What Size Skateboard Deck Should I Get (Complete Guide)

Do you know buying a new skateboard deck can make or break your riding experience?

If you’re a beginner, don’t know how to choose a skate deck size that suits you, you’ve landed in the right place. This article will answer all your queries related to what size skateboard deck should I get, considering your height, age, skating style, and shoe size.

In skateboarding, deck, wheels, bearings, and trucks are very crucial elements to consider. You can’t ignore it while building a new skateboard. All this together will decide your riding experience.

Without further delay, let’s begin with skate deck size.

What Size Skateboard Deck Should I Get

The skate deck is the flat platform where you stand and ride the skateboard.

Skateboard Deck Size Chart

The above image is adequate to identify the deck size you require. It’s clearly describing the deck width according to your height, age, and shoe size.

Deck Width According to your riding styles:

  • 6.5” to 6.75”: Best for toddlers to learn
  • 7.0” to 7.5”: Ideal for kid rider
  • 7.5” to 8.0”: Choice of teen and adult rider for street skating and technical tricks
  • 8.0” to 8.25”: Acceptable for skating pool, rail, parks, and ramp
  • 8.25” and more: Satisfying for tranny skating (vert), pools, and cruising

Skateboard deck width varies from 6 – 10 inches. For better understanding, it’s divided into micro, mini, medium, and full.

Skateboard deck length varies from 28 – 33 inches (70-80 cm), and for longboards, it goes up to 44 inches. It measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, from the center of outermost mounting holes.

While measuring, always give more preference to width over the length in the skateboard. Choose the deck according to your height and shoe size.

If you’ve no idea about anything skateboard part size, you can check our previous article on what size skateboard should i get.

Skateboard Deck size According To Your Riding Style

It’s also a good idea to know your skateboarding style before choosing a size. Are you into street skating? Park skating? Or vert skating? Each type of skateboarding requires a different size deck.

The three main types of skateboarding are street, park, and vert. Street skating is the most common type of skateboarding. It’s what you see in music videos and movies set in California. Park skating is similar to street skating, but it takes place in a skatepark instead of on the streets. Vert skating is when you skate on half-pipes and ramps. It’s the type of skating you see in competitions.

So, what size deck is best for each type of skateboarding? For street skating, you’ll want a deck that’s 7.5-8.0 inches wide. For park skating, you’ll want a deck that’s 8.0-8.25 inches wide. And for vert skating, you’ll want a deck that’s 8.25-8.5 inches wide.

Shoe Size For Skateboard Deck

Once you know what size skateboard should I get for my height and skating style, it’s time to check your shoe size with your deck.

If you choose a too narrow deck, then your feet will hang over the edge, and it’s not safe. On the other hand, if you choose a too wide deck, you’ll have difficulty doing tricks, and your feet will feel unstable.

The best way to find the perfect size is to stand on the deck and see how your feet fit. If your toes hang over the edge, which means it’s too small. If your heels hang over the edge, then it’s too big. And if your feet are just right, then it’s perfect, as shown in the below image.

Going to the store is not necessary to find the best skateboard deck size for you. You can also measure your foot size at home and get an idea from our guide article on what size skateboard should I for my shoe size?.

Shoe Size For Skateboard Deck

Different Types Of Skateboard Decks

Mainly four types of skateboard decks used for various types of riding.

  1. Standard deck/ Street skateboard deck
  2. Cruiser deck
  3. Old school deck
  4. Longboard deck

Standard Deck Or Street Skateboard Deck

Standard decks are also known as street skateboard decks because they’re highly recommended for street and park skating. Further used for different riding styles.

If we talk about the structure, it’s known as Popsicle, because the nose and tail align with the same shape.

Cruiser Deck

In today’s market, Cruiser decks are available in different shapes, widths, and lengths. It is designed for transportation in cities from point A to B, like the daily commute to school or college.

Softer wheels are used for stable and speedy rolls on rough surfaces. If you’re not satisfied with a longboard, utilize the cruiser deck because it’s lightweight and convenient.

Old School Deck

In the 1970s – 80s, Old school decks came into the market. They are great for bowl skating and transportation due to a wide deck and a long wheelbase.

It’s not recommended for street skating because of the flat nose, extra width, and kicktails.

Longboard Deck

Longboard deck is a longer version of the skateboard deck, and if you’re looking for comfort, learn to balance as a beginner, this deck is for you.

It mainly used for downhill, cruising, and transportation. Downhill racers and freestyle skaters prefer a longboard over a skateboard.

Different Types Of Skateboard Concave

Concave is the curvature of the deck, the greater the curvature, the more stress you can put on deck edges.

Skateboard deck concave noted in three types: Low, Medium, and High.

Types Of Skateboard Concave

Low Concave: Having small curvature and making a safe ride, but you can’t put more stress on the edges deck. Furthermore, it gets challenging to ride fast and doesn’t go easy to flip due to flat concave.

Medium Concave: Most of the decks in the present market come under medium concave. If you have no idea about concave, medium concave is the best option available for you. Best for beginners.

High Concave: If you want to master flip tricks and Ollie, high concave decks are for you because it raises more at the edge, making it easy.

What is a good size skateboard deck?

The size of the skateboard deck depends on the type of skating you want to do. You’ll need a deck that’s 7.5-8.0 inches wide for street skating. You’ll need an 8.0-8.25 inches wide deck for park skating. And for vert skating, you’ll want an 8.25-8.5 inches wide deck. So if you choose deck size according to your skating style, it’s a good size for you.

What size deck is good for beginners?

For beginners who are just starting out skateboarding, getting a deck that’s 8.0 inches wide is recommended. This size is good for street skating and park skating. Once you’ve gotten more experience, you can move up to a wider or narrower deck according to your skating style.

Can I change the size of my deck?

Yes, you can always change the size of your deck. If you’re not happy with the size you chose, or if you want to try a different size for another type of skating, it’s easy to change out the deck. Just make sure you get the right size bolts to match your new deck.

Is there a big difference between 8.0 and 8.25 deck?

Not really. The difference between these two sizes is only 1/4 inch. That’s not much, and it won’t make a big difference in your skating. But if you’re serious about your deck size and skating, or if you want particularly for the skate park, then getting an 8.0-8.25 deck makes sense.

What size skateboard deck should a 12 year old get?

It depends on the skating style of the 12 year old. If the child is into street skating, then a 7.5-8.0 inch wide deck is good. For park skating, an 8.0-8.25 inch wide deck is good, while an 8.25-8.5 inch wide deck is good for vert skating. For more detail, you can also read our guide on what size skateboard for 12 year old.


There you have it! Now you know what size skateboard deck to get based on your height, age, shoe size, and riding style. Be sure to check out our other skateboarding guides for more helpful tips and tricks. And as always, happy skateboarding!

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