Tensor Trucks Review: Skateboard Truck Brand 2021

Whenever you buy a product, you should research its pros and cons and see whether the product is worth purchasing or not.

According to your query, you’re looking for a Tensor trucks review; if so, you’re in the right place. This article is all about tensor skateboard trucks with an in depth guide to determine whether they are suitable for your riding style or not.

Here’s everything you need to know about tensor trucks, including tensor aluminum and alloy.

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Tensor Trucks Review

Tensor trucks are high quality and the lightest trucks on the market with high speed quick turning response capabilities. It is highly recommended for tricks.

A professional skateboarder named Rodney Mullen, also known as the father of skateboarding, founded Tensor trucks company in 2000.

Many popular tricks were created by Rodney Mullen, including the famous Flip trick and the Ollie. You know about the man behind the Tensor brand, which shows how reliable and trustworthy the truck will be.

Earlier, when trucks were invented, they had pretty good features according to that time, but the turning was not perfect. To meet this challenge and create lightweight trucks, Mullen works hard to make tensor aluminum trucks with a lightweight feature with good turning performance. Due to their innovative design and built quality, they made the lightest skateboard trucks on the market.

Okay, so that’s the history of Tensor trucks that built trust. We are now going to examine the current review of Tensor trucks in order to determine if they are still a good investment or not.


Skateboarders know how difficult it is to perform tricks on a heavy board. Despite the trucks making skateboards heavier, Tensor makes the lightest skateboard trucks on the market to combat this. Reducing the overall weight allows you to land tricks easier and makes it easier to get the board in the air.

Tensor regular version trucks weigh 312.1 grams (0.68 pounds), which is good but not enough to be the best on the market. However, Tensor’s new MAGLIGHT trucks weigh only 231.0 grams (0.5 lb), making them the lightest trucks currently on the market.

Tensor is still leading the market due to its production of some of the lightest trucks on the market. Lastly, a Tensor is the best choice if you are looking for lightweight trucks for tricks.

Learn more about Tensor trucks by watching the video:


As we discussed above, the founder of Tensor Truck is also a professional skater. The skaters will always strive to make sure that the products that they use are of the highest quality and have a good riding experience.

Tensor trucks are made of high quality materials and are available in two models made of aluminum and magnesium.

For those who like to cruise, perform tight turning at high speeds, and enjoy smooth riding, we recommend that you consider aluminum-made trucks. However, for tricks and a lightweight truck, go for magnesium made trucks as they are among the lightest trucks on the market.


Tensor is highly regarded for its lightweight characteristics, but if you’re looking for something more attractive, these might not satisfy your needs. In order to reduce the weight of trucks, the brand has facilitated the design and the number of extra parts of the trucks.

However, Tensor trucks have impressive features such as a polymer baseplate slider and a piece of plastic under the bottom. This design of trucks helps in performing tricks like trailside and nose.

Tensor Aluminum Trucks Size Chart

Different brands of trucks use different measurements, and also some feature it with a hanger and others with an axle, which is confusing to buyers. We’ve also released a complete article on what size skateboard trucks to get.

As a buyer, you just need to ensure your deck width is the same as your truck axle width. In the Tensor, they featured the size of their trucks by hanger width. Let’s see the size of trucks you’ll need by hanger width according to the size of your deck.

Deck WidthTruck Width
8.4” – 8.6”5.75
8.1” – 8.3”5.5
7.8” – 8.0”5.25
7.4” – 7.75”5.0


Are Tensor Trucks good quality?

Tensor is one of the oldest skateboard truck brands, and it has gained popularity due to its lightweight feature and high-quality material. In addition to being excellent for performing tricks, they are also highly recommended for beginners.

What are Tensor Trucks made of?

Tensor trucks come in two models: magnesium and aluminum. In terms of weight, magnesium trucks are the lightest trucks on the market and are also suitable for tricks.

Are Tensor Trucks hollow?

The Tensor Mag Light trucks are indeed constructed with hollow kingpins and axle nuts to reduce the overall weight of the trucks. The Tensor trucks are lighter than regular trucks but just as strong.


That’s all from our end, a complete Tensor trucks review. The lightweight feature of these trucks makes them the perfect choice for those who enjoy performing tricks.

Skateboard trucks from Tensor are pretty expensive compared with other brands. However, they are a significant investment in quality.

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