Squeaky Skateboard Trucks: Fixed

Does your skateboard truck or longboard truck make noise? Here we will learn how to fix squeaky skateboard trucks and fix them without replacing them.

People usually don’t know that skateboard trucks and wheels need to be oiled. The trucks, bearings, and wheels all need regular oiling to function smoothly and without noise on a skateboard or longboard.

No worries, in this article, we will tell you how to fix squeaky skateboard trucks and how to maintain them properly to maximize their life.

Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks

Let’s know when skateboard trucks start making noise before moving on to a solution.

Although there are many reasons why the skateboard makes squeaking noises. It may result from loose bolts, pivot cups, damaged or poorly maintained bearings, and extra pressure on the baseplate that connects the trucks with the deck. There are several common problems associated with skateboard noise, but they are also easy to fix.

The very first thing you should do is identify the skateboard trucks that make noise. As we found most often, any one of the trucks was making noise, so avoid touching the second one.

Also, don’t think only old trucks are noisy, new trucks can also create noise, so it’s common. In addition, you can continue riding with a squeaky truck if you want to, as it won’t damage any part of the skateboard, but it is very disruptive, so it is better to stop it.

How To Fix Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

Let’s solve the squeaky problems step by step. Below you will find several methods to solve this issue, so you can first try the first one, then observe if the issue is resolved or not, and then apply the second method.

If you are going to attempt anything, make sure that you tighten your trucks with a skate tool first. We’ve seen so many people with squeaky problems that only got solved here.

The second method will definitely work if you do not succeed with the first. Take off the skateboard trucks to wax and shave them.

After you remove the trucks, get a wax or dishwasher and use the finger of any supporting item to push it into the pivot cup (the cup shape present between the trucks hanger and the baseplate). Also, make sure you don’t overuse it.

Furthermore, lubricate bushings which also play an essential part in board turning and smooth riding, reducing the noise.

Once you’ve lubricated everything in the trucks, you should clean the oil that has emerged while putting it and then attach the trucks to the skateboard.

Using these two methods will easily solve the issue if your skateboard actually makes noise from the trucks. Still, there may be a problem with the wheels, bearings, and bushings if it doesn’t work. Let’s guide you there as well.

How To Fix Squeaky Skateboard Wheels

Wheels can cause noise for many different reasons. One of the most common causes of squeaking is when a heavy guy rides a board and when he turns, the pressure on the base plate and trucks increases, so the wheels start to squeak.

There are two ways to get rid of these: either you can get a truck that holds more weight or try the following.

As riders, we are aware of the noise created by the wheels, but in fact, this noise is actually created by the bearings within the wheels. Therefore, to stop this noise, you should clean the wheels and bearings with a brush and remove the bearings from the wheels to lubricate them. Since it is quite difficult to locate the wheels that are making noise, it is advisable to lubricate the bearings on all different wheel types.

You can now attach the skateboard wheels back to the skateboard and then ride it to determine whether the skateboard is squeaky. Keep lubricating and cleaning the skateboard parts if you want to maintain the board and avoid getting issues in the future.

How do I stop my skateboard trucks from squeaking?

If the trucks are squeaking, remove the screws and lubricate them in each part of the truck, including the pivot cup. Also, make sure there are no cracks. If the trucks squeak, lubricating them will ensure they stop, but if they don’t, replacing them will save on repairs.

Why do my skateboard trucks squeak?

When you don’t lubricate the trucks regularly, they start squeaking. Furthermore, the fact that the trucks are too old or damaged can also contribute to the problem. If you want your trucks to perform well, be sure that the pivot cup and rubbers do not get dry. 


Hopefully, the tips provided in this article will help you solve your squeaky skateboard truck problem. These are usually the only issues with noisy trucks or wheels, but if applying these tips does not work, replacing the truck or wheel with a new one is better.

Sometimes the interior of a skateboard part gets damaged, causing it to squeak, which stops the given tips from working. At the end of the day, a replacement will be the best option.

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