When To Replace Skateboard Wheels? & how long do They Last?

There is no skateboard wheel that lasts for a lifetime, no matter how durable they are. Therefore, many questions arise, which are answered in this article.

The articles cover everything you need to know about when to replace skateboard wheels, how long skateboard wheels last, and when to get new wheels.

Replacement of the wheels is dependent on many factors, but a few important ones are as follows:

  • When wheels start to have irregular shapes
  • Flat spots begin to appear
  • The ride feels a bit bumpy
  • The diameter of the wheels decreases

This condition of the wheels is the major factor that determines whether they should be changed or not.

Let’s get into the details now.

How long do skateboard wheels last

When to replace skateboard wheels

It depends on various factors, including wheel hardness, diameter, preferred riding surface, wheel quality, and the time skaters spend on wheels.

There are several types of skateboard wheels available on the market. But every wheel has its own specialties. Some are good for cruising and rough roads, others for tricks and smooth surfaces. A wheel’s role is primarily determined by how soft or hard it is.

What matters here is what type of wheels you’re using and for what purpose. For example, when you cruise and ride on rough roads, you need soft wheels, but if you use hard wheels, they won’t last as long as soft wheels.

Aside from that, for tricks and smooth surfaces like ramps and pools, you’ll need hard wheels. In this situation, soft wheels aren’t going to last as long as hard wheels.

Hence, always take care of your skateboard wheels to make them last longer. If you have soft wheels fitted to your skateboard and like to do downhill or powerslides, you must replace the wheels with hard ones. Having wheels replaced every time for specific rides can extend the life of wheels that are in good condition.

If you ask what wheels wear fast, then the answer is soft wheels wear fast. But always look for your needs and make your choice accordingly.

Why skateboard wheels wear down?

As a skater, you may have experienced the wheels wear down and getting smaller with every skate. Please read carefully if you are having this problem; otherwise, you may have the same problem with new wheels as well.

Wheel wear down can be caused by many factors, including wheelbite, friction, bent truck axles, low-quality wheels, bearings, and bushings. In addition, since the wheels are made of urethane, which has different properties, they wear down over time.

The problem with low-quality skateboard trucks is that they bend when overweight, though the wheels will rub and eventually wear down the wheels. In conclusion, you need to find skateboard trucks and wheels of high quality. If you’re a street skater, look for the best skateboard trucks for street.

A rider’s weight also matters. If you’re heavy and have small wheels, it will wear out faster. However, when it comes to big guys, large size wheels are the best choice.

In many cases, wheelbite is the cause of wheels wearing down. Oversized wheels can cause wheel bite and wear out rapidly since they touch the deck while turning. This can be avoided by replacing existing wheels with smaller sizes or adding riser pads between trucks and deck to increase space.

Tips To Make Skateboard Wheels Last Longer

You don’t have to change wheels every time; sometimes, you can prolong their lifespan without changing anything. Here are some tips on how to make skateboard wheels last longer.

Clean The Wheels

If your wheels do not spin properly, it does not mean they need to be replaced. This repeatedly happens due to dirt and debris getting packed in wheels and bearings. Using a wrench or a t-tool, wheels and bearings can be removed, cleaned, and reattached. By doing this, you’ll see the wheel spin as if it were new. For a detailed guide, read here.

Avoid Flat Spot

By riding the wheels at a 90° angle, you will notice that the one-sided wheels will stop rotating, causing the other side wheels to wear out quickly, resulting in a flat spot.

In multiple instances, the one-sided wheels become worse and eventually need replacement.

If you want to avoid a flat spot, keep your shoulders and feet pointed down the hill while sliding at a 90° angle.

Rotate The Wheels After Every Ride

After each ride, take the board in your hands or place it on a table and rotate the wheels. If you love riding the same style every day, like standing up heelside, for an extended period, you’ll see the wheels get smaller over time. The reason for this is that while riding the same type, you are putting all your weight on one side, which causes one or two wheels to wear out faster.

Hence, you can rotate those smaller wheels in a different direction after every ride. It helps you get rid of this problem.


There is no specific number for when to replace skateboard wheels or how long do skateboard wheels last. The answer depends on many factors, as described above.

I hope you get a clear answer for what you’ve landed here.

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