if you’ve been idle during the day.
  • Skateboarding after the sun has set can be refreshing.

Disadvantages Of Skateboarding At Night 

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of skateboarding at night, check out some of its disadvantages.

  • The chances of tripping and falling are high.
  • You may disturb sleeping neighbors at night if your skateboarding equipment is too loud.
  • Constantly skating in places with low light can affect your vision.
  • Car drivers can run into you if you’re not visible enough.
  • You may get arrested if you’re skateboarding in illegal places.
  • If you get involved in an accident, help may not come quickly.
  • Without being careful, you may get lost easily. 

Best Places To Skateboard At Night

Despite being slightly risky, skateboarding at night can be fun if you know the best places to perform the activity.

Here are 5 places to consider if you want to enjoy skating at night:

1. Skate Parks

Skateparks are one of the best and most preferable places to skate at night. They’re mainly designed for this purpose and have all the necessary facilities to make skating fun. 

Moreover, the skate parks are usually well-equipped and safe as long as they are open at night. Get all the necessary information about the park during the day before going there at night. 

2. Streets

Another place to consider at night is the streets in your neighborhood. However, you need to be careful of car drivers, who can appear from any location. 

Preferably, choose streets free of heavy traffic with bright street lights. 

Most importantly, always wear your reflective vest to be visible to passersby and drivers.

3. Parking Lots

Another fantastic place to enjoy skateboarding and practice new skills is the parking lot. There’s usually a lot of space for you to move around without fear of hitting something or being hit. 

But before you choose a parking lot to use, speak with the property owner. Also, be careful around parked cars in the lot to prevent damage. 

4. Garages

Like parking lots, garages are also great places to enjoy your skateboarding experience. Usually, the garages are spacious and have smooth surfaces. 

That’s not all; they’re also made with concrete, which is perfect for skateboarding freely.

If your garage is not large enough, go to another garage in your neighborhood. Just make sure the owner is aware that you want to skate on their property. 

5. Campus Areas

For most college students who love skating at night, the campus area is a great choice. In fact, some colleges set aside particular areas where their students can skate freely with friends. 

Check out these places and ask questions of the appropriate authorities before skating on school property. 

Tips To Make Skateboarding At Night Peaceful

Follow these simple tips to make your nighttime skateboarding more peaceful.

  • Choose places that are a little bit far from residential areas 
  • Use standard skateboards only, as they’ll be less noisy.
  • Examine your skateboard thoroughly before heading out.
  • Avoid playing loud music while skating at night, as it may wake people who are already asleep.
  • Avoid taking alcohol or illegal drugs before going out to skate at night.
  • Always have a means of identification and a mobile device with you in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t skate too fast to prevent falling and getting injured!
  • Wear protective gear and reflective clothing to make people see you from afar.
  • Avoid streets that are always too busy at night to prevent running into people.
  • Notify close family members or friends about your whereabouts.

Related Questions

Do Skateboards Need Lights At Night?

Yes, skateboards need light at night as a part of safety measures. Most skating accidents, including tripping and falling, happen as a result of poor lighting. 

Quality lights are one of the major factors to consider whenever you’re planning to skate during the night. Not only will it ensure your safety, but good lights will also make you enjoy your skating activity. 

How Many Decibels Is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding sounds could reach 65 to 71 decibels, especially with tricks such as ollies. This can be compared to the sound of a ball being hit by a bat. 

Other skateboarding tricks, such as grinds, can be between 54 and 65 decibels. 


Skateboarding at night can be a fun activity, but it can also be too loud. Besides, it can also be a risky adventure if you’re not careful enough. 

To make it a peaceful activity for you and other people, buy only quality skateboards. Always remember to wear your safety gear whenever you want to skate at night. 

Choose garages, skateparks, empty streets, campus areas, and parking lots for this activity. 

Finally, invest in quality lighting to ensure that you can see ahead and that others can see you from a distance.

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